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Our rental home for the next 10 days

Now I'm a big fan of Airbnb and would rather stay in an entire house than a hotel or resort if it suits us better. I searched all over for the perfect place, but ended up finding a place that struck my fancy on Vrbo. We have rented on Vrbo (basically the same as Airbnb) once in the past but they always seem to be more expensive on there. I have literally found the exact same place on both of them and Vrbo would always have a more expensive price. I'm not sure why. 

We found a really nice house, with a pool in the back yard, and I knew this was the place we wanted. However, there were several not so great reviews of the place. Several people were complaining that the house had a lot of greenery in it and it was VERY dusty. Now people with allergies (which I do have but it doesn't bother me unless you are dusting in my face) would probably not do well with this place. But, I figured we would be fine. The other issue is that several people had made comments about seeing roaches. Well, I contacted the owner (who turned out to actually be the rental company who over looked the place for the owner who lives out of state) and she explained the "Florida roaches" and that people like to leave the sliding door open to the pool area and they come in. As, long as we didn't do that, we would be ok and also they have an exterminating company that comes in as well. So, measures had been put in place to rid the bugs as long as the renters did their part. Now I'm more than aware of the Florida cockroaches and I figured she was right and I would take my chances. 

So, here is the beautiful home we rented, complete with 2 master bedrooms and baths, and 2 other bedrooms, a loft and an enclosed swimming pool in the back yard. 

First floor master bedroom. Nice size and all open to the bathroom with a shower and tub and tons of windows for natural light (notice the greenery?). This room was directly off the dining room and living room.


The second master bedroom was located upstairs and mimicked the bedroom above with different furniture. 


As you walk in the door, you entered the dining room.


There was a smaller dinning room on the opposite side of the door and off the kitchen area. It also had a cabinet full of books to read and games to play.