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Mitsugirly had a JOYful cruise

Day 3 April 9, Sunday: Sea Day

Day 2 Freestyle
Day 2 Freestyle

So today was our first full day at sea so I get up and getting going around 5:30am! Come on fam! The days already wasting away. What is wrong with these people? Just kidding...I actually fell back asleep until 7am. 

I headed outside to see if there was any life on the ship and I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Not only that, but there was an awesome rainbow as well!

IMG_9624 copy.jpg
IMG_9626 copy.jpg
P4090397 copy.jpg
P4090398 copy.jpg
P4090390 copy.jpg
P4090396 copy.jpg
P4090391 copy.jpg
IMG_9627 copy.jpg
P4090401 copy.jpg
IMG_9628 copy.jpg
IMG_9629 copy.jpg

It was just beautiful out on the deck and the family was missing it! That'll teach you to sleep in! I did bring a few ducks and hid them along the way back to the room to officially wake the family up.

I found that the hubby was already up and Sakari was still her DUCK onesie. How appropriate is she?

Well it's Easter Sunday and that meant I had secretly brought Sakari an Easter basket. She had no clue. We are always on vacation for Easter so I always try to plan something. There was one time, on the cruise, that I actually brought egg dye and went to the buffet and gathered boiled eggs (can you imagine the look on the workers faces when I did that) and went back to the room and I surprised Sakari with coloring Easter eggs. Oh what fun. I ask her if she remembered that and she did. Maybe one day we'll do it again for shiznits and giggles. 

I placed the basket at the head of her bed and she was surprised when she woke up. 

IMG_9630 copy.jpg

We got dressed and grabbed a handful of ducks to hide and headed up to the buffet for breakfast. No, this wasn't the handful...I could only fit about 5 at a time in my purse. So although we had a lot to hide, we didn't want it to take up our entire day. 

IMG_9633 copy.jpg

We would do them anytime we came back to the room for something and we had the entire cruise to do this. I had an entire box full of ducks. But today would be the special Easter Ducks!!!

IMG_E9632 copy.jpg

Hiding ducks along the way (bad walking picture)...can you spot it?

P4090404 copy.jpg

We were happy to see that the buffet area was not as crowded as yesterday when we got on the ship. Maybe people were sleeping in this morning but we had plenty of seating to pick from.

Breakfast is always my favorite meal of the day. It gives you protein to have energy throughout the day and most of the items like eggs, bacon, sausage and so on we can eat on our diet. This would be one meal that I knew I could count on while on the ship. I was also able to find fruit that I could have (some people think eating any fruit and vegetables are good for you and don't realize that a lot of them are loaded with sugar). 

P4090412 copy.jpg

We finished our meal (man I get full so easily these days...which is a good thing) and decided before leaving, I'd leave a duck behind.

P4090413 copy.jpg

I kept trying to use the NCL app and it just wasn't connecting. I wasn't sure what's going on but it was getting aggravating.  I don't remember having this issue on previous cruises. 

P4090411 copy.jpg

Sakari spotted the ping pong table and it was game on again for her. She treats this game just like our ball throwing game in the water...she how many times you can hit it before messing up and try to beat that number the next time around. However, as the cruise went on, the rules changed...hit that ball no matter what it takes! If it goes on the ground and you can hit it, even if you are bouncing it over and over on your paddle until you can get back over to the table, it's still good.

P4090415 copy.jpg

So what do I do...guess

P4090416 copy.jpg

We decided after a few hundred games of whack the flying ball it was time to cool off at the pool and headed back to the room to get our bathing suits on. It was definitely hot and sunny out today. But not before I could hide another duck of course. I gotta get rid of these things. 

P4090417 copy.jpg

Our floor was very festive for Easter and our facebook group for the sailing had arranged an Easter egg hunt. We didn't participate since Sakari has grown out of that stage but last I heard there were 68 kids participating in it and that meant each person with children had to purchase 68 egg presents for the kids. The rule was to hide them at your cabin door. I'm not sure how people knew not to take them unless you were part of the group. This person did have a sign, but we still had an abundance amount of mischievous kids on board this cruise...just saying.

