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St Thomas 2020

Day 2: Monday, July 20

The rest of our evening...

As the evening went on, of course the first thing the kids wanted to do was go to the pool. They headed down there and after I was done unpacking, we met them there.  Kendra decided she wanted to go to the grocery store and off she went. I really didn't feel like going and decided we would go in the morning at some point.


The pool has absolutely no lights in it or around it, so they were swimming in the dark. I looked around to see if I could find any signage stating that they pool closed after dark, but was unsuccessful. I have to admit, it was making me nervous because I didn't know the layout of the pool or the depth and after the kids telling me there were 2 levels, some deeper than the other, some areas having "seats" inside the pool, and so on...I was ready to go until I could check this pool out in the daylight to see what dangers may be lurking under the water that you can't see when it's too dark out. 

P7200160 copy.jpg

We headed back to the condo via beach and Sakari insisted on climbing a leaning palm tree and me taking her picture.


She managed to find a hermit crab on the way back. 

P7200162 copy.jpg

Soon after we got back to our place, Kendra and Kam would arrive. They told Sakari that they were "out hunting crabs" and that they were all over the place. So, out Sakari went. Kendra had all kinds of neat little gadgets in her room like a battery powered lantern, flash lights and so on. I didn't have any of those items. But they were walking up and down the beach finding them everywhere. 

P7200171 copy.jpg

When they came back up to our condo, they had a bucket of them. Kam found 71 and Sakari found 34. Man they were everywhere. I took a picture of a few they had before they went back out to release them. But first, Sakari looked up everything on hermit being how to determine their sex. Believe or not, Kendra and Sakari became a pro at this and would sex every crab they came across for the rest of the vacation. Geesh, only my girls. 

P7200175 copy.jpg
P7200168 copy.jpg

Sakari had her 2 favorites...mainly because they had a black and white shell.

P7200183 copy.jpg

They headed back down stairs to release them back into the wild on the beach and I did have a video of it because it was hilarious to watch them scatter in every direction, but I can't find it now. It might have been on my phone. 

It wasn't long before a security guard (a female I might add) came by and told them they were not allowed on the beach and it was late and young girls should not be on the beach alone for safety reasons. Kendra pointed up to our balcony where we were standing and said "there's my mommy!"  I don't think they realized that Kendra is not exactly a "young girl" despite her looks...she's will be 32 next month! But pointing at me and saying mommy didn't help her case any. But they quickly came back upstairs and then Kendra went home via the sidewalk instead of the beach. 

About an hour passed and I got a call from Billy saying "Hey, I just made dinner if you guys want to come over" At this point, it was 1:30am!!!!! We passed and said we were heading to bed and off to bed we went where sugar plums would dance in my wait, wrong story...beaches and fish would dance in my head that night. I couldn't wait for a full day in St Thomas.

Up next...Day 3 Our first real full day in St Thomas

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