Aruba 2021

Day 8: Tuesday, August 3

Up gear, Christmas in August, bad games and spinning chairs...

Yawn, it's now 7am and it's time for our caffeine fix. Sitting outside in "our spot" and letting the heat take over my cold Coca Light! I'm trying my best to gulp in down so that I was the winner in this game of heat.

Not much exciting happened...the goat family visited, the pigeons came for a drink and the blue lizards were looking for any morsels we may have dropped the night before...but don't move or they are gone!

At 9:30am the not-so-munchin's sniffer was in full force as the bacon, eggs and toast hit the table.

We didn't really have any plans today except another beach day. 

We packed to head out after breakfast. But first, as we were packing the car, Sakari yells "mom, look!" I headed over to the front porch and she points at a pigeon sitting under the tree beside the porch. Her animal whisperer self was so intrigued with it because it definitely wasn't trying to get away from us. Could it be the pigeon that ran into the house the day before? I was pretty sure it was. It must be hurt. Then I hear "mom, look!" again and I see her try to pet it! Geesh...."Sakari go wash your hands now!"

We headed out and straight to Boca Catalina again. I just love this place! But, just to clarify, we went to the "Rocky Boca" since we have now discovered there's 2 Boca's. 

I headed out (alone) and the fam decided to set up camp under a tree with shade and not swim. 

I headed to the right and toward Arashi. 

P8030849 copy.jpg

Stoplight Parrot Fish

P8030851 copy.jpg

French Angelfish

P8030856 copy.jpg
P8030864 copy.jpg

Smoothe Trunkfish

P8030867 copy.jpg

French Angelfish

P8030883 copy.jpg
P8030904 copy.jpg
P8030857 copy.jpg

After making it all the way to Arashi, it was time to head back....against the waves. Woah! It was a little strong today and it definitely wore me out! As I got back, the hubby was finally coming in the water. Ohhhh, now you want to swim? Well, I'm getting out now to rest!

P8031183 copy.jpg
P8031184 copy.jpg
P8031186 copy.jpg
P8031195 copy.jpg
P8031197 copy.jpg
P8031200 copy.jpg

After resting, the family decided they wanted to snorkel with me. Since I knew the water was a little rough and easier to drift in the direction of Arashi I decided we should go down to the next beach to get in. THAT is when I discovered that it was the other Boca Catalina beach! Ahhhh, I finally get it! I don't know why it took me walking down that way to figure this out. Below is the path combining these two beaches. 

P8031185 copy.jpg
P8031187 copy.jpg
P8031188 copy.jpg
P8031189 copy.jpg

Time for some snorkeling. Sakari managed to get tons of awesome pictures of course. It was Christmas in August for us. The corals were decorated with so many different colored Christmas Tree worms and they were so beautiful!

P8030870 copy.jpg
P8030872-2 copy.jpg
P8030873 copy.jpg
P8030876 copy.jpg
P8030877 copy.jpg
P8030878 copy.jpg

Then there were the normal worms as well.

P8030895 copy.jpg
P8030886 copy.jpg
P8030910 copy.jpg
P8030917 copy.jpg
P8030918 copy.jpg
P8030941 copy.jpg
P8030921 copy.jpg
P8030929 copy.jpg
P8030936 copy.jpg
P8030932 copy.jpg
P8030940 copy.jpg
P8031288 copy.jpg

Another beautiful school of blue tangs. I just love when they arrive in groups like this. It's so beautiful to watch them making every calculated move together. 

P8031064 copy.jpg
P8031062 copy.jpg

Huge French Angelfish swimming buy us.

P8031091 copy.jpg

Along comes a nice sized White spotted filefish. So beautiful and so graceful when swimming.

P8031100 copy.jpg
P8031101 copy.jpg
P8031132 copy.jpg
P8031142 copy.jpg

A Orange Spotted Filefish. I'm not really sure why they are called this because the stripe is more pronounced than any spots. 

P8031154 copy.jpg

Another White spotted filefish.

P8031156 copy.jpg

 Spotted Trunkfish.

P8031163 copy.jpg
P8031239 copy.jpg
P8031246 copy.jpg
P8031250 copy.jpg

More of the red glassy sweeper fish again

P8031210 copy.jpg
P8031252 copy.jpg
P8031313 copy.jpg
P8031300 copy.jpg
P8031314 copy.jpg
P8031175 copy.jpg
P8031176 copy.jpg
P8031177 copy.jpg
P8031316 copy.jpg
P8031257 copy.jpg

We had drifted back to where our beach was and explored all over. As we were getting out the hubby yelled for me to come back in. He's like "What the heck is this???"

P8031192 copy.jpg

He's asking me if it was a baby shark or something the other fish were eating. Honestly I wasn't sure what the heck it was. Maybe some giant squid or just a large fish or....I really don't know. 

Sakari decided to stay and take some pictures from shore and I would take a few more of the beach area. 

P8030952 copy.jpg
P8030953 copy.jpg
P8030957 copy.jpg
P8030966 copy.jpg
P8030971 copy.jpg
P8030972 copy.jpg
P8030974 copy.jpg
P8031053 copy.jpg
P8031054 copy.jpg
P8031190 copy.jpg
P8031202 copy.jpg
P8031204 copy.jpg
P8031206 copy.jpg

Sakari was busy making her "sand castle" only it wasn't a castle, it was a mountain...a Hooiberg to be exact. Complete with the steps. LOL Was she still reliving this walk up the mountain. LOL  She had also completed another drawing.

P8031208 copy.jpg
P8113625 copy.jpg

Here's a little video I made from our snorkeling adventure.

We decided to leave and head back home for some lunch.

When we returned, Sakari went to go check on the pigeon from this morning. Well, it didn't make it sadly. :(

P8031349 copy.jpg

I managed to whip up a quick lunch of warming up some mac & cheese from the other night and some turkey sandwiches. I think the family thought I actually made mac & cheese and I was a wizard with this quick meal I came up with..."You are amazing babe" I got from the hubby. 

We were a little red from today. The back of my legs and the hubbys back. Now that Aruban Aloe will come in handy! It felt wonderful!!!

The hubby had been complaining about needing a snorkel and how much easier it would be to snorkel with me if he had one. Now I'm not sure what happened to his from back in 2010 when we first purchased our snorkeling set, but my theory is that somewhere along the line Kendra ended up with it when we were on one of our vacations with her. I haven't seen it since. :/ Any time she gets ahold of something, consider it going into the black hole with no ever! LOL

So, we were gonna get the hubby a new one! I started looking up scuba shops (we wanted a dry snorkel, not the cheap ones you find in the store) and I located 2 shops close to us