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Mitsugirly had a JOYful cruise

Day 8 April 14: Our last sea day.

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P4141632 copy.jpg

This would be our last day of the cruise and it was a sea day. I do always like it when we have a sea day as the last day instead of a port day. It gives me time to pack at leisure, throughout the day, and makes it so nice. I definitely slept in this time. We didn't make it up to breakfast until 10:15am!

You know the norm...eggs and bacon...BUT, I discovered where they've been hiding the cottage cheese this morning. 

IMG_0189 copy.jpg

I was splurging today and got a few pieces of forbidden fruit. Oh, did I just eat that? I didn't even notice. #blinderson    The hubby would pick his out. 

IMG_0191 copy.jpg

Before we left, I decided to hide another duck...a shiny glitter duck...oooohhh

IMG_0190 copy.jpg

Now I know it's basically the last day of the cruise and we are still discovering things. We seem to get into a habit and just repeat it over and over. (Notice we never even made it up to the putt putt area and didn't even know where it was most of the cruise). The hubby noticed that there was a Starbucks in the buffet area (machine) and that meant there were Starbucks coffee cups! Nope, he didn't buy Starbucks (doesn't care for it) but that actual cup! WINNING! Just fill it up with the buffet coffee and you have a bigger cup that don't spill and you appear to be one of the cool kids drinking Starbucks on the ship. 

IMG_0192 copy.jpg

After breakfast we headed out to the deck. Of course Sakari wanted to play some more chess. I mean she thought she was on a role after the last game. 

We got up there and there was a father and son playing. So, we stood and waited and waited (yes, chess can be a long game). Sakari decided to stay there and we went over in the shade and sat in the lounge chair beside it. After awhile, another adult showed up with a teen and was watching. I got a bad feeling about it...just a bad feeling. 

Once the game was over of course the adult swooped in and started setting up the game for them to play. I swooped in about the same time because I knew that Sakari would not say anything to them. I told him we were next. He said "We've been standing here" and I replied "We were standing here long before you and this is my daughter and obviously you seen her standing here as well". He replied "She was watching the game".... "Um yea, because she was waiting for them to finish so we could play. "  I continued to set up the game and wasn't backing down. We were not wasting all this time waiting for nothing. He got mad and finally walked away stomping his feet. I mean come seen us there...isn't it obvious?

I scouted the area and didn't see Mr Teenage School District Champion anywhere in sight and thought I just might have a chance at winning this time.

IMG_0193 copy.jpg

In the end, I regained my dignity and won a game but Sakari was catching on quickly.

IMG_0194 copy.jpg

Well now what? I decided to head back to the room to do a little packing and we were served our papers. Oh those dreaded papers of the cruise line breaking up with us.

P4141634 copy.jpg
P4141636 copy.jpg
P4141638 copy.jpg

These would be the colors that coordinates with your disembark times. We would need to go down to the lobby to pick our selection later. The later the better for us...always.

Does anyone notice the names of the colors not matching up with the actual color? Someone dropped the ball on that.

P4141640 copy.jpg

Then we changed into our bathing suits and headed for the pool deck. 

Yes, we'd have to go to the "family" pool full of nothing but splashing kids. But this time, I managed to talk Sakari and the hubby into getting in with me. It was really hot out and I knew they wouldn't be able to sit the sun for too long.

P4140234 copy.jpg

Sakari and I decided to go have some fun and head to the water slides. Up first was going to be the drop slide. We knew you wasn't allowed to wear any jewelry and they make you remove everything in order to go...however... what we didn't know is they were just as strict on bathing suits. They had Sakari turn around and because her top had a clasp on the back (like a bra), they told her she couldn't go. Wow! Crazy!

It's ok, we're going to see about going on the other slide. You know, the cool one with the tubes!

You can go on a double tube on this ride, so that meant we had to carry it up with us instead of them lifting the tubes up with the contraption that does it for you.

It really wasn't a long line at all but it took FOREVER! GEESH! But it was fun and I'm pretty sure Sakari let out a squeal along the way.