P4090418 copy.jpg
P4090419 copy.jpg

This door was really cute and they had PEEPS on the door!! I did see teens messing around with it one morning and I kinda came along and stood there to shoo them off. Notice I left a duck by their door.

P4090422 copy.jpg
P4090423 copy.jpg

Of course I took the opportunity to put a duck out...again

P4090424 copy.jpg

We headed out to the pool deck and man was it crowded! There was absolutely no place to sit so we sat around the edge of the family pool. There were so many people in the pool it was just not inviting to go in. I dipped in once and back out to sit but the hubby and Sakari decided they wanted no part of it. Poor Sakari wanted to go to the other pool because she didn't want to be around all these little kids and the splashing. She's so grown up now. She only wants to be around the adults. Only a few more years baby girl...just a few and you'll be able to hang out with the adults all the time...well that is adults other than us.

P4090420 copy.jpg

Trying to get a drink was next to impossible. The hubby disappeared into the sea of people and headed to the bar and never returned. Like seriously...he was gone for over 30 minutes and I decided I would go duck hunting...I mean husband hunting. Sakari wanted to go back to the room to do her hair real quick because she wanted me to take photo's of her...again weird for her but I'm getting my daughter back like she used to be so I'm good with it.

I found the hubby still standing in line. There were people everywhere. I reached out my hand "pull me in!" When I finally made it to him, he was so agitated at that point and I told him to let's try a different bar. We headed up to H20 and it was a lot better and less of a wait.  Ahhh, our thirst was finally quenched. 

I hid a duck on the way out.

P4090414 copy.jpg

We ran back to the room to get Sakari and gave her daddy's prized possession he obtained minutes earlier.  As we handed her a glass of juice we mentioned "Drink wisely, it might be the last one you get"....just saying. Daddy had to move mountains (of people) just to get you that.


We were hungry by now and decided to head up to the buffet to see what was available. 

They had everything all decorated for Easter. I always love to see the decorations whether it be Easter or Christmas.

P4090428 copy.jpg
P4090430 copy.jpg
P4090426 copy.jpg

Oh lookie...colored Easter eggs. I could have just took a bunch of these back to the room and told Sakari I colored these for her and hid them! Why wasn't I thinking???

P4090425 copy.jpg
P4090427 copy.jpg

All the sugary teeth rotting goodness can be found here today

P4090435 copy.jpg
P4090436 copy.jpg
P4090437 copy.jpg
P4090438 copy.jpg

We got us some hotdogs, because we can eat any meat, some sauerkraut and cheese. We ditched the bread, wrapped the hotdog in the cheese, added the sauerkraut and rolled it up like a wrap.  Easter lunch at its finest I tell ya!

P4090432 copy.jpg

We also found the deli area and loaded up on on various veggies, cheese and cold cut meats. Ok, this cruise just might be doable for us. But I'm still starring at all the other goodies and the hubby is shaking his head NO.

P4090433 copy.jpg

Then onto favorite. They had one selection for no sugar and it was AMAZING! I also went over and got the sugar free vanilla ice cream. Oh so yummy!  I'm living the dream I tell ya! I think I could have survived off the desert and ice cream all week.

P4090434 copy.jpg

After all this food, what shall we do? GO TO THE GYM! Yikes! We never go to the gym but I'm now used to walking a lot and working 12 hour days and my foot has been handling it so far. I have found that as long as I'm up and walking, my foot doesn't hurt. At least in the moment. It may hurt that evening after working all day but as long as I'm's amazing. (A normal day at work, according to my watch, has me walking 5-6 miles a day so I think I'm going to do good on this cruise...just saying).  It's just when I sit down for any period of time, my foot gets super stiff and I go to get up and it hurts oh so bad and I do a little limping to get going again. Then I'm fine again. If I could only get rid of that part, life would be good.

We started out on the treadmill. 

P4090439 copy.jpg

Sakari was loving it and said if we ever decided to do something that she couldn't do, she would just come to the gym and workout. LOL

P4090440 copy.jpg
P4090441 copy.jpg

Before I got off the treadmill, I had to leave behind something special

P4090442 copy.jpg

We went around trying the equipment and having a good time. 

