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Mitsugirly's JOYful cruise.

Ship Tour Pictures

On to the ship pictures.....

We will start with our interior room. Not much to see here and it's so small that it won't take long.  😂


As I said before, we stayed in room 13525 interior and it was toward the front of the ship.

Joy_Deck_13_13525 copy.jpg
P4130182 copy.jpg

This is what it looks like when you enter the room. Yep, Mr and Mrs had their beds separated. I know you can ask for them to be put together but with the room so small and Sakari trying to get in and out of her bed above, we decided to just leave it that way. That way we would have a walkway instead of it being along the wall and running into the dresser area at the end of the bed. I'm starting to rethink this interior stuff now.

P4080258 copy.jpg
P4080260 copy.jpg

Here are the shelves to put all of your clothes on. Our snorkeling stuff and bathing suits went up on the top shelf, clothes on each shelf on the side and then there's the ever so small safe. Shoes would go on the floor in there along with our bag we were carrying around and considered our carry on bag on the plane. We didn't even bother to hang up any clothes since there were only 5 hangers in there. 

P4080255 copy.jpg

The tv area was located on the wall beside the closet. If I was trying to put away clothes (or when it was time to pack for the next days excursion or to go home) having the closet door open covered half the tv and we couldn't see the screen to watch whatever show was on so I had to keep opening and grabbing things and shutting it. Opening it, shutting it.

P4080257 copy.jpg

Here is the bathroom. A few shelves to put your necessities on, which worked out well for what we had.

P4080250 copy.jpg
P4080251 copy.jpg

And lastly the small telephone booth shower

P4080253 copy.jpg

Yep, that's all there is to see here.

Moving on to the ship...I'm going to warn you ahead of time, I missed A LOT. Things that I didn't realize was on there and things that I thought I had picture of but didn't. Also, there were times that I had the camera on the wrong setting and I was walking and snapping and didn't realize it wasn't on the "sport" mode. Oops  Apologies ahead of time but here goes...

We will start with the only time I landed on Deck 5 and that was the Splash kids club. By the time we made it down there and found it, it was closed. 

P4080310 copy.jpg
P4080309 copy.jpg

Moving on to Deck 6:

The Art Gallery, which of course is like other ships and a hallway you have to walk down and you see the art on the sides. 

P4080272 copy.jpg
P4080280 copy.jpg

The atrium where you will find Customer Service, Cruise Next, and Shore Excursions. There was also an area on the side which was a second game area and had several games that the library/card room didn't have.

P4080239 copy.jpg
P4080240 copy.jpg
P4080241 copy.jpg
P4080242 copy.jpg
P4080243 copy.jpg
P4080244 copy.jpg

There was a card/library, which had tons of books and a few games like Backgammon, Scrabble, Checkers and so on.

P4080235 copy.jpg
P4080236 copy.jpg
P4080238 copy.jpg

Maltings Whiskey Bar

P4080262 copy.jpg
P4080263 copy.jpg
P4080264 copy.jpg

Taste Dinning Room

P4080274 copy.jpg
P4080275 copy.jpg
P4080278 copy.jpg
P4080277 copy.jpg
P4080279 copy.jpg

Savor Dining Room (the other free dining room and located across from each other)

P4080281 copy.jpg
P4080282 copy.jpg
P4080284 copy.jpg
P4080285 copy.jpg
P4080286 copy.jpg
P4080287 copy.jpg

This is a model of the ship they had on display in a little cubby hole.  They details were amazing.

P4080292 copy.jpg
P4080291 copy.jpg
P4080293 copy.jpg
P4080295 copy.jpg
P4080296 copy.jpg
P4080298 copy.jpg
P4080300 copy.jpg
P4080301 copy.jpg

Social Comedy & Night Club

P4111019 copy.jpg
P4111021 copy.jpg
P4111023 copy.jpg

Starbucks in the lobby and the Observation Lounge (also several locations around the ship, like the buffet area).

IMG_E0212 copy.jpg
P4080156 copy.jpg

Teppanyaki (Asian restaurant you pay for: Specialty Restaurant)

P4080265 copy.jpg
P4080267 copy.jpg
P4080269 copy.jpg

Texas Smokehouse

P4080223 copy.jpg
P4080224 copy.jpg
P4080225 copy.jpg
P4080226 copy.jpg
P4080227 copy.jpg
P4080228 copy.jpg
P4080229 copy.jpg
P4080232 copy.jpg
P4080233 copy.jpg


P4080213 copy.jpg
P4080216 copy.jpg
P4080219 copy.jpg


P4080202 copy.jpg
P4080205 copy.jpg
P4080206 copy.jpg
P4080203 copy.jpg

Enclosed smoking casino area

The Local (which is what used to be O'Sheehans on the other ships). For some reason I never managed to get a picture of this area because there were so many people constantly in the area that I just said to myself "I'll get it later" and never did. But, it wraps around the open atrium below. 

