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Aruba 2021

Day 14: Monday, August 9

Arrr, weee

I was up at the crack of dawn today...well actually before the crack of dawn. It was only 6am!! It was still dark out but the breeze and air felt wonderful. I couldn't sleep last night at all. I was up at 2am, I was up at 4am and after waking up again at 6am I just wasn't about to go back to sleep. I had had enough. 

Shortly after this, the hubby was up as well saying he didn't sleep very much either. We did our morning ritual as the sun came up and on today's agenda was...COVID test. Ugh! It was 2 days prior to leaving this paradise and we figured today would be the day to go get our brains checked out. 

Today would be another day for finding a place to eat breakfast and I really wanted to go back to Lynda's pancake place (which we went to last time we were here). We had to wake up the not-so-munchkin since there wasn't any breakfast smells in the house and then we were on our way.

We actually seen an iguana run across the street as we pulled out. It was really strange we didn't really see very many this time around. Where did they all go??? Are they all staying home due to COVID? They were definitely trying to social distance on this trip.

IMG_0873 copy.jpg
IMG_0874 copy.jpg

Well somehow we took a wrong turn, due to construction, and we ended up at Wendy's. I guess that would have to do. It had been a long time since I've had Wendy's breakfast, as in years. It was pretty good and only costs $18.14 S OR $31.75ƒ. We pulled over behind Wendy's, which pretty much sits on the corner of the main road and a main side street, to finish our breakfast. 

IMG_0876 copy.jpg

We noticed cars going down this dirt street path behind Wendy's that went to a residential neighborhood and figured since we were back there, we'd just follow and go out to the main road that way. Well, we kept going and going and couldn't find a way out to the main road. I was really wishing we hadn't done this because it was never ending. By the time we made it out of there, we were back on the side main road, but much further down, that we first traveled to get to Wendy's in the first place. Ugh...I don't think the hubby's gps was working that morning and if it was, it would have been telling me "do a U turn" along the way. Right before we got to Wendy's AGAIN, I looked to the right and whaddayaknow....there was Lynda's. Oops! We must have totally missed it when we were looking for it the first time around. Oh well, maybe another day.

Finally we were back out to the main road and headed to the Palm Plaza mall. This would be where they did the COVID test. I knew we had seen this LABHOH Fit2Fly Test Center when we were at the mall last time and had read this was one of the cheapest places to get tested and it was usually pretty fast with the results. 

IMG_0901 copy.jpg

Once we found it, there were people standing in line and a worker there talking to each one of them before letting them inside. When he got to us, he ask if we had the Aruba Health App. Ummm, well I did but was told we didn't need it so I believe we deleted it. He told us we had to have that to even get inside. WTH??? There's not one person that mentioned this on the Aruba fb group that tested here or anywhere else on the island. We didn't even have any internet. The employee gave us the password to get logged into their wifi so we could download it again. However, I would discover that I did actually still have mine on my phone. They did tell us that the entire family could be on there so that meant I would have to add the rest of the family to mine. 

IMG_0877 copy.jpg

We paid our $105 and Sakari went first, then the hubby next to her. The hubs is like "hey babe, take a picture!" I'm shaking my head and pointing and the 50 signs all over the walls that say "Absolutely NO photography" and wondering where he went to school at. The worker shook her finger and said "noooo". LOL  There were only 2 places to do the test at a time and they were behind a small curtain with 2 booths. 

They dug in our brains for any creatures that may be hiding up there and then we were done a few tears later. Actually it wasn't that bad. These test don't seem to bother me much for some reason. Yea, a few eye watering for a minute and burning but not one of them I have had so far felt like it was digging in my brain as people describe it. Maybe I'm just lucky. Each time we have this done, it seems to be different as well. I believe Cozumel was 10 seconds of swirling and this place was only 5 seconds. At home, we do 15 seconds in EACH nostril. 

We headed out to the mall area and I knew I wanted to purchase more of the Aloe lotion with Vitamin E, after sun lotion to keep you from peeling and burn relief to take back home with me. Now was my chance because we probably wouldn't be coming back to the mall again before we leave. Yep, another $103.30 later and I had what I needed.

