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Mexico 2022

The Planning stages....


Well summer was quickly passing us by with no plans. I honestly wasn't even sure if we were going to take a summer vacation (GASP)! There were a lot of things up in the air, which was putting a damper in my planning. I was trying really hard to find a place that we haven't been to in the past. We wanted a new experience this time around. With COVID still going on around the world there were several islands that weren't open yet or had stipulations on visits that we weren't willing to deal with. So planning a vacation that would fit all of our needs this time around was pretty challenging. 

My research mode was on like Bill Nye examining each and every particle of vacation spots I could find. What made them special? What do they have to offer? Would there be anything unique about the place? Anything we haven't done in the past? How is getting around in the area? And of course...what are the expenses to visiting here? We like to stay busy and busy always = expensive. We have a teenager that loves doing the activities that cost the most...of course. Although she's quiet and doesn't ask for anything, we know down inside it thrills her to do certain activities and the smile on her face is what brings me joy in life!

So after months of research...we decided on MEXICO! We had such a great time when we went to Cozumel in 2021 that we knew we would probably have a repeat experience if we visited any other place in Mexico as well. However...there were 2 things that "put the nail in the coffin" for me. Two things that I had read about back in 2018!!! This place had also come up years ago for unique place to stay at. So this place had been on my radar since then but so far back in my brain that I had forgotten about it until I started researching. I would shriek with joy when I seen the first excursion pop up for me. Oh my gosh! I wanna do that and Sakari had talked about it in the past as well...and it's here! Then I ran across the second thing....let out another shriek and said "I can't believe that is here too!" When booking our airbnb...although a third shriek did not come because we couldn't book this place I had found online years ago, back in Sakari's mermaid days, at least we would get to see it while there.  



Kendra would not be coming this time around again. They have been going through some hard times with friends and family passing away over the last few years and it is hitting them very hard these days. We were talking last night and she said the death count of people they knew and grew up with was up to 36 people over the last two years with 16 of them being VERY close to them. They just buried yet another close friend her fiancé called his brother this week. With the expenses of the funerals they've been having lately, it just isn't in the cards for them. She also has not managed to get any passports...and you need that for Mexico. 


Our dates for travel will be leaving on a Saturday, August 13th, this time around.  When I say we are cutting it close for the end of summer break, I mean CLOSE. We will return on August 23rd, which happens to be the night before Sakari returns to school. HIGH SCHOOL!! Can you believe it???  


I will update with more details once our journey begins. Meanwhile...I'll keep you all guessing. 

Where do you think we are going this time around? Leave your comments below and we will see who is right in the end. I'm going to make a game of it this time. Whoever guesses right, I'm going to bring back a little gift from here as a giveaway prize.



*Everyone is welcome to play on my mailing list (must be verified). 

*Only 1 winner

*Only one guess per person. If you have more than one guess, you will be eliminated from the game.

*If there's more than one winner, I will have a drawing.

*You must be located in the US. Sorry, shipping out of the US would probably cost more than the item itself. :(

**Added note** Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and I'll put your name in a drawing twice if there's more than one person guessing the right place. I'm going to try to start to do informational videos to the places I go to...and need subscribers. So help me out and like, comment, subscribe and ring the bell mi amigos y amigas. 




Good Luck!

And we are back!! Sorry for the long delay. I've caught some type of bug while I was there with almost every COVID symptom you can think of (aching body, shooting pains, terrible cough, wheezing, pounding headache that has lasted for 7 days, shortness of breath at times and an altered taste...everything taste bitter so I have barely ate anything since returning. I can't even drink my beloved pop!!!! You know it's bad when that happens! However, I've been tested twice for COVID and both times negative so I have no idea.                                                   Today has been the first day I decided                                                       to peek outside and I see there's still a                                          functioning world out there that went on

without me. Good to know!

I'm downloading my pictures and I'm going to try to get things organized for the review. Bare with me. I'm not sure just how long I'll be able to sit here due to the terrible pain in my back...which only happens to be in my right side now...which is improvement. If the cough and wheezing would just go away, I might be able to function as a below average human being. Is there such a thing or did I just make that up?

Alright...down to the nitty-gritty....Where did we go? We have 6 people that guessed it right:

Melissa, Daily, Theresa, Arzeena, Iliana and Cindy. 

So there will be a drawing held. If any of these 6 people have subscribed to my youtube channel, please let me know and what your name is on there so I can verify and I'll put your name in the drawing twice. Hey, double the chances to win right? Also your email on here because I can't tell by the names listed if you are subscribed or not. Just go to my contact page on here and fill it out with the information and it will send it to me so no one else can see that information on here. 

I appreciate everyone that took the time to play along. I may make this something I do every time. It was fun to see what people thought. 

DAY 1 IS UP NOW....and the review has begun.

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