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Since we had been out toward the Ostrich farm the other day, we just knew that we’d find it easily. We knew the main road it was on (that leads directly into town) but for some reason along the way I looked at directions I had written down on my paper and decided to follow them instead. Big mistake on my part. Well, we turned at this roundabout, as instructed by the paper, and went straight at this roundabout and…we were lost again. We kept going the way we thought looked familiar and I would say within 30-45 minutes, we pulled up to a street that happened to be where we first started from. We had made a complete circle! Lol So, let’s try this again…off we went.


I wasn't quite sure how I would feel about going to see Ostriches ONLY because we had previously went to Philips Animal Garden and there were Ostriches there. So how can visiting a place with just ostriches be any better? Well I was wrong! This place was absolutely amazing and I had the best time here! I think out of all the animal places we went, this was probably my favorite.


The Ostrich Farm is open from 9-4pm and admission is $12 per adult and $6 for children.

The building when you walk in is really big and has a covered area to eat. I guess they get a lot of tours that come here and they provide lunch to them as part of the experience. There's a lot of room to hold a lot of people. The tour guide told us about how the place burned down and how long it took them to rebuild. I can't even imagine.  They had it nicely decorated and cute. There's even a gift shop.



Our tour guide took us around the "farm" and told us a lot of interesting facts about both the ostriches and emu's. We seen the life stages of an ostrich from a male who had dug his nest and was awaiting a female, to eggs already laid and how the staff collects them, to the incubator, after hatching, then to the pens before going out with the rest of them. We were showed the difference in their feathers according to their age. It was just so interesting and although if someone told me these things were what I was going to hear and learn about, I would think oh boring but he kept our attention at all times...well, until my daughter spotted several peacocks and off she went (her favorite bird).

 I have to say feeding the ostriches was such a great time and we laughed and laughed. There was a photographer there to take your picture and most times I do not purchase things like this because we take our own (and a lot of them), but they put it in the cutest frame and...truth be told, when we remodeled one of our rooms at home, my daughter decided she wanted a "bird" theme (trust me, it's not as tacky as it sounds) and I knew these pictures would perfectly fit in with that room.



They also have Emu's, which look like a mini ostrich.



It was a great tour and one of my favorites. I HIGHLY recommend it! The grounds are nice, the waiting area/lunch area is nice and clean. They have clean restrooms. The tour guide is amazing! It's very educational as well. Great day spent here!


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