P4090443 copy.jpg
P4090444 copy.jpg
P4090446 copy.jpg

After working off our breakfast and lunch we headed out to the pool deck to find that they were having a Mr Sexy Legs contest. 

P4090448 copy.jpg

These guys brought all that they had but it's hard to compete with the muscular sexy jock guy that had that attitude like he knew he was THE Mr Sexy Legs and he had this competition in the bag. Although if I had to judge by the clapping of the crowd, there was another winner that was an older slinky guy that definitely brought his A game to the contest. Everyone loved him.

P4090449 copy.jpg

After that we headed back to the room for awhile and on the way...

P4090450 copy.jpg
P4090451 copy.jpg

Well I guess I got my answer to what the open area is's 678

P4090452 copy.jpg

We hung out in the room for a little bit and played some games on our phones. I managed to finally get the NCL app to work. It took turning off my phone and back on and changing the settings off of wifi and back on and I have no idea what made it work but it was good to go now.  We had also tested out the imessage texting and it was working as well. Sakari was happy about that because she was talking to one of her friends from school she was now calling him "my potential". Hey, whatever it takes to get over the last. You do you girl!

Well everyone knows I go stir crazy if I sit for too long... I don't even know how I'm able to sit here long enough to type up this review...and I mentioned that we needed to go down to the excursions desk to book our Belize excursion that Sakari had picked out prior to leaving for the cruise. We headed down to the excursion desk and booked and I told her that we are latitudes members and gave her the key cards. After she booked, she mentioned the price of $139 each. I again, mentioned that we get a discount because we are Platinum members, which receives a 10% discount. She said "well you have to tell me that". Um, didn't I do that? Can't you tell by the color of my card? Doesn't my account say it? Something? She ripped up the paper and then redid it again and said "Your discount was applied" However, I would later notice on my account that I got a 10% discount and the hubby only got a 5% discount. I wasn't about to stand in line at guest services or the excursion desk over the small amount but still.  I also got a $50 credit with NCL on any excursions booked with them this cruise, so that was applied as well.

We needed a little adventure in our life today and decided to go up to see about riding the go-carts. We headed back to the room  to get our tennis shoes on (remember, they won't let you ride with open toed shoes on and also if you have long hair it needs to be tied back and up under the helmet). 

We were excited to give this a try and of course Sakari is competitive so this was right up her alley. 

P4090453 copy.jpg
P4090454 copy.jpg

Once we arrived, they told us they were completely booked but had something available the next day at 6pm. At this point I wasn't sure what we had booked for that day and she told me that I could book on the NCL app if I wanted to go back and see if the time would work or not. Whelp, I guess that's what we'd have to do but not the outcome we wanted for today. I guess we'd just have to wait. I really miss being able to get on a ship and do what I want to do without booking every event. That goes for the shows in the theater to the activities on board. I just really don't care for it or being tied down to a certain time or date. 

When I got back to the room and looked at my paper (which I didn't realize at the time that I could have checked from the app but hey I'm new at this...again) I tried to book and it wouldn't let me. There was no button to click, no times to view, no nuttin! I guess we would have to do this in person on another day.

I noticed on the Daily that they had a Levity comedy show. I love going to comedy shows. They have a family show at 7:30pm and the adult one at 9:15pm. I called Guest Services to find out if you had to book this show as well. YEP! You sure do. They said they would transfer me to the Box Office (which is located by the theater). I ask about booking at they told me they had an opening for Tuesday for the family show and Thursday for the adult show and that's all they had available for the week. I took them both. 

We decided to take our showers and get ready for tonight.  I had reservations for Le Bistro as one of our specialty dining that's included with our Platinum latitude status. I was finally figuring out how to find my bookings on the NCL app.

IMG_E9639 copy.jpg

Sakari put on her dress she bought for the cruise and I had my dress pants and cruise dress shirt with the anchors on it on and the, WHERE IS YOUR DRESS SHIRT AND PANTS? There was none! He forgot to pack it. Oh great. I guess it's going to be a tee shirt kinda night for the hubby. I guess as long as it has sleeves, they don't care. We gotta plan better.  I feel like such a newbie this cruise. 

