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Cruising Ducks

What the duck are cruising ducks you ask? Let me give some information on this popular onboard pastime. Cruisers often bring these cute little rubber ducks to hide on the ships for fun. They usually have information cards attached with name(s) of the person hiding them with cute little sayings, where they are from, date of the cruise and so on. Some are harder to find while others are out in plain sight. The joy of seeing a child's or adult's face light up when they find one is what it's all about. Yes, those that know about the duck hunting are also in it to win it and find as many as they can.

So what do you do with these ducks? When you find a duck, take a photo of yourself with the duck you've found and post it on the facebook cruising ducks group. Mention where you found it along with the information of who hid the duck. There are several Facebook groups for cruising ducks...including specialty groups for a specific cruise line:

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Cruising Ducks

Norwegian Cruising Ducks

Carnival Cruising Ducks

Cruising Ducks Original Group

Disney, Holland, get the point

Once you post a picture and tag it on the group, it's up to you to do what you'd like with the duck. You are welcome to keep it or rehide it for someone else to find. But there are rules....

*Never put the duck in a pool or hot tub

*Do not hide anywhere at the onboard shops or shopping areas

*Do not place where the duck may fall overboard

*Always have fun and make someone smile

Did you find one of Mitsugirly's ducks? Send me a message on the contact form and attach a picture and I'll post it on my blog below. Have fun and I hope you find one of my ducks. My family have a lot of fun hiding them (we used to paint friendship rocks and hide them but this is a heck of a lot easier to do) ...I think



Freeport Bahamas

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