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We found the sign! For those that are looking for this place, it's marked well.


It's a short drive down the road and you are there. Plenty of parking spaces and we found a spot in the shade.


I immediately spotted the ship wreck I had seen in pictures.


To anyone going here, the place is gorgeous. However, everything is closed down. There are bathrooms here and there is plenty of places to wash the sand off you. You just won't be able to eat or drink here, so you'd have to bring your own.

When we arrived, there was only 1 other family here and the place was deserted. I guess that's the good thing about the place being closed down...not many people coming here and you pretty much have the place to yourself.

I kept looking at the hubby and saying "I just can't get over the color of the water here at Grand Turk. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!"


They did have picnic tables, so if you come and bring your own lunch, there's a place to eat.


I do not know where these bio rocks are located, but I didn't see any right off the beach.

See how close you are to the port? It's not far at all.


We put our things down under a tree and walked down to the beach. It was so beautiful and there's plenty of shade here.

We seen a boat out a little ways. Obviously out there is where the snorkeling must be.


The first thing the hubby and I noticed was that it was pretty wavy here. We immediately told Sakari "No mermaid tail here". She was disappointed, but I just was unsure of it. There was also a bit of a drop off once in the water. I keep forgetting that she's actually "growing up" and getting taller and I still she her as my little 3 year old when we first took her on a cruise.


This place is seriously gorgeous!

After awhile, I looked up and noticed 3 boys had arrived on bikes, which I'm pretty sure they were locals, and I thought they looked a little suspicious. They were looking around and I noticed them go up to the sign (I previously posted earlier about the "rules") like if they were new people checking out the island and interested in the rules. LOL I knew things just didn't look right so I headed back to our stuff, sitting under the trees, to make it known I was here and watching them. I grabbed our things up and moved them down to where we were at the beach.


We then decided to move on down toward the ship and check that little area out and take pictures.

Hubby actually got in the water again. What is up with him this cruise? I think someone has taken over his body and brain at this point. But then again, there aren't any lounge chairs to be lounging on either.


Sakari and I soon discovered that we had struck glass rock heaven at this beach! For those that collect this stuff, this is a great place to find plenty of it. We ended up with plenty of it (all pulled out of the water, there's none on the beach itself). We even managed to find some of the blue glass, which is very rare to find from what I have read in the past.


I took a close up of the sunken boat with the Breeze in the background and this picture makes it look like the Breeze is right by this ship.


I obviously didn't realize the hubby was in possession of a camera and was taking pictures of me. Ohhh, the pictures he took...I could just drown him for it. LOL


Sakari found a conch shell. She is so good at spotting things in the water.


Sakari was showing off some of her glass rock pieces.

There were a few people that came on these small boats to this cove area around the wrecked ship and there were a few people that were snorkeling over here as well. I have no idea where they actually came from.


This area was a lot more calmer than the other area, so we swam around here for awhile.


I honestly didn't want to leave this place. It was that beautiful and I really enjoyed it. However, I did want to give ourselves plenty of time to get back, turn the golf cart in, walk back to the port and spend a little time there at the pool.

We decided to head out around 1:40pm. We had been there just a little over 1 hour. If I had my chance to do it again, I would spend more time here and less time at BOHIO. But, since this was our last stop, we were already out of our drinks and was starting to get thirsty and needing a pick-me-up quencher and figured we should just go back.

This place has so much potential. It's so beautiful and there's all these little huts sitting on the property. It's such a shame to go to waste.


This place had plenty of places to wash your feet and body off, which is a nice surprise considering it's pretty much "closed".  The bathrooms are still open and functional too.

I have tried to search the history of this place, but can't really seem to find much about it.  The only page I found was one when it use to be open and it doesn't have a date. I found a neat picture that looked like an overcrowded tourist beach.


Bring your own equipment to set out on an adventurous snorkeling trip off the coast, or take a relaxing stroll down the shore at this unpopulated beach. Often voted as one of the best secluded beaches in Turks and Caicos, Governor's Beach can't be missed. Beware, however, that the population of the beach booms when cruise ships are in port.
Set on the southern coast of the island of Grand Turk, You should consider stopping by whether or not you are staying very close. You will generally find plenty of places to set up shop, as the surrounding area and the beach itself are not overflowing with tourists.
How to Access The Beach

Governor's Beach can be accessed via Columbus Landfall National Park.
Amenities and Ambiance

The southwest coast of Grand Turk is home to Governor's Beach, with its white, powder-soft sands and clear blue Caribbean waters lined with casuarina trees, which make this beach one of the nicest on the island. It it located just in front of the official British Governor's residence, features a lighthouse in the distance and coral just a short ways away from the shore.
The snack bar located at this spot is perfect for quick lunches and cold drinks, too. If available, you could also buy food from one of the local vendors who set up shop at the beach.
Restrooms are available at Governor's Beach. The water in the area is clear enough for snorkeling, so grab some equipment if you want to see what lies beneath the surface. Though well-known, Governor's Beach does not get very crowded, which makes it easy to find a secluded spot along the shore.

We headed back out to the entrance and ready to head back to the cruise port just down the street.

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