Our reservation was for 8:30pm and we had a little time to kill. We told Sakari that we were going to head to the casino for about an hour and we'd be back to get her for dinner. She agreed...and spent her time imessaging her potential about the cruise so far. 

We both walked in with $100 each and we played for awhile. I noticed they didn't have any of the regular games that I would usually play on the ships and even at home. Weird. We went around trying different games. Some we had no luck with and others kept us playing for awhile. No big wins but enough to keep us going. 

P4090461 copy.jpg
P4090462 copy.jpg
P4090463 copy.jpg

I walked out with $54 left and the hubby had $74. At least we didn't donate all of it and we would carry that over for the next time we played. It didn't look like we were going to make it over to the big spenders slot any time soon.

On the way back to the room, I discovered my first duck of the day! CON-QUACK-ULATIONS! You found a duck! I added it to my other 3 ducks from yesterday. This one was came for the Lopes Family (Ali, Will & Sandra) and was from Rhode Island. 

P4090464 copy.jpg

We made it to Le Bistro a little early and I decided to ask if we could be seated early and they said we could.  

Here is the menu:

P4090468 copy.jpg
P4090470 copy.jpg

We put in our order and then this came out....ahhh the bread. Multiple kinds and looking good. The hubby glared at me, he dared me, I took that dare and went for it. I'm having a piece of bread. It's part of the experience. I mean you have to have bread right? I tore small pieces off and put them in my mouth when he wasn't looking. He knew though. He could tell by my bread plate that it was slowly getting smaller. What? It wasn't was Sakari. ;)  I will live I told him. It's not going to kill me. He reminded me that it would throw me out of Keto and I would be starting over and just how long it takes to get this devil food out of my system. I was willing to chance it obviously. lol

P4090471 copy.jpg

We also get a bottle of wine with one of our meals. They ask us if we wanted it with this meal or to save it for our other dinner. We decided we would do it tonight. The hubby had read that we are allowed to have certain types of "dry wine". I have no idea what type that was but they said they had one and that's what we got. I have to say that it wasn't that great. I like wine that is sweet and this wasn't sweet at all. It has taken me many years to find a wine(s) that I like and now I can't have those wines (or any alcohol for that matter). 

For starters I ordered the Soupe aux Quatre Champignons. In other words,  Cream of Mushroom soup and it was very good. The cost is $9 for this bowl of soup

P4090473 copy.jpg

The hubby got the Petoncles Dubarry, Huile de Truffe. In English that's pan seared bay scallops, cauliflower and truffle oil.  We were kinda shocked when we seen a small bowl come out with 3 small scallops and 3 itty bitty pieces of cauliflower. Then the waiter poured a soup substance in the bowl. This small bowl would cost $16!! Ouch!

P4090472 copy.jpg

Sakari decided she wanted the Soupe a l'Oignon Gratinee...or other words onion soup. Sakari said it was good. It was $9.

P4090474 copy.jpg

For our main course the hubby ordered the Carre de Porc Roti. Can you guess what that is?

P4090475 copy.jpg

It was a roasted pork chop, green peppercorn sauce, twice-fried potato, and seasonal vegetables. He said it was good. The price was $35 for this plate.

I ordered Coq Au Vin, which is Red Wine Braised Chicken, Mushrooms, Potatoes, Pearl Onions, and bacon. This came out and they had a bowl and poured more of the sauce over the chicken.

P4090476 copy.jpg

I honestly didn't think it was the greatest. I think the mushroom sauce is what spoiled it for me. I love mushrooms but this sauce was very harsh and had somewhat of a burnt taste to it to me. I only ended up eating about half of it and yes...I slipped in eating those potatoes on the side without the hubby noticing. 

In a container beside my plate set yet another one of the chickens, soaking in the harsh burnt tasting sauce and I knew there was absolutely no way I was eating that one either. Sakari didn't even want it and she didn't even order any actual dinner. She said she was full after the onion soup.   This meal would cost $29.

P4090477 copy.jpg

As we were eating you hear a clang then BANG! The entire dining room had eyes in my direction. Oops, I had a little too much to drink already and I spilled my entire glass of wine...well, what was left over from it. I haven't had any alcohol in so long that all it takes is one glass. Ok then, filler up again babe. I guess I need more...or not. But more it was. I didn't like it and it was bitter, but I wasn't about to waste it. Keep it pouring babe. I got this. I pinky promise not to spill anymore. Stank eye coming my direction again.

