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Aruba 2021

Day 9: Wednesday, August 4

Cooling discoveries, hidden snorkel, unusual food shapes...

A caffeine filled morning at 7am in the morning led to a new discovery for us today. Every day I had complained about how quickly my pop gets hot while sitting outside in the morning and the hubby would watch me chug it down like it was the last one I would be getting for awhile. Ya know ya just can't waste that pop here when it's so expensive and I don't like hot pop. 

So this morning, as I sat out back, the hubs had made his coffee and he comes out carrying a cooking pot. I give him this puzzled look and ask "are we making breakfast on the grill or something?" As he gently lays the pot in front of me I notice a can of pop sticking up. "Wait, what is this?" He shows me he has the pot filled with ice and he has solved the problem of my pop getting hot too quick and now I could have an iced cold chug of it with drink. 

HE'S FABULOUS!!! His problem solving skills were on point this morning. But, why did it take him so long to come up with this? LOL  Now I will admit, this is something that I do when we are at the beach (whether we are at home or on vacation). I always open up my drink and then put it back down into the cooler to keep it cold. I don't know why I hadn't thought of something like this while we were here at the house. 

IMG_0712 copy.jpg

Our two-English-sentence pool boy was there bright and early to clean our pool. We did notice that he did our neighbors pool as well. I discovered this when the goat family came to visit this morning and I walked up on the hill in our back yard to look at them and I could see over in the neighbors yard. 

IMG_0713 copy.jpg

As the morning passed by, we decided it was time to start breakfast. The hubby and I were pretty much taking turns making breakfast and dinner so it was his turn this time. He decided he wanted to make omelettes. So, I did help with cooking the bacon after watching him struggle.


It's funny how these days we depend on so many gadgets to help us out with every day life and today he was struggling with how to cook bacon. "Where's the bacon cooker for the microwave?" He's looking all over the kitchen....well, there wasn't one. "How are we supposed to cook bacon?" I had to laugh when I told him "In a skillet on the stove perhaps? You know, like it's always been done before we got a bacon cooker for the microwave or even before the microwave was invented?". He says "Oh yea, I do remember seeing my mom do it like this when I was young". The next complication came when I was painfully watching him try to flip the bacon, with a spatula and not being able to get the spatula under it and flipping it, was just hilarious to watch. At that point I had to take over. "Let me show you the easier way" as I grabbed a fork from the silverware drawer. "See how easy it is to grab the bacon between the fork and pull up on it to flip it?" 

Ok, so he taught me how to fix/keep my pop cold in the morning and I taught him how to cook bacon without any gadgets. We're even now!

Sakari's sniffer was working this morning and here she came...

P8041398 copy.jpg

The hubby was itching to try out his new snorkel he bought yesterday, so a beach day it was! I started packing our snacks and sandwiches in the cooler and then all of our snorkeling goodies and beach towels as well. 

As we walked out the door, Sakari looked over at the pigeon, hoping that miraculously it would be fine all of a sudden...but it was still dead. I really didn't know what to do about it. Who do I call? Where should I put it? I knew for the amount of time we were staying here, it would start to decay and smell. I really didn't want to bother the landlord again. They had already come out several times to drop off things or fix things. I really didn't want to have to call them again about a dead bird. I decided I would just pick it up and throw it out back over the fence and let nature take it's course. 

I decided that I wanted to find a "new" place to snorkel. I've always heard that Malmok was a good place and it's on the main street and down the road. Now I've never really BEEN here before but back in 2017 we were going up and down the road to find a place to go and checking out the beaches and I had pulled over on the side of the road and got out to look at a place. I found this couple that were going in to scuba dive and ask them what place this was. They told me Malmok and said it's an awesome place to go and there's usually tons of snorkelers here. I wanted to find that place!

Here's a few pictures from back then when I stopped to show you what I was seeing. 


Here's a picture of those divers going in:


So I wanted to attempt to find this place and snorkel around the area. We drove up the main street and pulled over a few times and I would tell the hubby "No, it doesn't look the same. This is not it."

