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Walt Disney 2020

Day 2: A day at WonderWorks, a hurricane, tornado, art and ropes course fun!

I have to say that it was an extremely painful night. My fall had caught up with me. I tossed and turned and with each turn I cried a little. I don't know how it happened but it was the very top of my foot, by my toes, and right underneath it, that was really hurting. I got up once, in the middle of the ?night? (which was more like morning since we went to bed so late) and it took everything in me not to scream to try to walk to the bathroom. The next day the hubby would tell me that he heard me crying and making sounds all the way there. I was so upset thinking I done went and hurt my bad foot on the first day here and I'm not going to be able to do anything the rest of the trip. How would I be able to take those few steps required to get on rides at the parks and how would I be able to get in and out of the rides? The way I felt this night made me feel like I would be stuck in a wheelchair throughout the rest of the trip. 

After waking up, I gathered everything that I thought I would need downstairs, rolled it down the winding stairway like I was rolling a snowman, and sat on my butt and descended the stairs in the same fashion that I did back when I had my surgery on my foot. At that point I knew I was never coming back up the stairs again and whether she liked it or not, Sakari was going to have to trade me master bedrooms!

The doorbell rang...hmmm, who could this be? Sakari was sitting on the couch, in class because I still made her "go to school" during our vacation, and she could see someone standing outside as she peaked out the glass in the door and said it was a man. I wasn't so sure about answering the door to some stranger. He was persistent though and wasn't leaving. I decided to answer and he said he was the cleaning man. He was a much older gentleman and it was just him. No wonder this house wasn't getting spotless because how can only one person clean this entire huge home in time for the next renters? We chatted for quite some time. His wife used to help him clean but she had passed away. He has been cleaning for over 22 years. He explained that he had us coming in (today) and not yesterday. He also stated he had this house to be cleaned again on the 18th before the next renters came in. SAY WHAT? We are here until the 22nd! He was a very nice man and he gave the history of the homes in this neighborhood and how the builder liked different odd shapes and that was the reason for the drop off at the door and not so square living room and so on. He told us who owned the house and also told us that they owned the house next door as well. Good to know if we return. I declined his invitation to come in and clean and informed him that I had already cleaned everything except for the rooms we would not be using. I told him I was not planning on touching any of those or the laundry however when we left, we would make sure to have our area's cleaned and laundered. I also gave him a list of all the damages and how we found the house last night. I did not want to be blamed for any of it and I had pictures. Also, my hubby was still in bed at that point and I didn't want to wake him. 



So on with the day.  I had plans to take Sakari to visit WonderWorks. I figured she'd enjoy a place like that and the last time we had been there (in Tennessee) was when she was 1 years old...obviously she doesn't remember it. Instead of the regular amusement parks today, it would be a mind amusement park kinda day.

Staying in a home has its advantages. You can cook your own meals and save money by not eating out. So, after our late night grocery run the night before, we were armed with a variety of breakfast choices. 

The hubby decided to make breakfast while I finished getting ready for the day and trying to figure out how I was going to manage today with my foot. 

I thanked my lucky stars that I had decided to bring some (unused) pain medicine from my initial injury with me because I was definitely going to need them. I had really hoped they worked by the time we were able to start our day.

Breakfast sausage bowls for the win.


PC140101 copy.jpg

After breakfast we were off to find WonderWorks. This place seemed to be situated right in the middle of a down-town type of place. Sakari was so amused at a house that was upside down. We parked in the parking lot and headed across the street for a better view of the outside. My foot was feeling a little better after the medicine and at least I was able to walk (still with quite a limp at this point). As the day went on, it got progressively better as long as I didn't bend it a certain way at the just picture a stiff leg walk with a slight limp and hop and you got my mode of walking today. 


PC140102 copy.jpg

I love all the little details that go into these places from the upside down palm trees and electric poles to the steam coming out from under the (top) of the house where it landed. Also at night, the street light posts lit up. 


PC140109 copy.jpg
PC140112 copy.jpg

Upon entering the building, you are greeted by a Robot who likes to tell jokes. Also, everything in the entrance is also upside down as well. 


The entrance after you pay is a little trippy! It reminds you of being at a carnival and trying to walk down a hall as your surroundings are spinning...only this is pretty psychedelic. Whew!


We came out into a room and the hubby immediately went to a gigantic screen of Google Earth. He wanted to try to find our home on there. I informed him that you can do this from home on your computer but something about it being on a super big screen intrigued him. Hey whadda ya know, our vehicles are in the driveway...but how can that be when we drove one of them to the airport and it should be there still. Hmmm, this Google Earth must be off and not trustworthy. 


PC140127 copy.jpg

I was already hungry so the host in the room offered us a seat at the Earthquake Cafe. I can't believe there wasn't a line to get in. But, it was just a box with one table. I was feeling like maybe I was being tricked. We sat down and was told our hostess would be with us shortly to take our orders. Instead of soothing restaurant music playing in the background, these voices come on talking about earthquakes and how they must feel. Hey how nice of them to give us a little history of earthquakes while we waited on our server. Wait....what's this? Our light began to shake above us, the table started to tremble, we were experiencing a 5.3 richter scale earthquake. I imagine that's how this cafe got its name! Get us outta here!


Sakari assured me that we were ok and it was just part of the attraction. Whew!

Off to play with some electricity that put out 100,000 volts!