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Grand Cayman 2023


Day 10: Watch where you step!

Our flight home wasn't until 1:15pm. Of course they always say to arrive several hours ahead of time and then we had an hour drive there. Then factor in time to turn in the rental car. But, we were not going to have a rushed day. I like that because it gives me time to double and triple check the house before leaving and make sure everything is clean and put away. Even though they charge you a cleaning fee at these rentals, I still don't like to leave anything dirty: dishes, towels ect. But they did leave instructions on not washing the towels and to leave them on the floor in the bathrooms. Our host was so incredibly nice and responsive and helped us with anything we needed or questions during our stay. I would definitely rent from her again.

It was a beautiful HOT morning and I caught the sunrise after the "rise".  I guess I was too busy to think about going out earlier.

IMG_1813 copy.jpg
IMG_1815 copy.jpg

It was time to use up the rest of our eggs and buns so we would be having an egg sandwich this morning to get our long day started.

IMG_1826 copy.jpg
IMG_1828 copy.jpg

I noticed the pool guy was here to clean the pool. I had only noticed him one other time but the hubby swore he seen him like every other day. He definitely did a good job of cleaning the pool. We never seen anything dirty in it...other than a crab escaping the day before. The maintenance was on point...just like the house.

IMG_1827 copy.jpg

After breakfast, I packed my "flight bag" that I take with me and made sure I had everything we needed for the plane. Closed up the luggage and headed to the restroom.

It might be too much info, but I was going potty. Why do I tell you this? Because there's a story about to happen.

As I sat on the potty, there's a fuzzy rug in front of me in front of the sink. I see something brownish black on it. I thought it was a lizard. I took my foot and flung it off. It flung onto the tile, out the door, then I seen it scurry off toward the wall. Hmmm  Ok, it was alive for sure.

I got up and went out the door and looked...then I screamed! OH EM GEE!!! Guys, come look at this!!!!!!!!!!

It was a scorpion!!!

IMG_1448 copy.jpg

Oh my gosh! What do we do????

Ok, everyone calm down (meaning me) and I went to grab a glass cup. Ok, we are going to scorpion wrangle this thing and hope that it doesn't attack us and we die. We came up with a game plan and went in for the capture. BOOM! We got it under the glass. Now what?? How do we get it up in there and flip over the glass? Time for plan B. We grab something to put under the glass and in it went. Whew! Captured without a sting and we are all going to live!

I messaged the rental lady and told her "Thanks for a great stay! I washed the beach towels and put them away. Kitchen towels are in the washer. Starting the dishwasher as we walk out the door. Bathroom towels are in the corner of the bathroom. We are heading out at 9:30am. Also we just found a scorpion in the downstairs bathroom. I caught it in a glass and we are going to put it outside" then I sent pictures.

IMG_1451 copy.jpg

Her reply was "Oh my God! Oh my! You're brave. OMG!!"

Then I told her we had a Cayman Racer snake and a VERY large crab outside the door the other day. I told her we love things like that and seeing them in the wild. Then showed her pictures of them. She said "I'm getting creepy crawlys thinking about it"

She said "I don't know whether to say sorry or glad you enjoyed. But lucky for me you enjoy those things. If it were other kind of guest I would have to control the wild for them. Literally" 

She said she had found a scorpion under the sheets in a cabin in Georgia once. YIKES!

After putting the scorpion outside, it was time to pack the car and head out toward the airport. 

We stopped across the street to top off the gas and then dropped the car off at Marshalls right beside the airport. 

IMG_1839 copy.jpg

Checking in wasn't bad at all and the lines moved fairly quickly.

IMG_1840 copy.jpg
IMG_1841 copy.jpg
IMG_1842 copy.jpg

Once inside, there was plenty of seating. I was checking out the places within the airport because I knew that people were always asking what places they had to eat. 

IMG_1843 copy.jpg
IMG_1844 copy.jpg

The choices were Subway and Wendy's. They also had The Brew Hut if you felt the need to consume alcohol prior to boarding. Then there was a gift shop.

IMG_1846 copy.jpg
IMG_1845 copy.jpg

Our plane was headed to Ft Lauderdale first. Flight 626. Sakari and I looked at each other and gasp. She said we're on flight 626??? I replied, "Yea, doesn't that sound like a plane you would hear on the tv saying it went missing or crashed?" It just had a ring to it. She said "I know I've heard that number sounds like a bad number". Hmmm, she was right. Then we both said "It's that show!!!" We were referring to the show Manifest. Has anyone watched it? The airplane was leaving from vacation and going home and the families got split up. Some made it home but the others didn't. Their plane went missing....for YEARS. However, they finally returned home (as if it was the same day) but the families had aged and moved on thinking they were all dead. Only at that point, we remembered it was actually flight 828, not 626. Whew! Thank goodness. We still thought it sounded like a plane that would go down. 

IMG_1847 copy.jpg

It was time to head to the plane. There wasn't even any red or green carpet laid out for us like the other airports do. They just put up cones for those to follow that had been drinking because it's not obvious that you walk a straight line out to the plane right?

IMG_1851 copy.jpg
IMG_1853 copy.jpg

Then we were off...I spotted the gas station we went to each time while we were here. It's that close to the airport. 

IMG_1854 copy.jpg

Looking back at the airport

IMG_1857 copy.jpg

Goodbye Grand Cayman. We loved our visit with you!!!

IMG_1858 copy.jpg
IMG_1861 copy.jpg

I'm happy to report our flight was uneventful and we arrived safely in Ft Lauderdale for a short 1 hour and 50 minute lay over then were off again and headed home.

IMG_1862 copy.jpg
IMG_1863 copy.jpg
IGJYE9051 copy.jpg
IMG_1866 copy.jpg

We arrived to our home airport safely, grabbed our bags and took the shuttle over to our car in the parking lot. Only we would find out that I had misplaced our parking ticket. I frantically looked everywhere in the car and my folders and carryon purse. Nowhere to be found. Now what do we do???

We decided to go ahead and pull up to the gates since we had already wasted an hour of our time looking for a ticket that we obviously was not about to find.


We  tried using the call button. No one answered. We tried several times. We probably sat there at least 20 minutes trying everything. They had a button on there to pay the full charged price of the lost ticket. Finally someone answered. They wanted the date we came in and our tag number. Then told us to swipe the card. It ended up being the same price as the lost ticket would have been. Oh well. Next time I have to come up with a safe place to put my parking ticket...although I have never had this happen before.  The mystery of where the ticket went still remains. Maybe when I opened my door it flew out? I don't know. 

We arrived home safely and the house was clean and smelled amazing. Thank you Kendra for staying at my house while we were gone and keeping it looking and smelling good. I love you!

I don't know where life will take us next so it's time to start planning I guess. Winter break will be here in a few more months and I haven't even started to think about this.

I want to formally apologize for the issues and delays I had with my website. I never dreamed I could actually FILL IT UP and not be able to do anymore. I will have to come up with a plan to redo things so that I don't run into this issues again. I have removed my hotels/houses section and some other things including all of my cruise reports other than the last cruise. I will figure it out though. I'm just so sorry it took this long to complete.

Until our next trip...thank you for sticking in there with me and if you ever go to Grand Cayman, either by cruise or land, I hope I gave you some ideas on things to see and do. It's an amazing and beautiful island to explore. 

Happy vacationing....until next time. ~Mitsugirly~

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