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St Thomas 2020

Day 5: Thursday, July 23

Up next...Day 5: Lindquist Beach snorkeling, swimming, food, and parasailing?

I was up at the crack of dawn again. I just don't know what it was during this vacation but there was no sleeping in for me. The hubby was always up shortly after me as well. Mr EeerkAeeerka was up and standing outside of our window. I mean why was it always our window he stood by?

I checked the weather and it looked like a beautiful day. We had reservations for parasailing at 4pm, so I was determined to head to ANOTHER beach today! I decided going over to Lindquist (Smiths Bay) beach would be in the cards for us because it was just basically next door. That way we could optimize our time there and head back when it was time for parasailing. 

We had breakfast and I called to make sure Kendra was up and told her what the plans were going to be today. She said that B really didn't want to go to the beach and "spend all day there" and he'd much rather stay in the condo and just watch his video games. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I informed her with or without her...I was going. She brought up the idea of maybe us going and she'd drop us off and then they'd come later.! I'm not trusting Miss LateToEverything to come back and get me when she should if they decided not to come. I told her they could just go now and we'd come back early instead. Same amount of time right?

We packed our lunch and beach towels and headed down to pick up Kendra and the crew. B was moping around and acting like this just wasn't something he wanted to do. But, guess what "you're going!"

Like I said, Lindquist is pretty much the next beach over. It's a 21 acre protected park that you have to pay to enter. There are no places there there sell food or drinks, so you have to pack your own. There are nice restroom facilities and showers and there are picnic tables in different places under the trees. The beach is pretty long so plenty of room to spread out. They also do have lifeguards there as well. 

So we arrived, paid our admission of $5 per adult (kids are free) and were told we could drop off everyone and our items, but would have to come back up to the entrance to park and the driver walk back down. It's a bit of a haul for this driver so Billy and B decided they would drive back to park the van. 


We picked out our spot under the trees that had 2 picnic tables and set up our area...which really consist of throwing our things down and heading to the water!

One of the trees we sat by had a cactus growing around it. I thought that was a little strange.