IMG_0880 copy.jpg
IMG_0881 copy.jpg
IMG_0878 copy.jpg
IMG_0879 copy.jpg

Once we were done shopping, we headed back to the car and we were ready to drive to our adventure for the day. 

I put the location in my gps and totally forgot we were just around the corner from where we needed to go 

Moomba beach would be our destination for our next exciting day. So you ask what is so exciting about Moomba beach? I mean haven't you guys already been there before and couldn't obtain any beach chairs? Well yes, you are correct. But this would just be our meeting spot for our excursion. 

IMG_0883 copy.jpg


Yes, I had to do the entire long drawn out process of booking this excursion online to secure our spot which meant papers and papers to fill out online and then screen shoting our tickets and receipt as always thinking maybe just one of these times all the effort I put into this process they just might ask me for one of these. 

IMG_0738 copy.jpg
IMG_0741 copy.jpg

When we pulled up I looked at the time. We were 2 1/2 hours early!!! CRAP! I didn't know what we were supposed to do for 2 1/2 hours. I certainly timed that wrong. Well, really I didn't because I had planned on going to Lynda's for breakfast but missed the mark on that and then I also figured it would take a lot longer at the lab to do our test. 

We sat in the car for about 1/2 an hour but we had no internet, so it was pretty boring. We decided we would just get out and go find a spot at the beach and hang out. It was super hot out and I almost shut my car door back again and said forget it, we're staying in the a/c for the next 2 hours. But that would have been unbearable as well just sitting there.

We located a table under the trees with a tarp at the restaurant and decided this is where we would hang out at for the next 2 hours. 

We ordered a couple of Mango Daiquiri's @ $8.50 each and $6 for a virgin for Sakari. So $23 later and they really didn't seem to have much alcohol.


Sakari was making the most of the countdown by drawing faces with her drink.

IMG_0891 copy.jpg
P8092926 copy.jpg

The wifi was incredibly slow today so that wasn't making matters any better. 

IMG_0885 copy.jpg
IMG_0884 copy.jpg
IMG_0894 copy.jpg
IMG_0889 copy.jpg
P8093123 copy.jpg
P8092927 copy.jpg

When our incredibly long wait was about to end, we headed over to Jolly Pirate to check in and noticed others checking in as well. Of course...they just wanted our names...blah

They handed us our admission tickets to the time of our life...

We were told to hang out for a bit and head over to the dock

around 1:40pm. Well, it was super hot out and there was no way we

were about to stand out there at the dock in the sun, however, there

was another couple out there and I really felt for them. They waited

and waited and there was no one else out there. The crowd was

gathering for the tour but all of us gathering were up at the restaurant

in the shade. 

At 1:57pm we seen a boat pull up and it was our ride out to the pirate

ship. Everyone headed down to the dock. 

It was time to load up and load up we most certainly did! There were

a lot of people on this boat and actually there wasn't enough room for

everyone so some had to wait for another boat. 

P8092931 copy.jpg
P8092933 copy.jpg
P8092928 copy.jpg
P8092934 copy.jpg
P8092937 copy.jpg
P8092939 copy.jpg
P8092936 copy.jpg
P8092938 copy.jpg

Since we were one of the last one's on the boat, that meant that we were one of the first one's onto the pirate ship which meant we got to pick where we wanted to sit. I picked the shade! LOL

They started passing out fins and masks to everyone. We all needed them since I didn't bring mine this time around. Less to carry I guess. 

They had a funny staff of course and that made things even better. Now there was an announcement letting us know there were no facilities on the ship so the boys needed to make sure they were peeing downwind and us girls...well we needed to save our drinking cups...just in case ya know?

Let the party begin...

P8092941 copy.jpg
P8092942 copy.jpg

They told us we were able to go up front on the nets and Sakari really wanted to go up there but I couldn't climb up there and I'm not sure why the hubby didn't but Sakari headed up that way.  I didn't see her after awhile and found her sitting on the side of the ship. 

