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We arrived here around 2:19 and decided to stay awhile since we were ate up with ants and hot and needed a break. I knew we were getting closer to Horseshoe, so wanted to stop before that to spend some time in the ocean where it was not crowded.

It was very pretty and just like Warwick, not many people there.



The munchkins were having a blast. Brayden has gotten better at swimming and with him being taller than Sakari, that helps a lot too.

The big kids went out to brave the crashing waves. But, I think the waves won. 

They all had their plan of attack. Kenny would race it back, Courtney would just plug her nose and hope for the best, Kolin would just dive into the water to keep it from knocking him over, and Kendra well she's just going to assume the fetal position and hope for the best.

Kolin looked like he was riding a surfboard, but it was really a wave.

They were definitely having a blast.

PA070164 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, I'm out taking pictures of water spots... and Billy assumed his normal position in the sand.

The hubby decided to wonder out at some point. He was out in the waves at Warwick, but he has issues with his ears (had what they assume was an injury to his ears back when he was younger and he no longer has an eardrum and is prone to infections easily) and the waves at Warwick got in there and he was hurting. But, decided he was going to rough this one out and get back in again.

The waves crashing on the rocks were just beautiful.

PA070177 copy.jpg
PA070179 copy.jpg

It looked like the fun was over and everyone was back at the camp. I figured it was time to move on.

PA070180 copy.jpg

We left Chaplin Bay at 2:46pm and started to head to the next area.

You can find my journey to the next beach and review of the next beach, which I will call "no-name" because I can't seem to find anything online that states the name of it.... starting here

Next up was Noname Beach

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