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St Thomas 2020

Day 1: Sunday, July 19 Continued

Around the hotel...

I'm just going to (for the most part) show you around the hotel. It's big, it has a lot of hallways, it's very open and has a lot of greenery for decor. Oh, did I mention how long the hallways were? They were forever long.

The pool was on the 6th floor, but yet on a rooftop. You had to use you room key card in order to make the elevator stop on that floor. It was really nice with water spouts on both the pool and the "toddler" pool as well.  There was plenty of seating out there and several tables to eat at.

They had a "courtesy" phone out by the phone and you could dial a number and order food right up to the pool area. However, when we tried, it didn't work. 

P7200110 copy.jpg

Up next...our time spent there...

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