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We actually stayed here on the beach at San Juan Resort & Casino. Since we had spent most of the day at Luquillo Beach and driving from the Fajardo area, we did not get to actually swim at this beach. It was a pretty beach though and reminded me a lot of the beach we went to several months ago at Pamela's/Numero Uno.


We just decided to take a stroll on the beach (coming from having dinner) and walk our way back to the hotel.


It was still pretty hot outside, but tolerable now that the sun was going down.


I did notice the waves are a little rougher here than at Luquillo. 


The beach was really nice, but we had just taken our showers and I really didn't want to deal with salt and sand again so soon. As much as Sakari tried to talk me into it, I did not budge on my answer. I promised she could go to the pool instead.


So here was our little walk along the ocean/beach area until we arrived back at the hotel.



I had originally wanted to come to Isla Verde for the day when we stopped by from the cruise ship, however, I ended up picking another place.


The reason I had wanted to go to Isla Verde was because I had read good things about the area and the beach is known as a "Blue Flag" beach...well, at least the Balneario Carolina beach is, and that's just right down from here. Literally the same stretch of beach basically.



A few night pictures at sunset.







The following morning, I headed down to the beach to take a few more pictures before it was time to leave.


They were setting up the beach chairs (which was not there the evening before).


It was still early in the morning and a little cloudy.









I was talking to my daughter on the phone (she was on the plane and headed to meet us, but was at another airport for a plane change). I was sending her pictures of me on the beach...then all of a sudden the most evil sky came from behind me. I didn't even know it was there until I took a picture and seen something dark in the top half of my picture and I thought some how I must have had some tree leaves or something blown in front of the camera. Nope, it was the sky! Very icky looking.











But just like the day before when we were at Luquillo, it came and went really quick and stayed away from us and our cruise ship later in the day. :)













Even though we didn't get to use this beach, I thought it was pretty. It wasn't quite like some of the pictures of the "Blue Flag" beach that I had seen online from the Carolina beach. So, I think if I ever return, I would probably try that side down the beach and see if it is more of what I was looking for.












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