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Mexico 2022


Day 11: Time to go...

The dreaded day had arrived. It was time to leave this beautiful place. As much as I didn't want to go, I was ready to get back home and back in my own bed to recuperate from whatever it is that I have managed to come down with. I was still feeling like crap but I put my smiley face on and needed to push on with the day. It was going to be a long one and I was not looking forward to it at all. 

I woke up extremely early. The moon was actually still out. I just couldn't sleep.

IMG_7047 copy.jpg

I headed downstairs to grab some caffeine because I knew that I was not going to be able to go back to sleep. I didn't want a repeat of what happened on the day we left to come here. 

Once downstairs, I find this...

IMG_7049 copy.jpg

Yep, that's the front door wide open. Remember I had ask the hubby to go down and make sure everything was locked up before going to bed last night? I'm just glad we are in a place that is secure and not a lot of people staying here. Or, we just got lucky...especially how everything we had was downstairs packed in our suitcases and ready for anyone to snatch. 

The sun was finally coming up and it was time to wake the family up and do our final packing and walk around to make sure nothing is left behind. 

IMG_7050 copy.jpg
IMG_7051 copy.jpg
IMG_7054 copy.jpg
IMG_7061 copy.jpg

It was a few minutes until 8am and I messaged Freddy to make sure he was still coming for us to take us to the ferry terminal. He said he was on his way. He arrived a few minutes after 8 and then we were off to catch our ferry. He said "I'll get you there in time to catch the 8:30am ferry. No worries!"  

Here is the schedule. They start running at 6am in the morning!

IMG_6924 copy.jpg

He was right and of course we made it in time. I gave him another hefty tip because I really appreciated that he kept our appointment to take us to the ferry and that was one less thing we had to worry about in the morning. 


 We checked in and they told us to "go to that line" and pointed...

IMG_7094 copy.jpg

There were a few people in that line, but more in the other line. We didn't ask for any premium plus tickets so maybe that's just what the transfer company purchased for us. 

IMG_7092 copy.jpg
IMG_7093 copy.jpg

The ferry arrived and we headed to the back to put our suitcases in the racks and took a seat.

IMG_7095 copy.jpg
IMG_7099 copy.jpg
IMG_7096 copy.jpg
IMG_7097 copy.jpg

The ferry moves so quick and so smooth. I could really fall asleep on it. It's the best ride on the water ever! It looks like it travels 45mph and is 3 miles over. ??

IMG_7101 copy.jpg
IMG_7102 copy.jpg

Once we arrived, we were in no hurry since we caught the 8:30am ferry over. Our transportation wasn't arriving until 9:30am. So, we let everyone off the ferry before us so that we were the last one's off and I didn't feel like standing. My legs were aching and I had a few sharp pains in the them. So I would sit until it was our turn to leave. 

IMG_7106 copy.jpg
IMG_7107 copy.jpg
IMG_7108 copy.jpg
IMG_7110 copy.jpg

We headed over to the area they had pulled into when we were first dropped off to wait. This is where our driver had told us they would be picking us up. I did email the company and told them we had arrived early and was waiting. 

We waited and waited and they did not come. Then a guy came around the corner walking and ask if we were waiting on Happy Shuttle and they were parked along the outside and had been there for awhile because they got an email saying we was there. Hmmm, that's not what we were told about the pick up but at least we were ready to head to the airport. 

Now it's time to face all of the construction again. We were told to go at least 3 hours ahead of time because of the delays and backed up traffic. It was now 9:30am and our flight wasn't until 1:10pm so we should be good even with traffic. Boy Cancun sure was different than being at Isla Mujeres. 


IMG_7114 copy.jpg
IMG_7115 copy.jpg
IMG_7118 copy.jpg
IMG_7120 copy.jpg
IMG_7122 copy.jpg
IMG_7126 copy.jpg

Our driver was weaving in and out of traffic and zoom zooming by and oh my gosh is all I can say. No doubt in my mind we were going to get there in time. Sometimes I was on the verge of being a little scared too with the weaving in and out and cutting people off. 

I was extremely happy to see the "Aeropuerto" sign and knew we were close. 

IMG_7129 copy.jpg

He ask us which airline and we were going to be at terminal 4.

IMG_7131 copy.jpg
IMG_7134 copy.jpg
IMG_7135 copy.jpg

We made it to the check in line and it was a little long but it was only 10:15am, so still plenty of time. 

We got checked in and then to security where you always feel like you are walking on eggshells. But everything was fine as always. 



