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St Thomas 2020

Day 1: Sunday, July 19 Continued

Checking into our hotel at Hyatt Regency Orlando Florida Airport

So as I stated on the first page, we had decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency at the airport for convenience and we got such a super good price on it. I don't know if it's due to the COVID and next to no one is traveling these days or what. But, we managed to snag a room (well, 2 rooms because Kendra and her family wasn't about to stay in mine) for only $135 plus tax.   




 Like that was crazy cheap! All you had to do was be a "member" and let's be honest, anyone can be a member by just signing up with them so why wouldn't everyone do that? 

Check in was quick and simple and we were instructed to go to the glass elevators behind us (there are 3 of them) and take it up to the 8th floor. We requested that ours rooms be close to each other, I had read that when they did the remodel, they "sound proofed" the walls, so I was ok with "close". 

We got off at floor 8 and turned down the hallway, we kept going and going and going...would it ever end??? Then the hallway ended and we had to turn again...say whaaaat??? My foot was already hurting at this point. I had no idea this hotel was this big. You just can't tell by standing in the atrium at the airport. We once again headed down that hallway, checking each and every door number hoping to hit the lottery soon. We kept going and going and once again, we were coming up on the end of this hallway. Wait! I spotted our number. The second to last door in that hallway!! Whew! But Kendra, she still had another hallway to go! She would make another turn and go down that hall to find her room. 






I guess I should have mentioned to the staff that I'm partially handicapped and needed a room close to the elevators. I would regret not doing this before long. It was quite a walk for someone like me. 





So, let's check into our room. We opened the door and wow, it was a nice sized room! I was highly impressed from the moment we walked in! Plenty of room in the "bedroom", with a very large flat screen t.v. that you could use your phone as a remote, and then a sleeper sofa as well. I must mention that our bed was a king sized bed and I always sleep so bad if I'm not in a king sized bed. I need my space to move around to be comfortable. I was highly impressed still.  Most places we stay in pre-cruise has a regular bed and I never sleep well.

P7190047 copy.jpg

We tried several times to get our phone set up as a remote, but it just wasn't working. Oh well, back to the dinosaur ages and we'd be forced to use .... wait for it....the actual t.v. remote! Goodness sakes this was unheard of!

They also had a touch thermostat and it was well. 

P7190052 copy.jpg

Now to my favorite part of the room (besides the king sized bed, because nothing can beat a comfy king sized bed)....the bathroom! It was massive big with not 1 but 2 showers!!!! Say whaaaat??

There was a regular shower and a shower with a tub...side by side. It was really nice. 

I thought the mirror was so cool. It had a built in clock in it that glowed. Now that's nifty and when we do our bathroom remodel at home, I plan on getting one! Never mind the hubby...he was being a camera hog.

P7190057 copy.jpg

 I also wanted to mention that there were other neat little things in the room like a nightlight under the bed that when you got up in the middle of the night (listen up all you sleepwalkers) it would turn on so you could see your way. Now although this would not be of any use for the sleepwalker, it would let others know where you are heading to in the middle of the night so they can give you a good story the next morning about what you did that night. Yes, I do have 2 sleepwalkers every so often. I got lucky this night and no one woke me up. 

Anyhow...on to the rest of the hotel

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