P8092945 copy.jpg

Our first stop was going to be the Antilla shipwreck. Ya know, the one we were at while on our seabob tour.  The hubby said he really didn't want to go and ask if I was going to go. Well of course! I wasn't able to see much the last time and I wanted to know if I would see more this time around. It was a little brighter out today, but still sorta hard to see. When things are just that deep, it makes it harder. Sakari decided she would jump right in from the front of the ship.

P8092950 copy.jpg
P8092951 copy.jpg

Sakari took off swimming down deep like always. She can hold her breath so well. 

P8092964 copy.jpg
P8092965 copy.jpg
P8092966 copy.jpg
P8092968 copy.jpg
P8092970 copy.jpg
P8092976 copy.jpg
P8092977 copy.jpg
P8092971 copy.jpg

Then all of a sudden something caught our eye. I seen it and I knew that Sakari seen it too because she started swimming after it to get a video. It was a turtle swimming by.

P8092978 copy.jpg
P8092979 copy.jpg

Of course it was hard to see, just like when we were on the seabobs. 

We got back on the ship and it was time for some more drinks...

P8092982 copy.jpg
P8092984 copy.jpg

Sakari was enjoying herself back up on the front of the ship except this time she had made it all the way to the very front this time.

P8092986 copy.jpg

Finally daddy decided to go up there with her.

P8092988 copy.jpg
IMG_0900 copy.jpg

Our next stop was the snorkeling spot and we were going to Malmok. We had seen the pirate ships parked here many times and the snorkelers getting out to snorkel and now it was our turn. As we pulled up, we spotted a few turtles coming up for air and diving back under. I immediately got in and off I went.

P8092990 copy.jpg
P8092991 copy.jpg

I tried really hard to get a picture of the turtle coming up. It was really hard to see when they would only pop their heads up for a brief moment. I tried to blow this picture up to be able to see it but it's still hard. The turtle head is right above my name stamp. 


















I snorkeled around waiting on the family to get in. 

P80929911 copy.jpg
P8093000 copy.jpg
P8093012 copy.jpg
P8093011 copy.jpg
P8093005 copy.jpg
P8093007 copy.jpg
P8093014 copy.jpg
P8093015 copy.jpg
P8093020 copy.jpg
P8093028 copy.jpg
P8093016 copy.jpg
P8093030 copy.jpg
P8093033 copy.jpg
P8093022 copy.jpg

As I'm snorkeling back around, I look up and Sakari is still on the ship. I ask her if she was getting in and she said "I'm waiting on the rope!" She wanted to be first out on the water I guess. 

P8092996 copy.jpg
P8093018 copy.jpg
P8093036 copy.jpg
P8093037 copy.jpg
P8082824 copy.jpg
P8093042 copy.jpg
P8093047 copy.jpg
P8093052 copy.jpg
P8093054 copy.jpg
P8093056 copy.jpg
P8093060 copy.jpg
P8093077 copy.jpg
P8093072 copy.jpg
P8093074 copy.jpg
P8093078 copy.jpg
P8093082 copy.jpg

Sakari finally decided to jump from the front of the ship. She must have been hot. 

P8093086 copy.jpg
P8093092 copy.jpg
P8093095 copy.jpg

They were motioning everyone to come back onto the's showtime!!!!

P8093096 copy.jpg

I guess since my fun was over, it was now Sakari's turn. 

Well fun wasn't over at all. There were pina coloda's to be had...and pirates punch as well and I had to stop and get me one. Well now, here came the hubby with one for me too. Shhh, don't tell him I already had one.

P8093100 copy.jpg

It was someone's birthday today on the ship and everyone sang to her and then they told her she was to get the first swing. It was more like a plop from letting go too early. 

So of course Sakari was up didn't have to twist her leg...she was ready!!!

It was time for a refresher drink for me.

P8093101 copy.jpg
P8093102 copy.jpg

Sakari was having a blast. She would go over and over again. The fun never ended. She was having a blast!

P8093103 copy.jpg
P8093104 copy.jpg

It's ok, we were having just as much fun!

