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Approximately 8 minutes after leaving Warwick, we arrived at Jobsons Bay. I figured this would be a good place to let the kids swim and not worry so much because the waves were gentle.


Of course the area was a little more crowded than Warwick, I'm sure because it was a lot more family friendly and gentle.


Then kids were off and ready for some more swimming.



This was a rather interesting stairway on the side. 

I decided to snorkel a little and see if there was anything out there. They had cheerios coral.

Snorkeling provided absolutely nothing in my opinion.

I did see 1 parrot fish, but it zoomed off super fast and the kids did not get to see it. Darn. I know all the pictures I have seen in the past show tons of the huge parrot fish in these coves along here. I really wanted to show them to Kenny since he's never seen them before. Kolin has seen plenty of them in the Caribbean, but they were not as big as the ones I have seen here in Bermuda.

PA070093 copy.jpg

Of course the climbing begins with the kids...and momma starts to worry. All the boys have done since seeing the beaches is ask about jumping off the cliffs into the water. Of course I try to fib and say it's not allowed and you can't climb on the rocks. But, of course they see others doing it and they knew I wasn't telling the truth. Darnit.

I try to keep myself occupied by taking more pictures, but it's not keeping my mind off of it.

PA070099 copy.jpg
PA070100 copy.jpg

I try to keep myself occupied by taking more pictures, but it's not keeping my mind off of it.

PA070101 copy.jpg
PA070102 copy.jpg

I continued taking pictures of the area with my water spotted lens :rolleyes: that I forgot to put Rain-X on suggested by other members on here (grrr) and the boys continued to have fun giving me a heart attack.

We took one last dip and then decided to move on.

PA070107 copy.jpg

We packed up at 1:54 and headed on down toward Stonehole Bay.

You can find my journey along the way to Stonehole Bay starting here

Next up was Stonehole Bay

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