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We spent the day at Baby Beach (which is basically around the corner next door) and knew that we wanted to check out Rogers Beach for a little while too.


Coming off the road that leads to these places, you can turn right to head to Rodgers or left to head to Baby Beach. Rodger's Beach is located at the furthest end of the island (Southeast) and past San Nicolas.


When we arrived, I have to say that it really didn't impress me. I had read that this was a "hidden gem", but maybe it's hidden because it's not that great and not many people go to it? Or maybe I just didn't care for it because we had just spent the day at a beautiful beach. I guess it could be considered a gem if you want to get away where there's no facilities, the locals hang out, and want to stay away from the crowds.


There weren't a lot of people here and maybe that's what makes it a hidden gem. I read that the locals like to hang out here (and probably for that reason).


To me, it looked run down. Some of the sandy areas looked like it had a lot of rocks, while other areas looked powdery soft. There was a building there that seemed to be falling apart. I'm not sure if it's used now or not. They did have a HUGE palapa that looked too big for someone to just sit under and take up all the space. It looked like it was more for huge families or parties or maybe even cookouts. Then there was a mid-sized hut and a very small hut. Those are the only 3 that I seen there. They didn't look like they were in the best shape either.

I'm not sure if this is a place I would return to or not. If someone told me there was awesome snorkeling there, then yea, I probably would just to check it out. But without really having much shade...I would really have to think about it. I made the executive decision for us not to unload and stay awhile and we headed out after I snapped a few pictures.



Heading back out from Rogers Beach and Baby Beach, the main road leading away was full on wild donkeys. They were so cute.



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