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We arrived at Stonehole Bay just 4 minutes later and decided not to stay here.


The kids did run down for a minute and I stayed behind to save some walking.



PA070110 copy.jpg

Then off we went. 

I'm not sure how I stayed up above while they ran to the beach but yet I managed to fall behind on the path.


I guess it was because I was still taking pictures as we walked along.

They had some cut out paths to walk in. I'm not sure this is helpful or not. You sometimes have to pick your entire foot/leg up and bring it around to take a step in front of you because sometimes they get pretty narrow.

It was definitely a pretty view from up here and would only get better.

Once we were pretty high up, the kids wanted pictures.

My boys will do anything to scare me. Get away from that ledge.

Sakari struggled to try to follow her big brothers as I yelled for her to get back here and yelled at them to stop going next to the edge because she wanted to follow. All I ever get from her is "I'm a big girl mommy!" Yea...well big girls fall too. I was about to have a heart attack being up there and here I thought Brayden would be the one to give me it.


I distracted her by telling her "Oh my, would you look how beautiful it is right here? Let me take your picture here Sakari, it's so pretty in the background." Hey, whatever works in a 7 year olds brain right?

Notice there's no shoes on those feet above. About this point everyone started screaming. Ants were all over us and crawling all over their feet. I did everything I could to get them off and get her shoes on while still shooing them off. They were everywhere.

I also took a picture trying to capture the view from above looking at the previous beaches we just visited all in the same picture.