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I decided we would try to look for San Nicolas. We wanted to surprise our artistic daughter with all the paintings located there. There was a lot of construction and detours. I had no idea if we were even still going in the right direction at any given point. Honestly, I wanted to make it there, but really didn’t care because we were seeing the sites and at least getting a feel for Aruba. I will tell you buy the end of this trip….I’m officially claiming the title of Roundabout Queen!

I sighed with relief when the sign "San Nicolas" was planted next to the road. We had made it! Now if only I could find the police station to park at. Whoops! We just passed it. We circled around and pulled in. I’m a little leery about just parking anywhere and a police station to boot! We decided to head into the police station (ahhh, the a/c), and there was a local man waiting in the waiting room at the window but no officers anywhere to be found. We waited and waited…finally I decided to ask the gentleman if he knew where we go to see the paintings. Pshhh, we were basically already there. Just head back out of the police station and the first building was in front of us. Head down that side street and you’ll see them everywhere. It was super easy. I think I freak myself out about doing things for the first time and then after it’s done, I think “that was so easy”.




The paintings were beautiful and my daughter loved them. 


When I originally stumbled upon this place on the internet, when I was looking for things to do for our Aruba trip, I found a sculpture on the side of the building of an iguana. This is what originally got me wanting to come see the art area and I knew that my daughter would love it. The iguana sculpture was amazing and did not disappoint. The only obstacle was that they were doing some working on the building beside it and it was really hard to get a picture of it.

I highly recommend checking this place out. It takes less than an hour to just stroll around the area. Well worth it…especially if you love art. When we were done walking around, we decided to stop at KFC, use the “free” restrooms and buy some ice cream cones. It felt good to cool off and then we were on our way.

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