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Grand Cayman 2023


Day 6:  Snorkel hopping and a shark!!!


Up an at'em at 5am for me. As the sun came up, it was a cloudy day and not the best sunrise of the week that's for sure. Today there was a boat out in front of our place by the buoy that sat there for a few hours. I'm not sure what they were doing or who they were. I could only tell it said "Cayman" something or other. 

IMG_1496 copy.jpg
IMG_1493 copy.jpg

I waited for the mini me to wake up at 8am and decided it was time to get some protein in our bellies and made scrambled eggs and bacon and everyone was full. Time to pack our bags and head somewhere on the other side of the island...despite the fact that Carnival Sunrise was in port with 3,360 people looking for that special spot to go. Well, I was just hoping it wasn't the spot I had picked out today. 

We were headed to Smiths Barcadere Cove for a little bit of snorkeling. Off we went, making sure not to turn the windshield wipers on and into town we went.


There was plenty of shade in different areas, picnic tables and benches. We decided to sit on some of the benches that made you think you had partied a little too much the night before but yet I don't remember drinking...Just look at the lean on that bench!

P8102057 copy.jpg
P8102058 copy.jpg
P8102060 copy.jpg

They did have restrooms there along with outdoor showers you could use for free. 

P8102056 copy.jpg
P8102054 copy.jpg
P8102189 copy.jpg

The water was absolutely gorgeous!

P8102061 copy.jpg
P8102065 copy.jpg

Of course I immediately grabbed my snorkel gear and headed toward the water. The fam decided to join me and we would wind around all the cove looking at the beautiful fish and coral. It was quite nice. 

I found a creepy worm...stay away from these!