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Cozumel 2021


It wouldn't be a Mitsugirly review without some type of complications right?

So I have a tooth that had a cap come off and took the tooth under it with it and chipped the one beside it. It happened months ago and I haven't had any issues with it. But of course I'm going on vacation, so something has to happen right?

A week before leaving for Cozumel, it started hurting and by hurting I mean HURTING! I made an appointment with the dentist and of course he said it would have to be removed along with another tooth. Oh just great...I'm going to be going on vacation all holey and everything. But, with this pain...take that thing out ASAP! Just make it stop!

I ended up having 2 teeth removed 4 days before vacation and here lies the problem...he informs me that I would NOT be doing any scuba diving this vacation. Wait, what??? Noooooooo! He said there was too much of a risk for dry socket and that was something I most definitely did not want to get. He told me it takes a good 3 months for it to heal completely so no diving! Then he threw in the "well, I mean you could dive and it's going to hurt like hell, but that's your decision if you can stand the pain and pressure and then possibility of dry socket and feeling like your life is over". Thanks doc...appreciate the description! However, I did read up on it online and it was saying around 7 days and you're good to go. Hmmmm

I was so bummed and I messaged the instructor to let him know that

I wasn't going to be able to dive after all with my emergency tooth extraction. 

Second guessing my decision to go to Cozumel...

Now I read a lot on the Cozumel 4 You fb page and the few weeks prior to leaving for Cozumel, there were a lot of negative reports coming from people who have visited lately. So negative that I almost cancelled for our safety.

Several people were coming back from Cozumel (or just arriving) and reporting that Customs were pulling them out of line and bringing them into a "back room" and searching their items and saying they were illegal. One of the items that stood out to me was Melatonin. Now I need my Melatonin to sleep. I have had sleep issues since I started being a day nurse (I worked nights for many years and I'm a "night" person even when I don't work and can stay up until 2-3am with no problems. This person reported they were told that Melatonin was illegal in Cozumel (even though you can buy it there at any pharmacy/store and the residents of Cozumel saying it wasn't a listed "naughty" item) and that if they didn't pay them cash, they were going to jail. No family members were aloud in the "back room" and they scare you to death thinking you are going to be thrown in some Mexican jail to rot. You pay them cash, they let you go but only after being back there for 2-4 hours being interrogated and threatened. 

Others have reported similar cases of being brought to the back room and not being released until they paid them money. Others have said when they received their luggage, items were missing (and the items listed were super weird items that made you think...."but why????"). Like what is going on here????


Then there were reports of being on the island and the police pulling over visitors for no reason (making up reasons like they were speeding when they knew they were not) and asking them how much money they have on them and if they paid that, they would let them go. Otherwise, they were going to the police station and being arrested. Many visitors stated it's always pertinent to carry two different wallets (or area's to keep your money). One for yourself and what is needed for that day and another with very little cash in it incase you are pulled over with a bogus charge and you can pay them off. Now this is scary!! Not something I wanted to endure!


I tell you, I was scared and I almost decided to just cancel my entire vacation and forfeit all of my money I had put out on the house we rented and excursions we had booked and just go to Aruba again. 


But....obviously I didn't because here I am doing a review on Cozumel. 


On with the review...

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