I did manage to get a few pictures of the game room right beside it. Other ships have this as well. 

P4080209 copy.jpg
P4080210 copy.jpg
P4080211 copy.jpg
P4080212 copy.jpg

The Manhattan Room...ugh, I went in there once and never went back for pictures but this was the room they had everyone winding in and out of to get off the ship. So, I managed to get a few then.

IMG_0249 copy.jpg
IMG_0250 copy.jpg

This was made out of feathers

IMG_0240 copy.jpg
IMG_0243 copy.jpg
IMG_0244 copy.jpg
IMG_0245 copy.jpg
IMG_0247 copy.jpg

Moving on to Deck 8

District Brew House

P4121344 copy.jpg
P4121345 copy.jpg
P4121347 copy.jpg
P4121346 copy.jpg
P4121349 copy.jpg

Food Republic

P4121339 copy.jpg
P4121341 copy.jpg
P4121340 copy.jpg

LaCucina: Specialty Restaurant

P4080169 copy.jpg
P4121323 copy.jpg

LeBistro French Specialty Restaurant

P4080196 copy.jpg
P4080197 copy.jpg
P4080198 copy.jpg
P4121320 copy.jpg
P4080196 copy.jpg

Ocean Blue 

P4080172 copy.jpg
P4121335 copy.jpg
P4121336 copy.jpg
P4121337 copy.jpg
P4121338 copy.jpg

The Open Area (that is usually called the 5, 6, 7 area or maybe it's 6, 7, 8 area, I don't remember it's been too long lol) But it's probably the most photographed area because of the chandelier.)

P4080174 copy.jpg
P4080177 copy.jpg
P4080178 copy.jpg
P4080180 copy.jpg
P4080208 copy.jpg
P4080182 copy.jpg
P4080183 copy.jpg
P4080207 copy.jpg
P4080373-2 copy.jpg
P4080376 copy.jpg
P4080180 copy.jpg
P4080378 copy.jpg
P4080379 copy.jpg
P4121352 copy.jpg
P4080381 copy.jpg
P4080382 copy.jpg
P4121354 copy.jpg
P4121355 copy.jpg

Outside seating areas. We did not discover this until almost the very end. Sakari had seen some people on the front of the ship on a deck down below during sailaway and wanted to find it. It looked like a great place to hang out at and just chill. 

P4080195 copy.jpg
P4121329 copy.jpg
P4121332 copy.jpg
P4121324 copy.jpg
P4121328 copy.jpg
P4121331 copy.jpg
P4121342 copy.jpg

I thought this was neat. They were 3D people carved into the opening in the wood. 

P4121334 copy.jpg

Photo Gallery. You could go in here and use the computer to put in your information and look at all of your pictures taken throughout the week.

P4080192 copy.jpg

Sugarcane Mojito Bar

P4080188 copy.jpg
P4080189 copy.jpg
P4080190 copy.jpg

A List Bar

P4080199 copy.jpg

The Cavern Club

P4080184 copy.jpg
P4080181 copy.jpg
P4080185 copy.jpg
P4080186 copy.jpg
P4080187 copy.jpg


P4080175 copy.jpg
P4080191 copy.jpg
P4080193 copy.jpg

Deck 13:

There's nothing but rooms on deck 13, however, the medical center is located here. So, I had to walk over and get some pricing pictures for everyone. I know everyone talks about how expensive it is if you have to visit the medical center but after working over 30 years in the medical field (and a lot of that in billing and so on), not to mention just knowing when you go to your doctor or get labs or test here in the US, I didn't think the pricing was anymore honestly. I did see someone post that they had to pay $1.50 for a band-aid or something like that. Yea, that's expensive for that but still...

IMG_0197 copy.jpg
Medical Pricing
IMG_0201 copy.jpg

Deck 15

Observation Lounge

P4080141 copy.jpg
P4080142 copy.jpg
P4080159 copy.jpg
P4080160 copy.jpg
P4080143 copy.jpg
P4080145 copy.jpg
P4080146 copy.jpg
P4080147 copy.jpg
P4080149 copy.jpg
P4080150 copy.jpg
P4080152 copy.jpg
P4080151 copy.jpg
P4080153 copy.jpg
P4080154 copy.jpg
P4080155 copy.jpg

Deck 16

The Chess and Ping Pong area along the sides and they were on both sides.

