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Mexico 2022


Day 8: Off to the club

Up at the crack of dawn and so glad I did. Otherwise, I would have missed this beautiful sight!

IMG_6753 copy.jpg

Once the fam was up and moving around, we had our danishes and some cinnabon cereal (which I've never had before and it was quite interesting) for breakfast. Not cooking again...go me!

IMG_6760 copy.jpg
IMG_6765 copy.jpg

The people on the grounds were working really hard this morning. They were always busy working and cleaning up. 

IMG_6763 copy.jpg

While we were out there, I think the owner of theses houses was there. We had been seeing him come in the evenings on certain nights and he'd take a swim. I don't think he spoke much English either. He would always talk to us, but in Spanish, which we understood what he was saying. He came up to the hubby and Sakari when they were sitting out on the patio (I was upstairs getting ready for the day)  and gave them both a coconut. How nice was that?  

IMG_6764 copy.jpg
IMG_6766 copy.jpg

So today we were going to Amazona Beach Club. A lot of people online recommended it and it seemed like a really pretty place and your food and drinks all day were included in the price. When I ask the family if they wanted to go was an unanimous YES when they heard about the food and drinks. 


So, we headed out and over to Amazona, which was also close to where we were staying on the South side.  

The beautiful church from last night.

IMG_6767 copy.jpg

The local hospital

IMG_6769 copy.jpg
IMG_6770 copy.jpg
IMG_6773 copy.jpg

More beautiful art work

IMG_6774 copy.jpg
IMG_6775 copy.jpg
IMG_6776 copy.jpg
IMG_6777 copy.jpg
IMG_6778 copy.jpg
IMG_6779 copy.jpg
IMG_6780 copy.jpg

Once we arrived to Amazona, we pulled in and someone at the booth, who only spoke Spanish, was saying something. We didn't understand. I ask "Habla usted Ingles? They said "no" and gave us signals to turn around and leave. They said "cerrada" (closed). They didn't know how to say 12 in English so he used his fingers to show me. So, we turned around and went back home. Online said 10am, so I guess the hours had changed. 

IMG_6781 copy.jpg
IMG_6782 copy.jpg
IMG_6784 copy.jpg
IMG_6772 copy.jpg

We hung out at the house for a little while and then headed back to Amazona

1IMG_6818 copy.jpg
2 copy.jpg

The place was absolutely gorgeous! It was a lot bigger than I had pictured too. 

3 copy.jpg
4 copy.jpg
5 copy.jpg
7 copy.jpg
8GOPR0814 copy.jpg
9 0 copy.jpg
10 24 copy.jpg
11Capture copy.jpg
12GOPR0812 copy.jpg
13GOPR0813 copy.jpg

I didn't see many people there but there were towels on a lot of the beds. We looked around, trying to find that perfect spot. Then a lady came around and told us to "sit anywhere you want" as we looked around. She then let us know "all these towels are mine". Hmm, I'm not sure if they are for the people visiting to use or not. She never did come and get them off the chairs. 

Information about Amazona, which also seemed to have the name as Albatross (¿no clue?)

It was $40/pp US and includes all the drinks and food, kayaks and beds. 

It was VERY hot outside. Even with the material strung over all the beds, you could feel the heat beating down. So we headed out to the water. Hija decided it was "ball time"!

As you can tell from the picture below, the water is VERY shallow. There was a spot to the right that was deeper, but the beach directly in front was shallow.

6 copy.jpg

After awhile, we decided to head back and check out the food selection. All I can say is WOW! What a spread! They had everything and so much of it!

8 copy.jpg
14 copy.jpg
15 copy.jpg
16 copy.jpg
17 copy.jpg
18 copy.jpg
19 copy.jpg
20 copy.jpg
21GOPR0793 copy.jpg

I have to say everything we tried was excellent. I mean all of it. They had so many choices you just couldn't go wrong. I know when people think of "buffet" they think ehh. But not this one. The whole family agreed with me as well. 

22GOPR0795 copy.jpg
23GOPR0796 copy.jpg
25GOPR0798 copy.jpg
26GOPR0799 copy.jpg

Now the one thing that they can't get right is the pop. It was fountain pop and always tasted watered down. So, what do you do if this happens? You revert to alcohol of course. Big grin.  Sakari reverted to juice. Things were great after that. The pina colada's and strawberry daiquiri's were amazing!

I will also mention that the waiters here are amazing and very attentive as well. 

Sakari wanted to play more ball....she just can't get enough. I should have some nice muscles at this point. 

29GOPR0791 copy.jpg

I decided to take my camera out to attempt so over under shots, but I had a malfunction and didn't accomplish it. So, we would just sit there in a foot of water and watch all the critters around us. We seen plenty of little fish, needle fish and Mr Crabby that kept trying to hide from us.


