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St Thomas 2020

Day 9: Monday, July 27

Snorkeling, Secret Harbour &* Scuba Diving

I got up to the sound of Mr Eeerka and sat out on the balcony until the rest of the crew got up. 

Did I mention I just loved the blinds in this condo? They blocked out just the right amount of light but you could see out still. They had magnets on them, which kept them together.


Today they would have the tractor out and smoothing out the sand in front of the condo. I'm not sure if they do it weekly or what since we came in late last Monday. He made the beach all pretty and clean...despite his nasty attitude. The other day I was dropping Kendra off at her Condo and there's a turn around there and I was trying to get around a car. Once I did I had to pull into a spot to turn around and he was mean mugging me and shaking his head and pointed for me to get out of the area I was in. Meanie...I was just trying to turn around. 

IMG_5069 copy.jpg
P7270911 copy.jpg

I had my normal little friends with me that morning (and every morning). 

P7270912 copy.jpg

Once the crew was up, it was time for breakfast. 

P7270913 copy.jpg

Now it was time to get serious! It was time to do a little packing for

the day because we




P7271046 (2) copy.jpg

Ok, so let's take a step back. We were supposed to be on the Oasis of the Seas for Spring Break and St Thomas was on the list of ports we were stop at. I knew that was the place we wanted to scuba dive at. So I contacted several places that were suggested to me on the cruise forum. One of them was to dive  with Aqua Action at Secret Harbour. Now Secret Harbour is a place I have considered going for a beach day in the past, but we just never made it there yet. 

I contacted Aqua Action about doing a discover dive. They had openings and I inquired about the dive site if diving from the beach and not a boat dive. (Kendra has a tendency to freak out a little and "says" she gets sick on the boat despite they have owned several boats and we used to spend every weekend at the beach) So I decided it would have to be a beach dive to satisfy her. I was told that the beach dive was a shallow reef and around 20' depth and it's a 45 minute dive. She stated there was a sandy bottom with rays and hermit crabs and also some rocks with coral and a bunch of juvenile fish. She informed me they were a sanctuary there at the harbour and said the fish breed well there. 

So......... I knew that it wasn't going to be a spectacular dive but it would be good enough that Kendra would enjoy herself and as long as there was something to see, I would be fine too. I was excited either way. 

We MapsMe our way there and could not find parking. This place is at a resort and there's no parking unless you are staying there. She had said something about there are 4 parking spots and it was first come first serve but for some reason there was a truck in one of them and they had cones blocking the other 3 spots. So, we were told if those 4 spots were taken we would need to go up the hill for parking and walk back down. 

Well, remember our adventure the other day? Well here comes another big hill and I knew there would be no way for me to drive up there and be able to walk down it. There was just no way. 

Billy volunteered to be the one to drive up and him and B would walk down. We all got out of the van and grabbed our things and up he went with the soccer dad van. The tires were squealing again as he went up the hill. I laughed...but only because it was not me this time. They said the walk was really long and the level that you can see from down below wasn't even the level you had to park was higher. 

We started following a sidewalk and we were pretty lost. We did see a sign pointing left so we went left. We didn't see anything that looked like a dive shop so we found a nice area right beside the water and under a tree. The hubby walked to the other side of the beach and found the dive shop. Both Kendra and I swore the sign said to go left. 

Let me tell you what, this place was beautiful! I really really liked it here. The water was so crystal clear I couldn't believe it. The water reminded me of the time we went to  Goffs Caye in Belize. I had never seen the water any clearer than that water...until now. 

P7271116 copy.jpg
P7271118 copy.jpg

Now let me show you how clear this water is. I was standing in it up over my knees when I took this picture. If water hadn't dropped from me and made a ripple then this picture would appear as if I just had my foot in the sand and had taken the picture. 

P7271117 copy.jpg

So let me show you this beach and how pretty it is. Of course I want you to know that the absolute minute that we got on the beach and put our chairs and things down, I immediately headed to the water with my snorkel gear to check it out. So, these pictures were taken mostly after we went diving and before we left. 

It was just gorgeous is all I can say and definitely a place I would return to in a heart beat.

So like I said, I immediately headed into the water because it was calling my name.  I snorkeled right in front of where we were sitting (which was the opposite side of the dive shop and where the reef was and I just didn't know it yet). Immediately along the side were fish and things to see. Kam was yelling "You swim with me mamaw? You swim with me? You swim with me mamaw?" I told her she'd have to get her mom this time because I was going exploring and of course, she has come to like the ocean too and wanted to see the fish, but I let her know that I needed to have a look around alone first and then I'd let her know if it was safe (and shallow enough) for her to come. Then off I went....



So far, I was pretty impressed with what I was seeing. Plenty of coral life and a few fishes here and there. Sakari was right there with me exploring. Now if you've noticed, she seems to be swimming a lot without her mermaid tail. I don't know what it was about this trip but she really didn't use it a lot. She preferred to swim without anything. Could she possibly be growing out of this mermaid stage? Oh I hope not!

Then she discovered the floating dock and headed there. She loved jumping off of it.



P7270975 (2) copy.jpg
P7270976 (2) copy.jpg

I would continue to explore without my swimming buddy at this point. She was having too much fun. Lost her to a floating dock in the middle of the bay. :(



I had never seen so many squirrel fish in one spot at the same time. You might see a few hiding here and there, but there were a lot here at Secret Harbour!

I would come up every so often to see if Sakari wanted to continue our snorkeling together and I would only see her saying watch me! Take a picture!



And then I spotted it....



P7271007 (2) copy.jpg