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After spending a day at Little French Key, we headed back to port early so that we would be able to check out Mahogany Bay. Mahogany Bay is a private port for Carnival (and Carnival Corp owned) ships. When in Roatan and docking with Carnival, this is where you will always be. NCL docks at a different located (further west) at Coxenhole (which is closer to Maya Key).


It was time to explore it a little bit (and of course take tons of pictures). We are now walking around the port area headed over toward the beach.


It's nicely landscaped with a paver walkway and plenty of shops to get all of your last minute port shopping in...just like you would expect at any tourist port.


We made our way over toward the long walk to the beach. We walked so far down the path and there is a booth with some people standing there. You have to show them your S&S card to continue. I thought that was weird since the only people here to begin with would be passengers from Carnival right? Maybe I'm missing something.


Sakari wanted to ride the skyride over, but I wanted to walk and take pictures. I had been snorkeling all day and jumping off a 2 story deck, what was I thinking? Maybe Sakari is the smarter one and we should have taken the skyride. Yes it was a pretty walk, but it was in the sun. There were only a few trees along the way and it was hot!


You come up to the walkway and over the bridge with the water to get to the beach.


It looks like there was some fun to be had here as well (although I'm sure it probably cost) and there were lots of water toys.


There is a really long building that you come to and have to go threw in order to get over to the beach. Anything to get you to shop right?


They had a playground for the kids. I thought it was a great idea with the tarp and all. I have seen playgrounds at a lot of places we have visited in the Caribbean and have never seen 1 child on it because with the sun beating down on it, it is way too hot to even go on.



This place was kinda neat (not as neat as the day we had of course), but plenty of picture opportunities. These "boats" were everywhere and had tables in them to sit and eat at.



Since I'm a photo freak, it was time to instruct Sakari to go stand by every little "thing" I could find to get her picture. She was less than enthused about it at that point.

This alligator reminded me of some Walt Disney movie for some reason. I'm not sure why. Was it the alligator in Captain Hook? I can't figure it out. Sakari actually ran to this turtle and said "Dude!!" (From Little Nemo). So when she got to two of them together I said "Dudes!" and she laughed.


Sakari found a pelican, she calls it a Pelican Bird.


Her catch of the day was a huge scary shark. No I did not pose her...she did this on her own. LOL


Although she did a lot of snorkeling today, she was ready for more when she discovered some over sized fins.

About this time Kendra's boyfriend come walking up behind us. I KNEW they went here, I just knew it. So he directed us threw this maze of green half rounded balls that never ended and we arrived at their ball of shade in the sea of cruisers.


Like seriously, can we say I really missed out on this "view" by going to LFK? What a joy to be among the half balls of greenery in this huge maze where everyone looks the same and when you are sitting in your chair you beach "scene" is the back of a half ball green thing. Yea, I know what they are, just making a joke for those of you that feel the need to correct me. They had them at Great Stirrup Cay when we visited back in March.


Ok, enough of the big green half balls and on to the beach to check it out. Looking a little crowded but Sakari jumped right in of course. Hmm, looks a little cold to me. I have to say it looks a little greener (like the half balls) and not so clear like the beautiful aqua crystal clear water that I had just returned from. I know this had a sandy bottom, and with the amount of swimmers there it is bound to be stirred up. But yikes is all I can say.


I managed to get a view of the ship from the beach. Every review I have read of this place had this picture of the ship in port from the beach. I would be no different. I guess I'm just glad we were the ones "parked" here instead of the other Carnival ship.


Now I have to say, I know a lot of the cruisers used this port as their "free" day and not have to go anywhere, plus there were 2 Carnival ships there, but it was almost time for all aboard and this place was PACKED. I can only imagine what it was actually like during the day while we were basking in the sun in Paradise instead.


Sakari didn't mind...she was ok with any little time spent in the water. She immediately noticed something and said "Why am I not seeing any fish or crabs here mommy?"


We stayed for probably about an hour and then decided to head back to the ship.



A few port pics from the area and ship.


I know a lot of people like to use this port as a "free" (somewhat) port to save on money. But honestly, I feel our money was well spent and enjoyed by not staying in port and heading to the beautiful paradise at Little French Key.


We spent $220 to have a wonderful day at the most beautiful place ever, which included lunch and 2 drinks, and hanging out in the crystal clear blue water. Meanwhile, my daughter, who didn't go thanks to my grandson who was having a bad day, decided to stay and hang out at Mahogany Bay to "save money"...well, she ended up spending $180 in food and drinks that day. be the judge.


I would rather not sit on a beach, confined to a green cocoon and starring at the back of another green cocoon ball. However, I may return some day and check this place out a little more. It is very nice and has a lot of things to do there. There's some great picture opportunities there as well.


My daughter said she did go snorkeling, over by the boat dock area to the left side of the beach, and did see some fish and an eel as well. She said they had fun jumping off the dock into the water. So, there is some fun to be had here.

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