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St Thomas 2020

Day 6: Friday, July 24

CORAL WORLD: Sea Trek and Kayaking with dolphins, and of course pool time

Up bright and early for me again and Mr Eeerka was outside my window. It looked like it could possibly rain and had rained over night. Each morning I would wake up to wet cushions and have to do the flip on them to sit. This had become my morning ritual. Cushion flip, Mr Eeerka, watch the iguana's strolling on the beach and people out in the water at 6-6:30am snorkeling already! The hubby was mocking Mr Eeerka and Sakari was laughing. I guess the first time he did it, it caught Mr Eeerka off guard and he made some weird gobble sounds and was shaking his head. I wished I would have caught that on video. 

IMG_5034 copy.jpg

We had decided to go to Coral World today and hadn't scheduled any parasailing. We figured we'd try again this weekend and it had taken up too much of our time wasted on waiting to go and getting at little frustrating. 

IMG_5017 copy.jpg
IMG_5033 copy.jpg

I spent awhile trying to figure out how to coordinate and book several different "experiences" there. We knew we wanted to do the SeaTrek there (we had so much fun in Aruba and I wanted Kendra to experience it too. I thought maybe she'd do better at that then scuba since she struggles with it. Kendra had also mentioned wanting to try snuba. I let her know that it's kinda the same as scuba except you just don't have the tank on your back. Sakari was interested in that as well. Then we wanted to do the dolphin kayaking because Kendra wanted to make sure that Kam got to do something exciting too. 

Trying to coordinate all these times was getting tricky. I also didn't understand a section on their website that said "activity add on ($30)". I thought maybe if you booked an activity and wanted to do another, you could add it on for only $30. I mean what else could that be and it was on the check out page. However, it wouldn't let me pick an activity.

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I really didn't want to book the activities without knowing if this $30 was for a second activity. I wanted to save the money, especially with such a large group. 

That meant I'd have to wait until 10am, when they opened, to ask the question. Once they opened, their reply to me was they didn't know what that was and they didn't give a discount for doing multiple activities. They said they had never seen that on the website. Weird!

We ended up booking the Sea Trek to start off with and then also booked the dolphin kayaking. The dolphins only had 1 timeslot for us to go each day...maybe because of the swims and shows. 

Now Coral World is right down the street from Sapphire and takes no time to get there. Once you turn off the main road and head down into a neighborhood, the driveability gets worse because so many cars are parked along the sides, on the road, next to the water, in no parking zones...up and down the hill. It's just ridiculous! Thank goodness Coral World has their own parking next door (as long as you get there at a decent hour). 

Upon entry, we told them about our booking. They gave us receipts for each event and said we would need to hand those to the people in the areas that we were doing activities. I thought this was a little weird that I had to hang on to a rolled up receipt. I was really hoping that I didn't lose it. We had to fill out waiver forms and then were told where to go for our SeaTrek adventure. 

Walking in, I remember this was where we did our first scuba with all of us together. This is where they held the classes at. Ahhh, sweet moment!

We headed to the big dome. Anyone who has ever been to St Thomas should know about this dome and Coral World. 

Along the way, we could see different animal areas and I loved the set up there.