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Walt Disney 2020

Continued Day 1: Our evening, home dismay, injuries, and midnight trips

After picking up our rental car and putting our address in the GPS, we were on our way to the house and the excitement was building. It was about 20 minutes away from the airport, which wasn't that bad. 

We arrived to our new home away from home a little after dark. We walked down the sidewalk to the entrance door on the side area of the house, the light was flickering like a haunted house and we located the lock box hanging. Wait, where is my "house" folder? I'm frantically looking all over the place for it. It contained my instructions on checking in along with the code to open the lock box. I couldn't find it anywhere. Is it possible I left it somewhere? At home? The airport? I wasn't sure but I "thought" I remembered the code and gave it a try. I was wrong. Then I tried again. Still wrong. I knew it was a combination of 4 different numbers, I just wasn't sure what order they went in. The hubby gave me a "move over and let me try" look and I moved aside. Meanwhile, I tried the door knob...and boom! It was unlocked. I thought that was really weird and knew that you are to lock up upon leaving the home. 

I was the first to walk in. I'm feeling the side of the wall for a light switch. I felt nothing. Sakari went around the open door and felt the other side. As she was doing that I felt the floor move out from underneath me. I felt myself lose my footing and I was going DOWN! I swear it all happened in slow motion. Every second felt like minutes. I tried again to find the floor. No luck, I hit something else and before i knew it I was laying on the hard ceramic floor not understanding what just happened. 

At that point Sakari had found the light on the opposite side of the door opening and the hubby was rushing to my rescue. Here's the reason for my fall in the dark....


IMG_7220 copy.jpg

Now why would anyone do such a thing? Either keep some type of light on in the house for new people to be able to see there's a drop off there or have a light switch on the other side to immediately be able to turn on the light and see your new surroundings! Ugh...I would pay the price for this for sure. 

The hubby helped me up and I was still in shock. I didn't feel any pain in my bad ankle with plates and screws but I did hit various parts of my legs and foot.

After getting up, it was time to explore the home. I was super excited but that excitement turned into dismay quickly. 

This house was filthy. The floors weren't swept, the carpet not vacuumed, food all over on the floor and the tables/counters, beds not made, clothes laying around the house, trash all over the bedrooms, a huge pile of towels and blankets laying in the garage and so much more. Was someone still staying here? The hubby yelled out "HELLO????" There wasn't an answer. We were almost afraid to proceed throughout the house. But in the end, no one was there. 

I honestly just didn't know what to do at that point. I knew there was no way for us to stay there with it like that. Do we find another place to stay? Do we just go somewhere for the night? Do we stay up half the night cleaning everything? I was afraid to touch anything quite honestly. I sure wasn't feeling the greatest about any lingering COVID that might be around the house at that moment. 

I've never seen Sakari so let down and disgusted at a place we've stayed in. She DID NOT want to stay at all. But, she did get a look at the pool all lit up that night and said "well, this is the best part about the house and I would like to swim". 

Here's a look around the place upon our arrival. Now just know that I didn't get pictures of quite everything and it was just so nasty that I completely forgot what I had taken pictures of and what I hadn't.


Walking into the main dining room there was food on the table, floor and seats along with dirty floors from walking in and out. 


Heading into the living room there was a unswept dirty floor of course and a huge area rug that was filthy and not vacuumed, various items laying on the floor and even broken items. 


Next up would be the kitchen. The floor was dirty, the trash wasn't taken out, there was food on the counters and floor, the stove had food and splatter on it, dirty dishes and even "clean" dishes in the cabinets with food still on it. There was used food in the refrigerator (opened), wine and Crown in the freezer, opened drinks and food in the pantry. And this fruity pebbles cereal would be EVERYWHERE around the house and I mean everywhere!!! Kitchen, dining, all bedrooms whether carpeted or not and even the bathrooms. Like if my kids would ever just walk around the house with cereal in every room just spilling it everywhere I would just flip my lid! It was quite obvious that these parents allowed their children to disrespect this home...but then again, it was obvious to me that the parents did the same thing. I guess they led by example. 


The small dining room off to the kitchen had food on the table, under the table and globs of hair, that looked like someone had pulled out of a brush, woven into a knitted dolly sitting on the table. I would find globs of hair everywhere around the house. Did the females not understand what a trash can was or even the toilet? So disgusting it gave me chills.  There was also game pieces all over the place including the bedrooms, dining room and loft area. Nothing was put away and one game had the box lid on the floor and torn up.


Globs of hair sitting on the steps would not be the exception either


PC130017 copy.jpg

The master bedroom down stairs would have trash on the floors, dirty floors, socks, ping pong balls, a used toothbrush in the shower, some feminine wipes (used) laying on the towel shelf with an open container laying on the toilet with used up toilet paper rolls, stained mattress covers and a hand towel laying across the head of the bed...which I did NOT want to know what may have been on that. Oh and don't forget a glob of hair sitting in the corner of the shower.