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St Thomas 2020

Day 3: Tuesday, July 21

Beach, snorkeling, pool, and a birthday!!!

This would be our first "real" full day in St Thomas. I want to start by saying that, as always, I had big plans for our almost 2 weeks here. I'm a beach hopper, as everyone knows, prior to coming to the island I did research on various places to go, put them on my MapsMe, and had plenty enough time to go everywhere. 

My very first ERROR started on this day. Since we arrived later in the day (yesterday), we (Kendra) decided to just hang out at Sapphire and enjoy our "new place".  I also couldn't wait to go snorkeling!

Today was Brayden's 12th birthday. We asked him what he wanted to do. His reply was "go parasailing"! So, we contacted Parasail Virgin Islands via the web (they are located there at the marina at Sapphire Beach) and tried to make a reservation. However, they were booked so we decided we'd try again tomorrow. Kendra decided we should just hang out there and then go out to eat that night for his birthday at a seafood restaurant. 

We (me and the hubby) were up at the crack of dawn today. ErrrAerrrAerrrrr! What the heck was this annoying sound? I think I've heard a few times before. Perhaps at Kendra's house. ErrrAerrrAerrr! Over and over. We went out to the balcony and there was a rooster right down below. "Hey, could you quiet down a little? People are sleeping and so is my little preteen sleeping beauty"! Well, he didn't listen and would continue this for hours on end. 

We decided to head to the grocery store and pick up some items to cook during the week, pop, and items that we would be able to make sandwiches with for when we went to the beach. I was a little depressed when I found that they only had diet Coke. It has somewhat of a bitter taste to me. I prefer diet Pepsi, but it would have to do. 

The grocery store we ended up at was a little past Red Hook. We knew about the Moe's at Red Hook, but honestly that area just seemed so busy non-stop and I'd much rather go somewhere a little more low-key. Kendra had said that she went to the same grocery store as us the night before. 

We walked out spending around $230, I think it was, and we were set for awhile. Yes prices here are outrageous but you have to remember they have everything shipped in and that cost money. I had prepared myself for the sticker shock before we came. I look at it like this...use my credit card to buy it and earn points and get more free flights with SW. Yep, I'm winning either way. 

P7210187 copy.jpg

As I was making breakfast, Sakari was entertaining the birds and she was already dressed for the day. I hate when she over dresses. ;)

P7210003 copy.jpg

There we go...quick and simple...only it wasn't very quick. The toaster at the condo was extremely slow (or either mine is just turbo at home...I'm not really sure). 

P7210188 copy.jpg

After breakfast, I was ready to head to the beach and snorkel. It had been 10 long years since I was here last and I really wanted to see if my memory of the snorkeling was still the same. I have revisited my previous pictures from 10 years ago, but as time goes by, so do the memories. 

So, off we went to claim our spot under the grape trees. Fighting for prime real estate with the iguana's would be a daily chore. Also, if you are not out on the beach claiming your spot by...around 6-7am, sometimes you don't get the best view, but we always managed to find the best shade. 

I asked Sakari if she was ready to head out and she put on the mermaid tail and off we went. 

After awhile, I asked Sakari if she wanted to head back in and she said yes. Once we got back, Kam was waiting at the shoreline with me "mamaw, will you swim with me? mamaw, will you swim with me? mamaw, will you swim with me?" "Good grief child, let me catch my breath for a minute I heard you the first time and the second and every time after that."  I figure if I tell her this enough times, she'll stop repeating herself. We shall see.

Well, it's hard to say no to a granddaughter who I just taught to swim a week prior to vacation and she wanted to test out her skills in the ocean. After explaining to her that it's not the same as being in her pool...there are waves that can carry you out, the depth changes quickly and you can be over your head fast, and every other thing I could think of that would make her comprehend that this is not her pool and she is to stay really close to me is what I ended up saying to her. 

She was scared to death of the fish in the water once she managed to poke her head under and see all the fish that she couldn't tell was there when she was standing up. OH NO! We will not have her turn out like her dad who usually won't step more than knee deep in the ocean because he's afraid of fish and anything else that might be lurking under there. Humans are not fish food...well, unless you happen to be a damsel. Then humans are pretty tasty if you get close enough. 

We would spend quite some time searching for "sea glass" and pretty little shells at the shoreline after she got used to the fish around her and knew they were interesting to look at.