After walking around the dockyard for awhile, it was time to check out Snorkel Park in the evening.   It said "Free Admission" and I was ok with that.

I think we decided that we were just going to watch the sunset here and forget about putt putting. I was fine with that and we were happy just exploring the place.



Aww, the perfect place to take romantic pictures...

P6070657 copy.jpg

Kendra thought so too and kissed the air

P6070658 copy.jpg

We talked her boyfriend in to going up there with her for that "perfect sunset picture". Then Kendra thought she would take this moment to be funny again...then they had their happily ever after...

Ok enough of that icky stuff as Sakari says...on with the tour of Snorkel Park.

Notice the sun going down and then beside it there's a huge rain cloud raining out in the water?

P6070671 copy.jpg

The sunset was just a spectacular view!!!

They had several campfires there that night and you could roast marshmallows and make smores.

Now someone tell me why a rooster is up in the tree?

P6070726 copy.jpg

Hubbys a Scorpio...

P6070728 copy.jpg

Time to head back to the ship and it was around 8:30pm.


The sky behind us was a crazy display.

P6070736 copy-L.jpg