P4140236 copy.jpg

We were a little hungry after all this and decided to head in to see what they had for lunch.

I snuck in a panini sandwich and dared the hubby to say something. I was eating it. I also got a piece of breaded chicken finger as well. I'm being rebellious today!

Well, I really didn't like the extra hard crunchy breading on the chicken so I ended up peeling it off anyhow and only eating the actual chicken. Ok, the panini would let me redeem myself as the bad girl I was being right? Nope, I only had a few bites and then ended up picking out the inside to eat. Oh well...maybe next time.

They did have the best strawberry vanilla sugar free cake with yellow goo and a strawberry on top. I'm pretty sure I had about 3 of them. sugar free vanilla ice cream this time either.  :( 

IMG_0195 copy.jpg

We went back to the room to get into dry clothes and Sakari decided she wanted to play more games. We went down to the lobby and it was game on for domino's again. 

IMG_0213 copy.jpg
IMG_0214 copy.jpg

We went over to get our color for disembarkation and there was only 2 colors left. Pink at 8:30am or Purple at 10:30am. Well we sure wasn't going to make any 8:30am time frame so that meant purple for us! Purple is a nice color right? I like purple. 

I was super excited today because Sakari and I managed to find 2 more ducks. It had been a few days since we had found any and I was starting to lose hope. I thought there might not be anyone still hiding them like I was...up until the last day. But, I was wrong. 

IMG_0196 copy.jpg

We wondered around for awhile and took more pictures of the ship and then headed back to the room for a little more packing. Then we were off to the the best show of the trip...of every trip... the Elements Show. It's always a DO NOT MISS type of show. 

IMG_0215 copy.jpg

It is called Elements because it has a show for each "element": Earth, Air, Water and Fire. There are singers, dancers, the magician and acrobats flying in the air. It's always a great show. We were going to the early show at 7pm in the theater. 

IMG_0216 copy.jpg

After the show we headed to the buffet for dinner. They had it really decorated nicely with cute little animals cut out of fruits and vegetables. 

IMG_0217 copy.jpg
IMG_0218 copy.jpg

Tonight they would be having shrimp!!!! I love shrimp and it was good. I loaded up with some meats and vegetables as well. I was being good tonight. :)

IMG_0219 copy.jpg

Headed out to the pool deck and there was a movie playing on the big screen.   We had to have a picture of the weird statue they had there. LOL

IMG_0221 copy.jpg
IMG_0222 copy.jpg

Back to the room to finish our packing, slap on the purple tags and put everything out to be picked up. I did end up taking home about 10 ducks that I had brought and didn't get to hide. I'll save them for the next cruise. I would also save all of the others that we had found on the cruise and pass them out on our next cruise. I think I ended up finding 7 total.

We also headed to the photo studio to pick out the pictures we wanted they had taken of us during the week. We had almost forgot to do that. We would look them up on the computer, order from the computer and then they would deliver them later that night.

I'm not sure if I mentioned before but we went to the shops several days in a row to look for the ship ornament of the Joy. We have collected these since Sakari started cruising. I finally ask about them since I couldn't locate any. They told me that NCL stopped making them but they may come back in the future. SAY WHAT????? Really? Why??? This was a real bummer. Like seriously...I need a Joy ship ornament. Anyone willing to part with one they might have? They still carry the really big ship replica's of the Joy, but just not the ornament ones. 

Sakari was bored...and burnt. I was just bored.

IMG_0227 copy.jpg

Then I remembered...oh no, we have our casino slot tickets to cash in still. I guess we weren't going to be bored after all. 

We headed off to the casino, but I just had to play a little. I mean we both started the cruise with $100 each and we had been playing on that same $100 throughout the entire cruise. If we lost it all, we weren't going to be out much.

Huff n Puff treated me well and I won a decent amount and cashed out. I wanted to walk away from this cruise with more than I came with. #winning

IMG_0230 copy.jpg

We headed back to the room and found our pictures were hanging on the door for us. We watched some tv and then headed to bed.

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