P4090482 copy.jpg
P4090484 copy.jpg
P4090480 copy.jpg

So this meal would have cost us $123.00. I can't even imagine paying that for the portions and/or actual food itself. That's just crazy. I'm glad we have the status to go for free otherwise, I wouldn't have even bothered to go. It was more about the experience than the food for me. But hey, I got a roll and a few potatoes. I haven't had that in a LONG time.

P4100496 copy.jpg

Did you notice that they wrote off the entire bill? They didn't even charge us for Sakari's soup, which was nice. It's the little things.  They didn't even put the wine on there for some reason. But that's fine because it's a freebie too! We didn't get any desert nor did they offer it so I'm not even sure if there was a desert menu. I'm sure they wouldn't have had anything I'm "allowed to have" anyhow. I was already in trouble for the bread.

So tonight was the 80's party and we always love that party and go. I miss Kendra not being here during this. I remember us preparing for it before and we went all out with the 80's hair and clothes. SO.MUCH.FUN! I need her here!

We showed up early and they said they were going to offer a class on the Thriller. I remember being on (I think) the Epic and they had this class but they practiced it a few times before the 80's party and then did the dance that night. This time, they were going to teach the dance a half an hour before the actual party. Say what?!?

P4090491 copy.jpg

As we sat there waiting for the dance class, I looked up at the roof overhang above the bar. I spotted something flying around. What the heck is that? Sakari looks and says "It's a hummingbird!!!" The staff said that it had came on as we were passing an island and has been there since yesterday. They hoped that when we docked tomorrow it would find it's way off the ship.

P4090487 copy.jpg

While we were sitting around a lady came up and said "Did you sign my shirt yet?" She told us that it was her third of fourth cruise, I can't remember, but she's been doing this since her first cruise and she goes around and has everyone she can sign a blank white shirt and where they are from. How cool is that? I signed my name (and put my website on it) and of course Sakari put her special touch on it when she signed it too...all in a matter of less than 30 seconds. LOL

P4090490 copy.jpg

Then they made the announcement that the class was about to start and Sakari's like "COME ON!" She was so  excited about this. I handed the hubby the phone and we ran out on the dance floor. We had a group out there but not as big as I've seen on other ships.

P4090495 copy.jpg

I don't know who the Michael Jackson guy was, but the entire cruise he was at the party's and he was leading them all. I honestly thought he was the cruise director. He was AWESOME! I would find out the day we got off the ship that he wasn't the cruise director at all. I still have no clue who he is or what his title is, but he definitely should be a cruise director. 

IMG_9646 copy.jpg

We practiced parts of the Thriller dance and re-practiced and in the end we put it all together and performed for everyone. We had such a fun time. Sakari did better than I did. I had sandals on and I was so afraid of slipping but I tried my best and had a blast!

P4090493 copy.jpg

After the dance we went full force into the 80's party! Everyone came out to the dance floor and as the night went on, more and more people showed up. You had the young and the old dancing. We got a few clips of having fun of both the (not) cruise director, us and the older couple that was having a blast.

(Just a FYI, youtube says there's a copyright claim because of the music so some countries will have this video blocked. If you can't view it, I'll upload it directly from my computer so let me know)

We stayed until the end, which I believe was around 12 midnight. Waaayyy past our bedtime and we were all so tired.

I decided I had to stop by the bathroom in the H20 area and had to leave one of these in the stalls to end the night.

P4090485 copy.jpg

When we returned to our cabin we had received a notice to turn back our clocks tonight. Thank goodness we'd get more sleep because tomorrow will be our first day in Roatan and we needed to be up early. What we didn't get was a towel animal. Where are the towel animals? Is this another cut back? Because the other cut back we noticed was they are only cleaning the rooms once a day. Our room steward came in mid-day and made up the room and never came back to turn down the sheets, no chocolates (which I think they stopped years ago) and no towel animal! I was sad and so was Sakari. But, I was more tired than sad so off to bed we went.

IMG_0431 copy.jpg
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