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After a full day at the beach, we decided to drop the kids at the kids club and head out to explore the dockyard.

Here's the security building you check in when you return and it's right as soon as you get off the ship.

P6070026 copy.jpg

Calico Jacks is one of the first places you come to and it's off to the right side. It's free entry and it's a "floating" boat bar. They have a pool slide into the ocean (which tells you to swim at your own risk) and people looked like they were enjoying themselves. (I mean we all know that drinking and sliding into the water goes hand in hand right?) We watched for awhile because we kept seeing huge fish jumping up out of the water in that area. I guess the people going down the slides were disturbing their "space". LOL

P6070538 copy.jpg
P6070541 copy.jpg

Right in front of there is the dolphin swim area. We watched for awhile to see if we could see any of the dolphin fins come up, but we didn't see any. I suppose they probably put them up some where when the swims are over?

Since we rode the choo choo to the bus stop, we probably missed this part. I believe the foot prints on the sidewalk is to take you to the bus stop? I think Shrek came one day to help them out with the footprints. What other explanation could there be?

Picture opportunities around the dockyard and we would take full advantage of them. It's just all fun and games in this family.

Walking along the streets...just snapping pictures.

We found a small little restroom area tucked away and decided it's now or never.


The girls headed in. Put me and Kendra together in a bathroom and it always ends up with goofiness. (Last cruise Kendra had the deflatable chins treatment) This would be no different.


Kendra and I finished first and walked outside leaving Chrissy inside. We shut the door behind us quietly.

What happens with a door that has a lock on the OUTSIDE?


You lock it right?

Then you yell "We're catching up with the guys Chrissy, see you in a little bit" and then you hold your breath and wait for it...


HA! She was locked in and it wasn't long before we couldn't hold back the laughter and had to let her out.

She is well aware of how goofy Kendra is and I don't think she got the full treatment of how I was until this cruise. :p I mean, where does she think Kendra gets her personality from? :D