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This cave is located in the Arikok National Park. It is one of the commonly explored caves here. This cave is located at the base of a limestone cliff. It has Amerindian petroglyph drawings from the Arawak Indians. 


There are 3 chambers in the cave. The first 2 chambers are the largest and is 490 feet long and is illiminated by holes in the top of the cave ceiling. There are 2 holes and have been referred to as "The Eyes of God". The third chamber is damp and dark and filled with bats and guano.


The cave has stalactites and stalagmites.


The smaller part of the cave (98 feet) is a long area and has the petroglyphs.


The mythical folk tale states that a daughter of an Indian cheif fell in love and was imprisoned in the cave as her lover was not acceptable to her father. Her lover was imprisoned nearby in a cave called "Tunnel of Love" (which was not open when we went), but both lovers managed to meet underground. Both reportedly died in the cave and their spirit vanished into heaven through the holes in the roof of the cave. 

We came here during a day trip of exploring with our Aruban friend and I knew I wanted to see this place due to the cave having the holes in the top of it called the Eyes of God.


When you first arrive, there is a huge rock with steps leading up (outside) for an awesome look at the surrounding area and a perfect opportunity to take pictures. 

To head into the cave, you must climb the stairs....whew

We entered the cave and headed toward the bright area we could see inside. I knew this was the opening that I had been wanting to see.

The colors in this cave, due to the limestone, is just so beautiful. 


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