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Las Vegas 2021

Day 7: Saturday, December 25


IMG_3406 copy.jpg

I know it's not ideal to travel on Christmas Day, but that's how this trip ended up. No one wants to travel on Christmas Day, including us, but it was the cheapest air flight day (using our points because even though we fly for free, we have to use points for both Sakari and I) and also the least crowded day to fly as well. 

We did have a late flight (leaving at 4:55pm) so we had plenty of time to get ready. I managed to miss the sunrise again this morning and spent the rest of the time putting away our necessities that were left out the night before. 

The hubby was up and ready for coffee and I decided to go down with him to grab some breakfast. Well, the line at Starbucks at the front of the hotel was insane and the hubby had mentioned he had been going to the one in the back of the hotel all week because the line was much shorter. We decided to walk back there instead. 

Although the line was shorter back here, it was S L O W !!!!! Geesh, like really slow. I'm not sure we made the right decision. 

They didn't have any pop there so after ordering, I would head to the front of the hotel in search for a place to buy pop. There was a 24/7 store there and it would cost me $5.39. But, I wasn't willing to risk getting another bad pop out of the vending machines. It had already cost me enough!

By the time I made it back to Starbucks, the hubby was arguing with the employee about how they got his order wrong...of course. What ever happened to good customer service? I swear everywhere we went they messed up our order in some way. $34.52 later we had our food (hubby's order was still wrong) and we were off. He had his main source of nutrients in his hand (coffee) so either way he was satisfied. 

We headed back upstairs and woke Sakari up for our morning breakfast time together at the coffee table.  We had to be checked out of our room by 11am and it was almost that time. They did have several drop boxes in the hotel that you could just drop you key card in and leave without having to go to the front desk. That made it nice.

We headed out the front door and summoned for an Uber for pick up. It was a very nice and warm day out. 

PC251141 copy.jpg

We watched our driver go somewhere other than where we were. He texted me saying he was there...only he wasn't. I told him he was at the wrong location. I told him we were at the front entrance as you walk out the door. I explained it was facing the strip and there is the underpass to pull up to the doors. We're under the Sphinx. He left his location, we watched him drive right by us and turn down Mandalay Bay Drive. Ugh! "No, turn around. You passed the entrance". I watched him turn around and ... drive past us again and back to his original location. Are you serious? How hard is this? He called me again saying he was there and I told him "No, you're not. You drove right past the front entrance and went back to where you were the first time. We are not there" He said "This is where my gps takes me". Well, the GPS is wrong. Just listen to my instructions. 

We continued to wait and before long, he had cancelled our trip. What the heck! Then of course tried to charge me for it! $11.74 to be exact! I don't think so. You didn't even show up Mr Dark Red Toyota RAV4 man! (I messaged Uber right away and was told they would cancel the charge...only to find out after I got home that they ended up putting on another charge of $2.41 for "trip help" NO, I don't think so, the driver needed help!).

IMG_3401 copy.jpg

So now I had to order yet another Uber and this time around when I looked at the prices, they had went up to $24 for a ride to the airport. What the heck. I guess it was getting a little busier out now that it was noon. The hubby would check his Uber against mine and his was always around $3 more than my quote. 

We waited for a few minutes and the prices went back down again. We sat around waiting for the next driver...and I kid you not, they did the same thing! But this time, just said they couldn't find me and once again cancelled the ride...charging me this time around another $13.42. What the heck is going on? Are these Uber drivers running a scam or what? Then another $3 showed up as a charge. 

We decided to give Lyft a try and ordered a car with them. As we seen him coming (on the map) we explained where we were again. About that time the guy directing traffic in the spot you pull up to told the hubby "Uber and Lyft are not allowed up here! Only taxi's" Then he offered to get him a taxi to the airport. Um ok...the hubby said he had seen several Lyft and Uber drivers up here while we've been waiting and the guy started a full argument with him about it while telling him he was wrong and lying. Only taxi's! At this point the hubby was getting really frustrated and started pointing to several cars that were up there "You mean to tell me that car is a taxi? What about that car? And how about that one? Get outta here man, you're crazy"

Sakari was getting adventurous while waiting. 

PC251140 copy.jpg

Well what do ya know, the Lyft driver pulled right up in there! We walked over to him and this guy immediately had an attitude for some reason. He put 2 of our luggage in the trunk and then said "This is not going to work. It won't fit!" He was pacing back and forth. We told him they usually put 2 in the back and then one either in the back seat with us or in the front seat if they don't fit but the other one would fit if he took the smaller one out and put the bigger one in and then the small one up and down at the end. That still left 3 seats available for us to sit in. He said "NO, IT WON'T FIT OR WORK, get them out!" Um, I don't think so buddy. You put them in, you take them out. He pulled the luggage out and said "you cancel the ride!" I told him I was not going to be the one to cancel and have them charge me like it was my fault because that had happened to me once before. He's the one canceling it, not me. This is his fault. He drove off. Yes, he also tried to charge us for the ride: $13.19. Once again, I had to dispute it, so they took it off and then he charged $5 for the trip! After he cancelled it. Nope, disputed that too! You're not getting $13.19 out of me JP and you're not getting $5 out of me either when you are the one that refused to take us and was such an a§§ about it from the time you pulled up. That luggage would have fit and you know it. You just wasn't willing to try.