P4080139 copy.jpg
P4080140 copy.jpg

Galaxy Pavilion. This place was super cool and I meant to come back here to get pricing and maybe play but we never did for some reason. The teens Entourage was right beside this so they hung out a lot in this area.

IMG_E0225 copy.jpg
P4080357 copy.jpg
P4080358 copy.jpg
P4080360 copy.jpg
P4080361 copy.jpg
P4080362 copy.jpg
P4080363 copy.jpg
P4080366 copy.jpg

Kiddie Water Park

IMG_0239 copy.jpg

Ocean Loops, the drop slide. 

P4080133 copy.jpg
P4080134 copy.jpg
P4121326 copy.jpg

Yep, it hangs off the side of the ship!

The main pools. One is the family pool and the other was an adult pool. They did design the adult pool a little different this time and I liked the concept. It was placed over to the side instead of the middle, which gives a large area for chairs in the middle and I THOUGHT maybe it was because they would have the dance parties there....but nope! It would have been the best place for it. They still held the parties in the back of the ship in H20.

I also don't understand why they make the family pools (or any of the pools) deep. I mean they were over everyone's heads. In a family pool, there's mostly kids. They do provide life jackets but why wouldn't they make them more shallow for them? Even adults, why does the water need to be over everyone's heads? It's not like it's a "swimming" pool. There's so many people that no one can actually "swim". Everyone just gets in and stands around the sides to cool off. Why not make it a decent standing size so people can stand in the middle? I just don't get it. 

P4080135 copy.jpg
P4080136 copy.jpg
P4080138 copy.jpg
IMG_E0223 copy.jpg
IMG_E0224 copy.jpg
P4110888 copy.jpg
P4110890 copy.jpg
P4110891 copy.jpg
P4110887 copy.jpg
P4110894 copy.jpg

Deck 17

American Diner. You can go here in the mornings for breakfast (free) and coffee but lunch will cost you $$

P4080122 copy.jpg
P4080132 copy.jpg
P4080332 copy.jpg
P4080333 copy.jpg
P4080334 copy.jpg
P4080335 copy.jpg

I just had to mention, on this deck they always have the chairs lined up and down on both sides, out in the sun. On this ship, they had a covering over most of the area which was really nice. They should do this on all of them.

P4080137 copy.jpg
P4110892 copy.jpg

Spice H20...where all the fun happens for the 80's and Glow party. I did notice that this area was a lot smaller than the other ships. I wonder why they made it that way...or was it just me?

IMG_E0226 copy.jpg
P4080124 copy.jpg
P4080125 copy.jpg
P4080126 copy.jpg
P4080129 copy.jpg
P4080370 copy.jpg

They had the BIGGEST hot tub back there as well. I've never seen one so big. It was awesome.

P4080128 copy.jpg

Deck 18

The 2 story Speedway

P4090459 copy.jpg

Deck 20

Laser Tag. This place looked like a lot of fun and I heard a lot of people saying it was the best time ever. We didn't play it, although I would have liked to, but figured my foot wasn't quite ready for it yet.

P4080323 copy.jpg
P4080324 copy.jpg
P4080327 copy.jpg
P4080328 copy.jpg

Here are just some extras around the ship. Mostly some of the artwork they had, which was really neat. This entire picture was made out of what looked like comic books.

IMG_E0205 copy.jpg
IMG_0234 copy.jpg
IMG_E0204 copy.jpg
P4090456 copy.jpg
IMG_E0057 copy.jpg
P4121282 copy.jpg
IMG_E0202 copy.jpg
IMG_E0203 copy.jpg
IMG_E0206 copy.jpg
IMG_E0208 copy.jpg
IMG_E0209 copy.jpg
P4080307 copy.jpg
IMG_E0211 copy.jpg
IMG_E0210 copy.jpg
P4080325 copy.jpg
P4080326 copy.jpg
P4140238 copy.jpg

Remember...the fishy swim toward the front of the ship so if you're ever confused in the hallways going to your room and want to know which direction you are heading...look at the fishy!

P4111013 copy.jpg

So that's pretty much all of the ship pictures I got while on the cruise. There may be some others here and there as we cruised along and did things and will be in the review. 

Hope you enjoyed them.

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