St Thomas 2020

Day 4: Wednesday, July 22

Up next...Day 4: More snorkeling, swimming, food, and parasailing?

I woke up bright and early AGAIN! It really wasn't even daylight out yet and the sun was just coming up. I sat out on the balcony, so I wouldn't wake up the sleeping "beauties" and just enjoyed the breeze and shade on the side of the condo. I just loved that spot!

As I set there listening to the EeerrAeerAerrr, I decided I would, once again, try my luck at booking the parasailing. The kids REALLY wanted to do it and honestly so did I. But, I was very reluctant because of my foot/leg and was very apprehensive about the "dip" they do toward the end. Something like that would probably feel like they are ripping my foot off and I wouldn't be able to tolerate it. I seen that they had some spots open. I really wanted to talk to Kendra about it and see what time we should book, but of course she was enjoying her favorite hobby still...sleeping. 

Finally I would just pull the trigger and pick a 4pm time. But, I did know I wanted to talk to them in person about my "situation" before doing it. So, I would walk over there later in the day before we were due to get there. 

I thought maybe this would give us the opportunity to actually hit up another source of sand and water for the day. So, I started reading up on all the other beaches as well. I was so excited to get to another beach.

Meanwhile, I had a visitor watching me...

Also, I wanted to mention, there are signs everywhere saying "no dogs on the beach" but I would see people go to the beach (mainly early in the morning), with their dog, and sit in the chairs by the ocean. This happened almost every morning and in the evenings. Kendra did say that they were somewhere along the beach and there was poo-poo in the sand (and I imagine that's the reason why there's signs up because people don't know how to clean up after their dogs). 

So I was bored. I get that way a lot. I just hate to stay still for very long. My foot situation has prohibited me from being very active and I have to say it's been the worse time of my life! But, I will push myself to the limits beyond excruciating pain, just to try to do some of the things I WALKING! You know, the daily essentials that I like to do. 

I decided I was going to head out on an adventure...all by myself, just trying to buy some time before the crew woke up. I wanted to explore a little on the other side of Sapphire (by the condo's over there-Crystal Cove) and also take some pictures. So, off I went...on my own, armed with my camera.

It was a nice, quiet walk, and I didn't go all the way to the end, but I enjoyed the walk. I figured it was time to head back and see if anyone was up and moving and if not, I'm opening the sliding doors so Mr EeerA could wake them!

They were in luck, I didn't have to open the doors when I returned and it was time for some breakfast. Sakari was already over-dressed and ready to hit the water. But first, she must relax...because you know, it's been a hard day so far.

IMG_4980 copy.jpg

Once Kendra and fam was up, I told her about booking. Now I honestly don't remember much about what happened after that but I can tell you that WE DIDN'T GO ANYWHERE AGAIN!!! I really don't know why this happened at all. Maybe the kids got up later than normal? Maybe she talked me out of it? Maybe it was raining at the time and she said let's wait because I don't want to go to another beach and get rained out? I really don't know. I do know that I was getting really tired of staying at our "home beach" and not exploring the island and other beaches. This is just not like me!

So, obviously I'm not going to sit around all day...I'm headed to the water and snorkeling! Sakari really didn't want to go this time. She decided she would stay up on the beach with KAM. But, Kendra did come along and said she wanted to snorkel with me. I knew I wanted to try to head further over and out this time. 

We geared up, said my arrivederci to the hubs, and off we went. 

Meanwhile, the hubs was entertaining himself with Iggy and the girls were actually on the beach with their mermaid tails on. I hope they didn't stay out there too long...their gills will dry out!

Kendra and I continued on. We went out further than I had been out the other day and further over toward the pool area. Ok, I will admit, the snorkeling got a lot better the further out we went. So, I can take back my previous statement of it being "ok" and say that it's at least a lot better than "ok".  There is still a lot of rocks and not a lot of various fish (mainly the same fish you would see at most beaches), but we did come across a school of tangs and that was exciting for me. I absolutely get excited when I see a large group of them. They are so beautiful and peacefully glide through the water. 

We decided to head back in and check on the family. I was satisfied with everything I was able to see this time around and glad that the snorkeling was better than the other day. I still wouldn't say it was fabulous, but definitely good enough. 

P7220197 copy.jpg

We headed to the pool at some point. I don't think I took any pictures this time around. The kids were REALLY enjoying the pool almost this entire trip, they'd rather be there than at the beach. It was so unlike Sakari to say the least. 

She did find another friend to hang out with. I swear animals just gravitate to her.

IMG_4974 copy.jpg
IMG_4979 copy.jpg

It was time for an adventure of a lifetime..........parasailing! Woo Hoo!

We gathered up our things at the pool and headed over to the marina

to meet them. We were told to arrive 15 minutes before it was time

for our appointment. Kendra was slow as usual gathering her things

up and we arrived first. He told us that the wind had really been picking

up over the last few hours and he had been trying to call me

SINCE 12 NOON! He wanted to let me know that he would have to

cancel our trip because he wasn't about to put us in any danger.

We were so sad but knew it was pretty darn windy out and it had

been raining off and on during the day. I didn't really feel like this

was your normal "Caribbean" daily showers. It just didn't feel right.

He said we could reschedule for the following day and go then.

We agreed and then headed back to the condo. 

IMG_4988 copy.jpg

Everyone was hungry and ready for dinner. Kendra elected me to cook dinner and it was Taco Tuesday night...only it was Wednesday. Oops! She brought some steak over, because that's what Billy wanted (I don't do steak...can't stand it...I'm weird). 

Kendra and I were busy cooking and this is what the somewhat quiet condo looked like....

Din-din was ready and we threatened to break some fingers if they didn't put down the phones. It worked. Everyone gathered at the table and it was nice eating all together despite Kam's repeated questions and stating "I'm only eating steak, I'm only eating steak, I'm only eating steak" So of course, my reply is "What would you like to eat Kam?" as I'm making her plate.    ;)