IMG_3403 copy.jpg

At this point we tried one last time. Uber again (after the prices came back down again...they were all over the place that morning) and snagged another ride for $13.18. I told the hubby, let's just walk down this way with our luggage and if we need, we will flag him down as we see him on the map. 

As we walked by, the attendant with the taxi's grabbed the hubby's luggage out of his hands and said here's a taxi for you. He was rude about it and the hubby snatched and pulled it back and said "what are you doing man? I didn't tell you to take us and you never even gave me a price!" He said "I told you I'll charge you $25" and tried to grab it again. "No man, you didn't and no you're not taking my luggage or us."

Was everyone on edge this morning because it was Christmas and they were working? Or do they normally treat people this way when they are leaving? I was unsure at this point.

Well our next Uber driver came, he put 2 luggage in the trunk and 1 up front and told us to get in and get in we did! See, just like it was supposed to be done. He quickly got us to the airport and we walked inside.

PC251142 copy.jpg

We hung out for awhile and charged our phones until we were within our "4 hour" timeframe that we could check in our luggage. There wasn't a line and things went smoothly and we headed to security with hardly a wait. 

We found a seat and ...sat and sat. Well, all these slot machines were starring at me so I decided to drop $20 in one of them and played for a little bit. Cashed out around $10 and held onto it. 

PC251144 copy.jpg

The hubby decided he would give his $20 a shot and I could tell from where I was sitting he must have been doing good. He had hit the bonus and was free spinning his little heart away. 

PC251145 copy.jpg

He came back and presented me with this:


PC251146 copy.jpg

Ok, he doubled his money and he was satisfied and a show off, so he went to go cash it in and eventually I would drop the remaining amount on my voucher back into the slots and watch it dwindle down to nothing. 

Sakari was sitting around drawing. She has been on a "people" drawing kick lately and practicing all the time.


PC261164 copy.jpg
PC261165 copy.jpg

Our plane arrived and we were boarding at 4:30pm. Whew, one step closer to home!

PC251147 copy.jpg

As we sat on the plane in first class, just kidding, there is no first class on Southwest but we were in the 3rd row so close enough right? Sakari lately has been doing this thing were she tries to catch the attention of the people loading the luggage...or working outside of the plane...either will do, and she waves at them over and over to see if they will wave back. Well, she found an Elf this time and not only did he wave but she kept him going. She continued to wave and he started making faces at her. They went back and forth and she giggled and stomped her feet.

The she squealed and pointed to the front of the plane...he was on the plane now. LOL

PC251149 copy.jpg

We spotted our luggage and watched them load it. At least it's coming home with us.

PC251154 copy.jpg

Then it was time for take off. Now remember, there is 3 hours difference back home so it wouldn't be until almost midnight when we arrived at home. Blah! But at least it was a straight flight.

IMG_3407 copy.jpg

Sakari passed the time by drawing more people and watching a show.

PC261167 copy.jpg
PC261168 copy.jpg

We were never so happy than to see this and knew our journey was over and so was the fun. Boo!

PC261169 copy.jpg
PC251161 copy.jpg
PC251160 copy.jpg

For the most part, Ohio was having a warm front and we returned to "ok" weather. It wasn't as cold as we had anticipated, which was good!

We gathered our luggage, headed to the shuttle, made it to our car and we were on our way home. Now our ritual has always been to stop at Wendy's on the way home from the airport. Well tonight, it would be a different story. Remember, it's Christmas and NOTHING was open. I would just have to hope that our dog sitter didn't eat the frozen pizza I had in the freezer while we were gone. Otherwise, we're having chips and candy from the plane for dinner. (I kid you not)

We arrived, found that the pizza was still there and were greeted by our pack. They were extremely happy to see their mini-human (what we have always called her to the dogs).

PC261176 copy.jpg
PC261177 copy.jpg

Sakari had originally decided we would wait until the next day for her to open her presents. However, she changed her mind once she got home because we weren't tired at all...remember it was really only 9pm to us at this point. 

We opened presents, had our Christmas pizza, then headed to bed. Oh what a vacation it was!!!

Final thoughts: We had an amazing time here. It was too short. People said "What are you going to do for an entire week? There's no need to stay that long. You'll be ready to leave in a few days" Well, they were wrong! There's plenty to do here! It will just cost you a lot to do it! So many shows, things to see and places to go. 

I most definitely want to return again. There's more shows I want to see. More hotel's to explore that I missed. Then there's places we didn't get to tour like the Grand Canyon and so on. Just so much to do!

I did ask Sakari out of all the hotels we visited, which one would she pick if we came back and her reply is "This hotel! I would want to stay at the Luxor again!" Well, we did have a good stay here, but I think when we go back, I would rather pick another hotel that is "a little" closer to the action and food and not on the edges. A little closer to walking distance of things. I really did like New York New York. I think it looked like a cool place to stay. Of course the Bellagio was another. However, I won't plan on breaking the bank when I go back either. So, we will see. 

I did make several comments while we were there about how I didn't realize just how much walking was involved. Just the simple task of walking from one hotel to the next one over was LONG! Way longer than I thought it would be. I made the comment a few times that "I don't think my leg was actually ready for this trip. I probably should have waited another year to put myself through this". I know in another year, I (fingers crossed) will be even better at walking and healing more.  The hubby said he wants to make this our "yearly" Christmas vacation. I have to admit, even though it was cold a few days, it was worth it and so beautiful. 

Until our next, peace, and health to all and may your journeys take you to some wonderful places!

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