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St Thomas 2020

Day 2: Monday, July 20

Making our way to the condo...

As I slowly got used to driving on the left side of the road, I gained more confidence. I used my MapsMe app to tell me the directions to go and it took me by way of "inner" island instead of around by the water...which I thought was weird and unexpected to me. But hey, I figured it knew the island better than I did. 

Once we arrived, I remembered the place well...there were only a few changes. For instance, coming in was ENTIRELY different than it was 10 years ago when we visited. I mean I don't remember pulling into a lot that appeared to be some type of apartments or something and then the turn onto a dirt road that was full of potholes and such. But hey, I could see the condo's off in the very near distance. Wait, I think we came in the wrong way. I remember the 'landlord" saying that we would have to stop and check in with the security gate and to just let them know which condo's we would be staying in. We somehow managed to bypass the entire security guard and all. Oops. But hey, we had made it!

We decided to drop Kendra and the family off first. 

P7200137 copy.jpg

She was located in building D and over between the beach and marina and in front of the pool. I figured she'd want to be closer to the pool than we would because she had Kambriah and they would spend more time there than us. 

So both of our condo's were pretty much identical, except for the decor. But, we were both located on the end and on the same side of the "end". 

I will show you around her place first. 

Up next was our condo. So we were in building A and right in front of the beach/snorkeling area and beside the food area. 

Our layout was exactly the same as hers but we benefited by having palm trees on the side of our building, which would provide plenty of shade during the day which made it VERY nice to sit on the side of the balcony because you got not only the shade, but a super nice breeze as well!

There were a few differences in our places (other than decor and color). Our "bedroom" was just a bunch of sliding panels with slats that went around the bed. Kendra's was panels that completely divided off her room from the living room. I had a dishwasher (and I wasn't referring to the hubby) and she did not. My bathroom shower had a small wall you step over, which was a tub if needed (all tiled) and hers did not. Other than that, it was pretty much the same.

Now I'll show you around the resort. It is beautifully decorated everywhere with tons of palms and flowers. 

There is a shop, called the Beach Buzz, which has limited supplies, souvenirs, baked goods for breakfast, coffee, and ice cream. There was also a spot outside the shop (covered) to eat as well. (This is separate from the restaurant beside it.