We would continue on down. Now this entire area looks different to me. I think they have redone it. I may be wrong but I just didn't remember the nice sidewalk all the way down the road and there were some trails and wooden pathways. Then there were small area's along the street to pull over and park. However, there sure wasn't many! Maybe 4-5 cars could pull in there. 

I did find a spot to pull over and we grabbed our things and went down to a little beach area with only a few (maybe 4 or 5) palapa's there. There were some other people there: Two families with children. 

It was a very rocky shoreline and you would have to maneuver around them to get down to the water, but there was some sand as well. The small sandy area was nice.

IMG_0727 copy.jpg
IMG_0730 copy.jpg
IMG_0728 copy.jpg
IMG_0731 copy.jpg
IMG_0732 copy.jpg

We grabbed our snorkeling equipment and the hubby and I headed out. Sakari did not want to go and said she would just stay at the palapa for now.

P8041420 copy.jpg
P8041407 copy.jpg
P8041408 copy.jpg

It really didn't look like there was much in that cove area. I kept thinking there has to be more!

P8041409 copy.jpg
P8041418 copy.jpg

On the side of the cove by the big rocks and shoreline, there was a rope. The hubby and I were trying to decide what this rope was for. Does it mean we are not to cross it? We took awhile trying to decide what we should do and then finally decided we were going for it. We were going under the rope and snorkeling along the shoreline to see what was there. That's when we started seeing all kinds of fish. 

P8041421 copy.jpg

There were so many Needlefish in the area. I don't think I have ever seen as many as we did that day. 

P8041424 copy.jpg
P8041427 copy.jpg
P8041432 copy.jpg
P8041433 copy.jpg
P8041435 copy.jpg

The color along the rocks at the shoreline was starting to come to life. It was very pretty!

P8041442 copy.jpg
P8041443 copy.jpg

Then something caught my eye over on a was a Chain Moray Eel

P8041444 copy.jpg
P8041446 copy.jpg
P8041447 copy.jpg

We continued on down the rocky area:

Then we ran across some really huge and beautiful Rainbow Parrotfish

P8041483 copy.jpg
P8041486 copy.jpg
P8041481 copy.jpg

We came across a little cove area where you could stand up and it was a little rocky. It was a great place to rest.

P8041502 copy.jpg

We seen A LOT of Trunkfish along the way. Here are a few:

P8041518 copy.jpg
P8041551 copy.jpg
P8041552 copy.jpg

Then this beautiful Queen Angelfish. I'm always mesmerized by their beautiful markings.

P8041526 copy.jpg
P8041529 copy.jpg
P8041549 copy.jpg

I absolutely LOVE pulsing Xenia. They are so neat to watch. Their "pedals" just close and open over and over like they are dancing to music. I had some of these in my salt water tank and they were so cool.

P8041554 copy.jpg

A large French Angelfish

P8041564 copy.jpg

At some point I realized just how far we were and we needed to get back. I started to freak out. How far did we really go? Wait, Sakari isn't with us! She's on the beach alone. OMG! We need to get back like right now. We took off swimming and the hubby must have put his gears in overdrive because he was GONE...left me in his dust. As I came across the corner of the rock, he was getting out already. 

P8041589 copy.jpg

So we walked up to Sakari and she said "So, how was it? Did you see anything interesting?" My reply was "of course" don't we always?"  She kept pushing for some reason... "What did you see?"  I really didn't know what she was getting at. I said "We seen all the pretty fish and stuff we always see when snorkeling, you really missed out".  She said "Did you see any eel's?"  Me "As a matter of fact we did and is was so pretty and big". 

She said "Come with me, I found something too while you were gone" She headed over to a rock out of the water along the rocky shoreline. Now it's hard to tell in the pictures but there is a small drop off here into the wall. So this was on the top of the rocky wall.

P8040977 copy.jpg

I walked over to where she was at and she tells me to look under this small rock. I wasn't sure what I was looking for because the rock was so small and the water had carved out a spot under it. The water would rush in and fill the hole and then rush back out and the water would go back out leaving just a little puddle under the rock. 

It was hard to see at first but then I spotted it. It was another eel. 