IMG_7137 copy.jpg

Then they welcomed us...again. I think that was a sign they wanted us to stay and not go right?

IMG_7138 copy.jpg
IMG_7141 copy.jpg

Cancun airport is really big and modernized. There's tons of shopping and restaurants. Anything you could ever want...just like most of the big US airports. 

IMG_7139 copy.jpg
IMG_7140 copy.jpg

We were hungry and the hubby wanted to go to the Guacamole Grill. He wanted a bowl. They did look good so we got in line. 

IMG_7144 copy.jpg
IMG_7142 copy.jpg
IMG_7143 copy.jpg

We sat down and ate and it was good, but not good enough to match the food or the service. Not a place I would eat at again if I came back...mainly due to the service, which was very rude. 

IMG_7147 copy.jpg

When it was time to board the plane, my ticket was in the first half of the A section and the hubby and Sakari's was the end of the A section. So, I got in line and would just save them a seat.

On the way in, there was a HUGE, I mean HUGE grasshopper on the passenger boarding bridge. Like it was the biggest one I have ever seen. What do they feed these things here??? I HAD to take a picture. There were several people that made the same comment. I had a feeling that maybe Sakari would miss it.

IMG_7148 copy.jpg

I was right, she missed it and I'm glad I could show it to her. Then it was time take off. We had 2 planes to catch on the way home, so a little different than on the way there. I tried my best to find a plane that was a straight flight home, but the only option I had was 3 days later after our arrival and we know that wouldn't work. So we were going to have to suck it up like we always have in the past. 

We took off and there's nothing like looking down on that beautiful aqua ocean. 

IMG_5931 copy.jpg
IMG_5933 copy.jpg

Sakari told me she could see the island and I had her take pictures for me since she was sitting by the window. So beautiful and it looked so small.

IMG_5934 copy.jpg
IMG_5935 copy.jpg

I was glad I picked that side of the plane because she was able to get some awesome pictures of the island as we headed out. You will be missed Island of Women!

IMG_5936 copy.jpg

I tried to sleep most of the way home since I wasn't feeling well. But it was really hard to get comfortable. 

We had a delay over in St Louis, MO from 4:20pm until 7pm when our next flight was to leave. We just hung out in the airport and had a few snacks then we were on our way again and headed home. 

IMG_7150 copy.jpg
IMG_7158 copy.jpg
IMG_7156 copy.jpg

Our plane landed at 9:20pm and we were finally home! I was so glad to be home again and could rest. I was concerned about Sakari starting school the next day because she gets up at 5am and her bus picks her up at 6am in another subdivision, which means I drive her there every morning. We were going to be so tired in the morning. However, I got awesome news that her teachers were on strike (not awesome for the teachers or the district, but awesome that we (I) didn't have to get up so early) and they would not be having in school the first day (or the rest of the week). Whew! I don't think I will ever plan another vacation that has us coming back the day before. We were really cutting it close!

After getting home, I was sick for the following week. I have no idea what it was. I tested twice after that and still negative but I promise I had every COVID symptom there is. I went to the doctor and still no answers other than "post nasal drip", which I didn't have I know. But I was able to get an inhaler and meds to help with my breathing and wheezing. I'm just glad that is all over with.


Sorry for the delay in starting the review. This review took a little longer than I expected and then this happened in the middle of it...


Yep, my all in one computer screen is no more. My website has been very slow on my computer and sometimes I get error messages saying I ran out of space and then I have to restart it. It's been like this for a long time so we decided we would upgrade the RAM to see if that helped. Well, since this is an all in one computer you have to peel off the front bezel, which as you can tell, was very difficult and it didn't end up well and it broke.  In order to get the screen replaced (which hardly anyone...including the manufacturer, had the screen because it's a large curved screen and a 2016 model) it was $1100 plus labor. As much as I love my computer, the hubby felt it was time for a new one. So, we had one built...which took some time and delayed my review. I'm so sorry. But man is this new computer fast! hehe

My thoughts on Isla Mujeres: If you get a chance GO! It's so much more laid back than I imagine Cancun is. It's just that amazing and I'm going to leave it at that!


So one last thing...

I will have one more page and it's for those that played my guessing game. On this page I will announce the winner and it will be recorded for you all to see who won. I figured this was the only fair way to do it. Once I pull the name, the winner needs to contact me so that I can get your address to send your gift. Big surprise...I will be pulling 2 names and sending out 2 prizes!!!  So stick around Melissa, Daily, Theresa, Arzeena, Iliana and Cindy! 
I have posted a page for those that won and sent a link with a password to access. :)

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