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Land Vacations

Aruba 2017

Our first land based vacation to the Caribbean

Walt Disney 2020

Land vacation to Disney during covid this time around. 

Las Vegas 2021

Our first time to Vegas for Christmas

Grand Cayman

Our first time back here since 2013 and our first land vacation here.

Aruba 2018

We loved last years Aruba vacation so much we went back again!

Cozumel 2021

Our first land vacation to Cozumel Mexico

St Thomas 2022

Back to St Thomas for round two.

St Thomas 2020

Our first land vacation to St Thomas

Aruba 2021

Because we just can't stay gone for long from this beautiful island

Isla Mujeres Mexico 2022

Here we come a new place!

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St Thomas 2020

After 2 years in a row of vacationing in Aruba, we decided it would just be our yearly land vacation every year and forego 1 of our cruises during the summer. We love Aruba that much!

However, things didn't work out for our summer 2019 Aruba land vacation because we had a cruise certificate that we HAD to use up and the only available time to use it would be during our summer land vacation.  We would definitely miss Aruba in 2019, but we still had fun on our cruise of course. 

Move forward to 2020, were we had a Spring Break Cruise planned on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. We were looking forward to this so much because I've been wanting to sail on her for 10 years...THEN CORONAVIRUS HIT! The world came to an end the way we have all known it. Cruises were cancelled, flights cancelled and everyone went into isolation as much as possible. There would be no Spring Break cruise and we hoped that there would be a glimpse of future vacations in the future. 

Things seemed to get better and slowly but surely things started reopening again. But, cruises were not. We decided to start looking for a land vacation as soon as flights and the Caribbean started opening back up. Aruba here we come again!!  But then again...maybe not. 

You see the problem was...our passports were expiring in July this year. Once the Corona hit, the passport agencies shut down and were only taking those that were an emergency case. Although I might consider the need to get outta here, they would not I'm sure. ;)  

So next on the list is searching for a Caribbean island that is still within the US and no passport would be needed. My first thought was Puerto Rico. We have loved every time we came here and spent days prior to and after a cruise. But, after a lot of investigation, we found that most places were closed down...including the pools and even beaches. There would be nothing you could do there. 

Then I decided the perfect place to go, one that we hadn't visited for any length of time, other than on a port day...would be St Thomas!! YES! Beautiful St Thomas it is!

Walt Disney World 2020

Well, cruising was cancelled the rest of the 2020 Covid year and it was a land vacation for us this winter. We decided on Walt Disney World, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs and Icon Park for this vacation. 



Cozumel 2021

COVID is still going strong, so we decided to take another land vacation to somewhere different for many reasons. Cozumel has always been a place we loved, and been there many times, that we had thought about going there for a land vacation for years now. So, what better time than now to try it out??


Aruba 2021

COVID starts to lighten up a little and cruising is starting to resume...but not for me. So, land vacations are still in our least for now. 

We have been to Aruba, both by cruise and land vacations, and absolutely love it there. It's one of my favorite places and this will be our third time vacationing there. 

As we searched for places to go this time around, new places, old all led back to Aruba. It had been 3 years since we were here and we just knew we had to go back.


Las Vegas 2021

It's time to visit Las Vegas Baby!!! I've never been there before and this would be a first for all of us.  As a matter of fact, I've never really been out west at all. I think the furthest I have made it that way would be Texas for a cruise. But other than that, I think Indiana or Illinois is as far as I have ever made it. Go me!

This would be a short little week long vacation for Christmas for us. It's actually probably the shortest vacation we have ever taken and I was determined to make it jam packed full.

Follow along with our journey and new experiences. 


St Thomas 2022

Headed out for Spring Break this year...back to St Thomas for 9/10ish days + 2 days of travel.

We love St Thomas and last time we were here, we came with Kendra and the family and we didn't get to visit all the beaches I had on my list because...well, they got beached out really quick and only wanted to hang out at the pool most of the time. Well this time, they will not be coming (prior engagements/vacation already booked due to Kambriah in a cheer competition in Smokey Mountains and then they will be staying for another week there.)

We decided on St Thomas since it is the "US" territory and doesn't require a passport because we will be bringing someone along that doesn't have a passport. Well, they applied for one, but we can't be sure it will come in time so we decided to play it safe. 

So our story will begin...April 12-April 23 



It's time to fit in our summer vacation before the not-so-munchkin goes back to school. We are cutting it close with this one but we are going to have a fun filled 11 days in Mexico. This will be a NEW place for us this time around. One that I had forgotten about from years ago and just rediscovered again and thought...why not? We have loved all of our land vacations over the last several years but I'm always looking for something we haven't done. This should fit that description. So you ask, where are you going this time around? It's located in Mexico.  It's not Cozumel. Stay tuned and you'll soon find out what adventures we have gotten ourselves into AND check out my game on the next page for a chance to win a free gift. **Edited to include where we went***



Grand Cayman 2023

Once again, time for that last minute squeeze-in vacation before my 10th grader...wait, did I just say that? I can't believe how quickly time is passing by, goes back to school again. 

The last time we were in Grand Cayman was over 10 years ago on a cruise. Then before that was a year prior to that. However, we've never actually experienced the ISLAND itself because we got of the cruise ship, got on a boat, and headed out to Stingray City for the day. We only took a short stop at Rum Point to eat and then it was back to the boat to return to the port. So this will be a great experience of checking out the island for a long 9 days!!

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