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Cozumel 2021

Day 3: Easter Sunday, a beach, sunset try #2 and a Big Surprise!!!

Woke up this morning at 6:30am...I think my body is in shock at this point. I went outside to have my not coffee...Coca Light! I was greeted by this little guy:

IMG_9022 copy.jpg

The hubby wasn't far behind me with his "café".  It was Easter Sunday and we are ALWAYS on vacation on Easter, but usually we're on a cruise where they have some type of activity planned for the "kids" that day and they have dinner cooked for you and IF you are'll run into Mr Rabbit. Now, I'm left to fend for myself in Mexico and it doesn't even feel like Easter. 

Sakari is "growing up" and doesn't do the "kiddie" things anymore and this past Christmas Santa left our lives along with the Easter bunny...and Jack Frost if you want to count him as well. But, I still wanted it to be nice for her. I had contemplated bringing some of the hundreds of plastic eggs we have accumulated over the years but I really didn't want to deal with them on vacation. So I had to come up with a plan and do it fast!

EGGS! We bough eggs at MEGA the other day. Let's see what I can whip up! I decided the number nueve was a good odd number to go with and I boiled the 9 eggs. Once they were done and cooled I desperately tried to find a marker or anything that I could write or draw on them. Sakari always brings her markers and pens but they were in her room...with her...which means I wasn't getting ahold of those things. I swear the child has learned to sleep with one eye open and hears any breath you take and is wide awake! (Another reason Santa, the Easter Bunny, oh and Trixie her Elf was evicted from our premises). 

Ok, the only option I had was a black ballpoint pen I had brought and its sole purpose was for filling out our customs form on the plane. Well, it was about to get put to use. 

For those of you that didn't realize CAN write on boiled eggs and it will stay! GO ME! I'm so brilliant!

So I have 9 eggs to play with...what shall I do? Numero Uno, Dos, and Tres would be the obvious: "Sakari" "Mom" & "Dad". Ok, whew have those covered. Oh numero cuatro has to be "Happy Easter" right? Oh wait, we are in Mexico so numero cinco must say "Felices Pascuas" (Happy Easter in Spanish...or at least I hope that's what it said, but if it didn't then I knew we'd tear off the shells before anyone discovered differently). Ok, I'm running out of ideas. That puts us at seis...My dumba§§ decided I would impress her with a drawing of a bunny...only it turned out looking nothing like a bunny (which will be the right hand bowl, at the very very top of the picture, which she ended up saying it looked more like a dog or wolfe #rollseyes). Numero siete needed to be another bunny picture to redeem myself (and I must say it looks better than the first attempt). Hmmm, I was drawing a blank at what else to do so I went for the traditional wavy lines and dots on the eggs for numero ocho. That brings me to numero nueve...oh §hit, I just dropped the egg. Ok, that settles it, it had a boo boo and I decided it was proper to just say "Oops" on it and circle it. Yep, that was easy enough and I had accomplished my Easter egg decor!

Now time to hide them...even a harder task!  Aren't they puuurdy!

P4040210 copy.jpg

The task of hiding these things in our back yard oasis provided to be a little bit challenging. I have to say this was my first experience hiding Easter eggs in palm trees and cacti. 

But my favorite of all....the vine crawling on the wall. I just knew I had to put one there...but man o man was it challenging!

P4040218 copy.jpg

Let's see how long it takes her to find that!!!!  #biggrin

P4040221 copy.jpg

As we waited for sleeping beauty's arrival from her throne, I'm pretty sure that vine egg that I thought was such a good idea, fell about 4 times. Let's just say it came "pre-cracked" for peeling. ;)

Meanwhile...I get a call from my dog sitter that she had locked herself out of the house and the kids were still inside sleeping and no way to let her in. Mind you, this happened the last time we were on vacation, but she had her oldest there she could call and hang her head in shame, looking like the irresponsible parent as her daughter would come let her in each time it happened. However, her daughter had spent the night with a friend and since my 2 grandsons are still young, they don't have phones yet for her to call. I spent the next hour with her on the phone trying to give suggestions on things to look for in the garage to break into the house...drywall mud spatula, screwdriver,....I'm at a loss since I have never broke into a door before. 

Finally, I remembered, my son Kolin and his girlfriend both have keys. I gave them a "text" and she responded. It was a good sign that she responded to the text because that meant she was still up (she works night shift at the hospital). Texting back and forth...then I slowly brought up the "Miranda locked herself out of the house can you go rescue her and let her in?" Then silence. Oh no! But eventually she showed up to let her back into the house without the boys even knowing and all was good.

At 9am, Sakari blessed us with her presence and I was so excited when I told her the Easter bunny had come. Wait, did she just roll her eyes at me??? How could she not believe this story? Like he brought Mexican eggs and all!


Ok, time to find the eggs. (This video is a little long and you are not forced to watch it, but I'm downloading it for my own reasons of showing her some day when she gets older that she still had to endure hunting Easter eggs when she was already 2 1/2" shorter than me!) 

The fun was over and what do you do with 9 boiled eggs? You make egg salad sandwiches of course! We could now have breakfast. I was starving...all that decorating and helping Mr Bunny hide eggs made me work up an appetite! Now let me just say, Mexican Bimbo bread is the most amazing bread I have ever tasted. It is the softest of the soft!