P8040986 copy.jpg
P8040991 copy.jpg
P8040987 copy.jpg
P8040992 copy.jpg

As we sat around under the palapa and snacked, we had a few visitors. Now I was really happy to see them because we had been here for 9 days now and we have pretty much only been blessed with the presence of the blue lizards that were not very blue like we've seen in the past. 

Information on the whiptail lizard: The males are a brightly turquoise blue. They have rows of white to blue spots on their sides. Females and young ones are brown with less spots. Adult males possess a territory and will allow females and immature males to live there but not other adult males. If another male enters its territory, it will raise up to make itself bigger in hopes to scare off the other male. If that does not work they will fight with the territorial male usually winning.

P8040995 copy.jpg
P8040996 copy.jpg

A few pictures from around the beach area:

P8040997 copy.jpg
P8040998 copy.jpg
P8041001 copy.jpg
P8040999 copy.jpg
P8041002 copy.jpg
P8041004 copy.jpg
P8031176 copy.jpg
P8041571 copy.jpg

A few more pictures of the eel Sakari found:

P8041576 copy.jpg
P8041583 copy.jpg
P8041587 copy.jpg

We kept noticing that the Pirate ship stopping where we had been snorkeling. I guess we found the spot on our own. They had a rope out and everyone was swinging off the rope and into the water. The music was playing and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time. Sakari watched them for a long time and said "They look like they are having fun. Wouldn't that be fun to do?"

P8041592 copy.jpg

Then we noticed a pelican in the tree over that way.

P8041593 copy.jpg

Sakari would go over and try to get a better look...and of course take pictures of everything around there. 

P8041597 copy.jpg
P8041600 copy.jpg
P8041603 copy.jpg
P8041604 copy.jpg
P8041605 copy.jpg

We had visitors...

P8041608 copy.jpg

They were checking out Sakari's drawings and I'm sure they thought she was amazing. She did manage to finish another drawing during the time we were snorkeling. I think she was thinking about the poor pigeon that took one wrong turn and lost its life.

P8041610 copy.jpg
P8113634 copy.jpg

As we set there a local came with a small stool and a bucket. She sat in the water and would look around to see if anyone was watching and when she thought they weren't, she would be cleaning herself with her bucket. She was there the rest of the time we stayed. At one point she lost her bucket and it drifted out into the water. A gentleman came up and ask her if she would like him to retrieve her bucket. She said "no, it is ok" but he did go out and get it for her and she was very grateful. We ended up leaving at 5pm.

Here is a video I made of the day:

After returning home, we all decided to swim in the pool and play ball. Sakari had not even been in the water at the beach. So she got her water time in now. 

I had brought some pizza dough in a packet with us so I figured it was time to make that. It had been awhile since I made one from scratch...or at least from a packet. I can tell you that I was in a crisis with this dough. It would not shape no matter what I did. Pull the dough out, in would squirm back in. There was definitely no making anything round out of this blob. Then I discovered that I did not have any pizza sauce. This was not at all what I had planned. 

So, I did have some leftover spaghetti sauce in the fridge and that would have to do. But hey, I did have pepperoni, cheese and some parmesan cheese. Maybe it would cover the actual taste. 

I held my breath and popped it in the oven and prepared myself to disappoint my family. It came out looking pretty pathetic but man did it taste good! LOL  So now I know. Aww, look, there's a heart shaped piece!

IMG_0737 copy.jpg

I did a little bit of laundry and hung out that evening for awhile. 

Sakari kept talking about the Pirate Ship. She really wanted to go so I was on the hunt to find a day to fit this in since it's what she really wanted. On their site, the only date that I could find available to fit our needs wasn't until the following week. I really wanted the 4 hour tour because it was longer (of course) and included lunch. However, it just wasn't working out and I ended up booking the 3 hour tour instead. Well, at least she was getting what she wanted.  We were going on the Pirate Ship on Monday at 2pm.  The meeting place was at Moomba so at least we knew exactly where we were to meet. 

I also decided to go on a booking spree and book another adventure for us on Friday. Shhh, it's a secret. 

We headed to bed and Sakari headed to her sauna room to do another drawing before she went to sleep. 

P8113639 copy.jpg

Up Next...going deep, green monsters and lots of wilds....

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