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Walt Disney 2020

Day 6: Disney Springs: Balloon flying, boat cars, and terrible bowling skills kinda day with T-Rex.

Today was a "sleep in" type of day even though I'm so used to being up early that it wasn't much of a sleep in day for me. But, Sakari made the most of much that I ended up having to wake her up for breakfast and to get her going for the day. 

We didn't have a theme park planned for the day (trying to spread out the parks every other day) but I did have plans to head back to Disney Springs to do some activities today and I promised Sakari "no shopping" for me. I ask Sakari if she wanted her coat and got the reply "My skin is my coat". Alrighty then. I was taking mine just in case (even though I didn't end up using it). 


We loaded the address back in the GPS...I bet you can guess what happens took us a different way there! It took us the way of going in town and not on the freeway. This time we came in from a different direction and was able to get right into the parking lot with no issues and no U-turns. Ohhhhh, ok, I see why it took me this way now. Much easier and no $1.00 tolls! Me likey.


We found our "I can't walk far" parking spot and headed to the elevator to go upstiars where we would, once again, have to walk all the way down to the other side of the parking lot, around the barriers, and back down to where we started at. They scanned our heads with this little brain monitor to see if there was any intelligence inside. She said "ok". What do you mean ok? I've had years and years of college education! I should be more than "ok".  We were hurried along to the contraption that tells if there's any medal objects on you. Once again, we were "ok", even though I have plenty of medal in my foot now so I really don't understand these things. 

We got our approval to head into Disney Springs and down the escalator we went to our first attraction. We were riding the hot air balloon. 



History: Aerophile Balloon Flight: 8 minute tethered

ride in the world's largest hand-painted helium balloon.

This balloon was custom-built for Disney and filled

with 210,000 cubic feet of helium and ascends up to

400 feet in the air. The basket holds 29 people. Great

panoramic views up to 10 miles away on clear days.

Tickets are: $20 per adult 10 and older & $15 for



IMG_7501 copy.jpg

Ok, so it wasn't really a "hot air" balloon, but a helium balloon. I wondered why I didn't see any flames during our first visit. I wonder how they fill this thing up and how often. 

We paid for our tickets and headed in line while we watched others on their ride. I couldn't wait to get pictures of Disney from here. Sakari had her Disney shirt on I bought here and thought she wouldn't wear. 


Then it was our turn. Everyone got on and went around in the circle. The basket of the ride is round and the walkway goes around the edges. This is where you stand. The middle is completely open.