P8093115 copy.jpg
P8093105 copy.jpg

I would go up and get a drink. Then the hubby would come back with a drink for me. :)

P8093116 copy.jpg
P8093106 copy.jpg

Now these drinks were super tasty, but not much alcohol. They made me even more thirsty. I'll have another please and thank you. 

The other pirate ship was next to us and they were having a blast as well. 

P8093108 copy.jpg

More drinks on deck and they were ready to pull up the ladder and it was time to head back. 

P8093118 copy.jpg

On the way back Sakari sat back on the side of the ship and I decided to go up and sit with her. All she could talk about was jumping from the ropes. She said it was her favorite day yet! She was just so happy. I was just extremely happy as well...I can't imagine why. I think I need another drink. 

We got back at 4:45pm and our boat was pulling up on the side to get us. This time they made sure to pile us ALL in the boat to take us back. Now for some reason my footing was a little off and I most definitely wanted to snag a seat because some were standing. 

Here's a video of our awesome day!

Well since we had to take the shorter tour (3 hours instead of 4 hours) that meant we didn't get the tour with the lunch included. I guess we were hungry? I really didn't know. I was busy trying to figure out why the ground was moving on me when I walked. 

We headed toward the restaurant and the hubby was wanting to eat lunch. I made it as far as the first outside table and stopped and grabbed it. The world around me was spinning, the ground was moving on me and I'm pretty sure I had twins now because there were two of Sakari. "But I really didn't drink that much" ;)  The hubby said "well, I did get you quite a few but I don't feel like you do and I'm definitely not drunk"  I had to let him know the truth "Well, for every one drink you brought me, I had went up and got one on my own". Ohhhhhhhh! Ok, it's all making sense now. 

Sakari stood with me as I tried my best to gain my footing as I moved from table to table, little by little, toward the table the hubby had picked for us under the roof in the shade. Sakari was laughing at me. How dare her!

I finally made it! But climbing on that high chair was a task in itself. 

P8093120 copy.jpg

This child...she's STILL getting her drink on. How can she hold her liquor so well? Better than her momma. 

P8093121 copy.jpg

We all ordered a chicken quesadilla and pop and Sakari's virgin. Quesadilla's were $11/each, pop is $3 and $6 for a smoothie for a total of $45.00 US / $78.75ƒ   

P8093122 copy.jpg

I think the food was good. I don't even know if I could taste it over the alcohol taste in my throat. At one point Sakari took a video of me and said "I have evidence". LOL She still has that video and showed me for the first time the other day and all I can say is oh em gee! LOL I was a little hilarious. She couldn't stop laughing. She gets a kick out of it when I'm drunk probably because it just never happens. I'm not a drinker and the only time I ever really drink is if I'm on vacation on a ship and in port if it's an AI and the drinks are free. So yea, this happens maybe once a year. LOL  I'm also a lightweight because of this. But honestly, you couldn't taste any alcohol in these drinks they were giving us and they were SOOOOO good. I estimated I had probably around 16 drinks when we added it up. 

It was definitely a good day on the pirate ship! Arrrrghhhh!

P8093125 copy.jpg

It was time to get me home. I obviously could not drive. I was lucky to even make it to the car out in the parking lot. 

The hubby drove us home and I immediately headed for a shower. Wash that alcohol off me! It didn't work. I decided I would lay down for a minute. That should keep the room from spinning. 

Well I ended up falling asleep. This short little nap turned into me waking up and it was dark outside. It was now 9pm. Oopsy!

I headed outside by the pool where I would find the hubby sitting there and he says "Yep, I haven't moved an inch"

However, he was now ready for bed, OK, fine with me and I headed right back to bed. 

First I decided to check my email to see if our test had came in and they had. 

IMG_0895 copy.jpg
IMG_0898 copy.jpg

Our test was done at 10:42am and our results were back at 2:43pm. Super fast! 

Well at least we are COVID free. Not alcohol free, but COVID free!

Sakari sobered up in her sauna room while doing another drawing. Just kidding of course, about sobering up, not about the drawing. 

P8113637 copy.jpg

Up Next...

The rescue, the reflection, lesson's learned, and heartbreak....

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