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Cozumel 2021

Day 7:  Anxiety Attack, Major Disappointment, and Sea of Fans

We are going to back up a day to yesterday for a part I intentionally left out. While we were at Buccanos mi esposo and yo (I) were talking about how much we enjoyed the Sea Trek adventure and wished that we would have actually kept our reservations with the Snuba at Chankanaab. I really really felt that I could do the snuba OR scuba diving. My stitches had fallen out, there was no pain, and I could feel the socket closing up with no issues. I had been snorkeling with no issues as well. 

Soooo, I decided to send the following text to the diver that had talked to me before going on vacation and had told me that he would take us out to 2 reefs buy boat, brief refresher class since we had done the discover scuba so many times, and only charge us the price as a normal diver. I had told Ana about this person and she said she didn't know of him but looked him up and said he seemed like he's a nice person, loves his diving and....loves animals, which in her book that meant nothing but positive signs. ;)  LOL

I decided to send him the following message:   "We really want to scuba. I've been snorkeling with the snorkel in my mouth with no problems. My stitches are already gone and it's closing. Is there any way we can still do it?

To my surprise he replied with "wanna dive tomorrow? We can dive shallow 60 ft"  Now I have to admit I was in complete shock when he replied like that. I honestly had hoped we would be able to talk him into letting us dive, but I figured I'd have to really work for it.

My reply was "Remember we are discover scuba and can only do 40'"   He said we could do Palancar at 40' and is was a great reef. He ask me what size fins and BC we were and where in town were we staying and then gave me directions on where to meet at 8:30am the next morning. 

SAY WHAT???? WE ARE GOING DIVING!?!? I couldn't believe it! I was so happy yet somewhat nervous. I mean I knew I could snorkel with no issues of the snorkel bothering my mouth, but I had no idea what air was going to do to it. I predicted it wouldn't be an issues...but you never know.

Ok, now that you all know our plans for the day, let's start from the beginning of the day. We were up at 6:30am and Sakari had her alarm set for 7am. Breakfast was short and quick. We only had 3 eggs left in the house and I boiled them and made us each basically a half an egg salad sandwich. Now something else I hadn't mentioned was that yesterday I had a bad case of diarrhea and it was continuing throughout the night and into this morning. I just couldn't stay out of the bano! I probably went a total of 5 times during the time of us getting up for breakfast to getting ready to head out the door. Ugh! I really wondered how this day would go with trying to scuba. I know we have always been told if you gotta pee, then pee. If you gotta throw up, then throw up in your regulator and it would go out. But diarrhea? That's going to be so obvious to everyone around me and the fish! This was going to be embarrassing!!!!

Now today was an important day. It was our husky, Loki's, 7th birthday. Our sitter said she was going to make it a special day for him since we weren't there with him and she went out and bought him a birthday hat and some treats for him to share with his "brother" (another husky). 


The boys couldn't wait for this special day as you can tell. 


They sang happy birthday to him and he had a feast.