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We had talked about walking down to the beach after our rhino tour (because it ended a little after noon or 1pm). They told us it was a short walk from there...just go out front, take a right and follow the street until you see Burger King and take a left and that street would run into the beach at Buccaneers (which is where we stopped for food with Kia last time we were here). 


We headed out and Billy was dragging dragging I mean he hadn't even made it out of the building yet. LOL  Then all of a sudden one of the employees that gave the tour stopped us by the street and ask if the handicapped guy wanted a lift there. There was a lot of gravel along the way, which would require him to go out onto the busy street if he wanted to roll on his knee scooter. He apologized that he didn't have room for all of us, but we were fine with that. I ran back and told Billy what was going on and he came out and got his free ride.


We continued walking the path they told us and ended up right where we wanted to be.


We sat in an area by the bar and ordered some lunch.








P4272605 copy.jpg

The kids headed out to the beach to play in the sand after eating.

Then I headed out to the water to take some pictures and cool off after that short but hot walk.








They had a lot of paddle "things" for in the water there to rent. I have no idea what they cost.








The kids went out to play in the water for a bit and we relaxed in the shade.

As soon as Billy took his walking boot off and laid down to nap, I let him know it was time to grab a cab and head back. LOL Oops.








P4272607 copy.jpg

The bartenders there said they'd call a cab and then told us to head up to the street and down it and there was our cab (several of them actually so not really sure it was "ours" or that's just where they wait).


Back to the port we went.








P4272609 copy.jpg

This was our second time here and it's a nice beach with nice soft sand and beautiful water. The food is good (but a little pricey) and the service is good at Buccaneers. I would recommend this beach.

If you are interested in riding the Rhino Riders (which is what we did before coming to this beach) and it's right down the road, then you can click here for that portion of my review.








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