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Grand Cayman 2023

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Our Condo

Our Condo was called Northern Lights and located on the North side of the island. It consisted of 3 buildings with 3 condo's in each building.

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Yes, this entire part of the building was ours, upstairs and downstairs.

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It included a balcony upstairs off the master bedroom and also a patio downstairs off the living room.

IMG_E1297 copy.jpg
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The downstairs patio which included a table with chairs, grill, pool floaties and a box full of beach/pool items. Our entire patio was completely covered and it had 2 ceiling fans.

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This is looking out of our patio to the condo next door to us (in another building) and as you can see, only half of their back patio was covered and the other half had a screen roof. When it rained, the floor on the patio was flooded. I'm glad ours was completely covered after seeing this. We could sit outside no matter what the weather.

IMG_E1306 copy.jpg

Our balcony upstairs was pretty big (bigger than the condo next to us) and came with an outdoor couch/lounger and a hammock. 

IMG_E1759 copy.jpg

On the first floor was the kitchen stocked with all your cooking needs and dinnerware along with paper towels, blender, mixer and toaster. You name it, it had it. It also came with a dishwasher with pods and also dish detergent.

P8050015 copy.jpg
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Inside the kitchen was a stacked washer and dryer.

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Off the kitchen was a half bath that came stocked with toilet paper and also some various supplies in the drawers which included a first aid kit. 

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Then you had the dining room with a large table to seat 6+ people and there was a bar with 3 chairs to use if you wanted to eat there as well.

P8050012 copy.jpg
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P8050003 copy.jpg

The living room is in the back and had cable tv with 200+ channels and also Netflix.

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Stairs leading to upstairs with hallway from one bedroom on the front and one on the back.

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To the left was Sakari's new bedroom with 2 twin beds and her own private bathroom. It was stocked with all the toilet paper you would need for the stay and more. It appeared to have 2 closets but when you opened the doors, it was one very long closet and all open.

IMG_E1762 copy.jpg
IMG_E1760 copy.jpg
IMG_E1764 copy.jpg
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If you head down the hall to the right you'll find the master bedroom, which was larger and had 2 closets and a master bath.

IMG_E1756 copy.jpg
IMG_E1757 copy.jpg
IMG_1755 copy.jpg
IMG_E1819 copy.jpg
IMG_E1820 copy.jpg

If you notice, the bathtub in the master bath was a jacuzzi tub. It was VERY tall and made it hard for someone like me to get in and out of with my foot/leg. It always seemed to slippery as well. I have a jacuzzi tub in my master bath (not with a shower located inside of it like this one) and it's not this high so it was kind of weird to me. I would have preferred a walk in shower or even a small tub like the one Sakari had in her room over this. But it was nice. 

IMG_E1822 copy.jpg
IMG_E1821 copy.jpg

Heading outside and down to the nice sized pool which was 4'-6' with plenty of lawn chairs and 2 gazebo-type area's with picnic tables under them. 

IMG_E1564 copy.jpg
IMG_E1295 copy.jpg

You walk down some steps to get to the beach area. There is a retaining wall there and the "beach" is very small and close to the water. At times the water would rush up over the first and second steps at high tide but I never seen it go all the way to the wall. I'm sure it did at some point since the sargassum sea weed was pushed all the way up, I just never seen it and we were down there a lot. At night there were lights along the wall that lit up the entire beach area along the entire property.

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This was the best part...the dock with the gazebo and thatched roof with a bench to sit on. It was wonderful for watching the sunrise and sunsets not to mention snorkeling and fishing.

IMG_E1565 copy.jpg
IMG_E1568 copy.jpg
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Yes the beach had sand, but no you couldn't just walk out into the water with a sandy area. It was iron shore and rocky. Some would not like this but iron shore and rocks = snorkeling!!! So we were more than good with it.

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IMG_E1634 copy.jpg
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IMG_E1250 copy.jpg

The grounds were nicely landscaped with flowering bushes and palm trees. Out front there were some cacti and birds would visit frequently (below)

IMG_1243 copy.jpg
IMG_1247 copy.jpg

Would I recommend this place? ABSOLUTELY! It was so nice: both the condo and the area. We absolutely loved it here and the rental agency we worked with was amazing and very responsive to anything we needed at any hour of the day and evening. We wouldn't hesitate to stay here again if we ever come back and it's available. It's also a laid back, quiet area which we like.

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