The water was very clear and you could watch it all from up above. I did attempt a few shots under water but me moving around stirred up the sand a lot. 


We had a visitor...just keep swimming...just keep swimming.


There are a lot of places to relax. They had several hammocks in the water. I laid on one for quite some time. Very relaxing yet cooling since it was in the water.


They had some swings at the dock where they

have a dj. I didn't mention about the dj...he played all day long and it was a good time.

They also have a swing in the water with Isla Mujeres over top and made a good place to take pictures. 


I did want to mention that they must have excursions come over and do day passes because we would see boats coming over and at one point I was walking around taking a video and one of the waiters told me they keep the people coming over on the boats on that side so that us on the island are not so crowded. 

We drank a little, then converted to Fresca. Oh my gosh that stuff was good!


Sakari had laid down and actually fell asleep. When she woke up the first thing she said was "Where am I?" then seen me sitting beside her. I told her "We're back home".  It was only convincing for about 2 seconds and then one look at the Caribbean water and she knew I was fibbing and laughed. 

Sakari gave the "How long are we going to be here?" and I knew...ok, let's go. It's almost time for them to close anyhow.

Here's a complete walk around the place and our day there. 

On the way home the hubby is driving and I was looking at some of the buildings (which usually I'm a second pair of eyes for the topes) and he wasn't paying attention and we hit the tope pretty hard. I went to throw my hand on the "dash" but of course there's no dash. So, it kind of jolted me and I had wished that golf carts had seats beats at that point. LOL

We stopped by the house to drop off a bag and I ordered tickets for tomorrow's adventure and then decided we just weren't done with the beaches yet. Sakari said she wanted to go back to Norte Beach to see her "fish friends". ;) We also wanted to be there for the sunset as well. 

P8200817 copy.jpg
P8200833 copy.jpg

The sun was starting to set and Sakari decided on another sand animal. I had seen online that a turtle had come to Playa Norte and laid eggs the night before so she decided to make a tortuga this time around. Of course she checked to see if her whale shark was still on the other side of the beach and it was not. :(

IMG_6848 copy.jpg
IMG_E6824 copy.jpg
P8200842 copy.jpg

It was a beautiful fiery sunset tonight. Absolutely stunning. 

IMG_6833 copy.jpg
IMG_6841 copy.jpg
IMG_6844 copy.jpg

Time to head home and shower and decide where dinner was going to be.

When showering, I noticed that my chest was hurting a bit. It felt weird. I knew something was off but it was time for dinner. 

The familia wanted pizza. I knew there were a couple of recommendations on the group but the hubby said "Let's go to the one close by that we keep passing". So that's where we were going. 

We ended up at Mike's Pizza. We had seen "Mike's" face all over the island. He does a lot of advertising around the island. You will see signs saying Pizza Mike's Pizza.

IMG_6849 copy.jpg

We decided on the Meat Lovers Pizza, because that's what we got in Cozumel and absolutely loved it. 

They also bring out this scrumptious bread. So good that we had almost ate all of it before I remembered to take the picture. That was unexpected but nice.

IMG_6851 copy.jpg
IMG_6852 copy.jpg

I have to say that the pizza was great and we all enjoyed it. 

The best thing was the pizza, rolls and drinks only came to $17  I looked at the receipt and still can't figure out how they added this up, in either US or pesos, but it was a cheap meal IMO.

IMG_6853 copy.jpg

The hubby went up to pay the bill and low and behold he met "Mike" and he looked just like the advertisements all over the place. Then his ex wife was there ordering pizza as well. 

IMG_6855 copy.jpg

By the time we got home, I was not feeling well at all. My chest was really hurting. It was hard to sit up straight. It was hard to lay down. Breathing was very difficult. I had to sit slumped over until I was finally able to lay down. It was a rough night. I seriously thought I could possibly be having a heart attack. It was going into my back. What could this be? I was giving directions to the hubby about how to get home from Mexico if anything happened to me. He wasn't having it but I seriously thought I would end up in the ER at the newly founded hospital on our side of town. It was that bad and something I have never experienced before. It was a rough night and I was up several times that night with pain and hard to breathe if I sat up straight. But, I managed to suck it up and I made it through the night. 

Recap of Amazona/Albatross:  The place was absolutely gorgeous and big. I loved the beds and the shade they had over them (although I wished it was a little darker to block more of the sunlight beating down). The food was great and the alcoholic drinks were good too. Pop, not so much. Juice and Fresca awesome! The water was very shallow, so this is a good place for families with small children. That could be a positive for a lot of people. It's definitely hard to "swim" here unless you go to the other side (where they have the boats bringing people over). I would highly recommend this place and I felt it was well worth the money. 

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