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St Thomas 2020

Day 13: Friday, July 30

Trying to get home...

Here we are...our last day. :(  The only option we had to leave today was a later flight, which was perfectly fine with me. I hate to be rushed and like to allow plenty of time to wrap things up and get to the airport. Our flight didn't leave until 1:45pm.  Then we had a long layover in FLL before we'd be able to get home as well. It would be a slow and drawn out day for us, but that was ok.

IMG_5131 copy.jpg
IMG_5132 copy.jpg

We had seen that they had a little coffee shop at the resort and went in to check out their menu. They had various breakfast items and I successfully managed to cook up all of our breakfast food the day before. This meant I was going to take a break from cooking today and actually eat out for breakfast for the first time since we arrived. Go me!

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On the way over to The Beach Buzz, we found a baby iguana. Oh my gosh! I'm just so in love with these little guys. They are the cutest ever! Sakari picked him up and put him out of harms way. I was so afraid that someone was going to step on him sitting there on the sidewalk.

Inside of The Beach Buzz...

P7311850 copy.jpg

We took our food out to the little dining area right outside and had a leisurely breakfast and talked about what a wonderful time we had during our stay and how bad we didn't want to leave.