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Aruba 2021


P8113581 copy.jpg
P8113581 copy.jpg

So I already gave the details about getting this home on the first page. Now I'm just going to give you a tour of the place. 

This home was a 1 story home, but we loved the look of it. The brick work in the front driveway and sidewalk were beautiful and we loved the palm and flowering trees along the driveway. They were home to many Aruba blue lizards. 

The driveway had a gate, but we didn't have the key to lock it and when you pulled it shut, it would eventually open back up from the wind blowing. Remember, Aruba is a windy island. So we decided to just leave it open after dealing with it about half a week. 

Coming inside: when you enter you are facing the kitchen ahead, the living room to the left and a hallway to the bedrooms to the right. Everything is VERY open. 

P8113579 copy.jpg
P8103208 copy.jpg

We will head into the kitchen first. It was super open and had an island in the middle (which we wouldn't notice that it wasn't even attached to the floor until one day the hubby leaned on it and it moved)

P8103209 copy.jpg
P8103210 copy.jpg
P8103216 copy.jpg
P8103211 copy.jpg

In the kitchen we would find these, which is supposed to give you 2 free chairs at Moomba Beach and also a 15% discount on food.

P8103217 copy.jpg

Moving into the dining room, which had a table for 6.

P8103165 copy.jpg
P8103162 copy.jpg
P8103166 copy.jpg

The living room and the couch was super comfy!

P8113577 copy.jpg
P8113575 copy.jpg
P8113578 copy.jpg
P8103169 copy.jpg
P8103167 copy.jpg

Heading down the hallway toward the bedrooms

P8103171 copy.jpg
P8103174 copy.jpg

Sakari's bedroom was one of the front bedrooms. These bedrooms were spacious with PLENTY of places to store your clothes from several dressers to a wardrobe in each bedroom. 

P8103203 copy.jpg
P8103205 copy.jpg
P8103207 copy.jpg

This was the other front bedroom. It came with twin beds and of course plenty of storage as well.

P8103194 copy.jpg
P8103195 copy.jpg

The bathroom for both of these bedrooms:

P8103201 copy.jpg
P8103202 copy.jpg

Moving on to the master bedroom. It was HUGE with plenty of walking space and of course...plenty of storage places for your clothes

P8103190 copy.jpg

Inside the wardrobe, you would find a playpen/bed, ironing board and iron and what looked like an old safe that might have been in the bedroom at some point.  There was a safe on the wall beside this, but someone had locked it and we never got to use it. We could have just easily called them and they would have unlocked it, but it was ok...there were PLENTY of hiding places to put our money and passports. LOL

P8103185 copy.jpg
P8103187 copy.jpg
P8103188 copy.jpg
P8103186 copy.jpg

Here was the large master bath. His and hers sinks, a dresser in there and a large glass walk-in shower.

P8103175 copy.jpg
P8103178 copy.jpg
P8103183 copy.jpg
P8103180 copy.jpg

Now the master bedroom was on the back of the house and it had a door leading out to the pool area. Right outside that door was another room that had the washer and dryer in it. It also had 6 beach chairs and a cooler in it for our use. We were real grateful for that extra added touch. 

P8103156 copy.jpg
P8103157 copy.jpg

Now we come to the back of the house...our favorite part and also the area that we spent almost every hour of waking at if we weren't at the beach. We would get up bright and early in the morning and hang out here and the hubby would have his coffee and I would get juiced up on pop of course. We would hang out here after returning from a long day at the beach and definitely into the evenings until it was time to go to bed. When I am looking for a place to rent, this is one of the requirements I have grown to love and a "must have" when renting. It must have a place outside in the shade to hang out at with a pool. 

P8103152 copy.jpg
P8103155 copy.jpg

On one side of the home was a gravel area with a gate. This is where the pool boy would enter, bright and early (at least by 8am) twice a week to clean and take care of our pool. 

P8103153 copy.jpg

On the other side of the house was nothing of importance and it just led out to the front...or was it really nothing of importance??? More on that later. 

P8103158 copy.jpg

The house came with a grill, which we used many times during our stay.

P8103145 copy.jpg

And now our favorite part...the back yard and the POOL! It was a pretty nice sized pool, I believe much bigger than the house down the street we had rented.  It had a nice area on the end with benches to sit at if you just wanted to hang out and cool off. It did get a little deeper on the other least deep enough that Sakari and I would have to swim but the hubby could tippy toe it and bounce to stay above water. 

P8103150 copy.jpg
P8103151 copy.jpg
P8103147 copy.jpg

They provided us with 6 hard wicker type of chairs. I really didn't care for them. They were super hard, left an impression on your skin and super HOT in the sun. It would have been better if they had cushions. I mean they looked nice and they were probably expensive, just not comfortable. 

P8103159 copy.jpg

On one end of the pool was a hill with some cactus plants. I meant to take a picture of one of them because it was the type our Aruban friend had showed us previously that gets blooms on them and you can actually eat them. It wasn't blooming when we were there though. 

P8103148 copy.jpg
P8103149 copy.jpg

Another video of the opposite way in the neighborhood to our home. They are still building there I believe and there were several houses already for sale. 

Up Next...our second day in Aruba  ---CLICK--->

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