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We passed this beach on our way to Arashi when we came by cruise ship. I knew I at least wanted to stop by and watch the kite surfers when we returned this time. Kite surfing has always fascinated me and we have seen it several times around the Caribbean. My husband is a roller bladder (for many years) and has dabbled in skateboarding and such (he owns a store for extreme sports: bmx, skateboards, penny boards, blades, scooters, long boards and surf boards) and this is a sport I could see him wanting to try some day. However, we were pressed for time because I was on a mission to spend time at every beach along that area that day. But, a stop there for a short period of time was on the agenda.

It was a wide stretch of beach and although I didn't really see many out there just swimming and hanging out at the beach, I did see a few here and there. But, maybe they had been kite surfing already or was waiting to learn. They do have a vendor there that teaches you how to kite surf. We watched a person trying to learn the basics, while others had either gotten the hang of it and went on out, or people just came that already knew how. But it was amazing to watch and a lot of fun. The time we passed here in a cab from the cruise ship, there were A LOT of kite surfers. Today, not so many. We did pass this area quite a few times and every time we were passing, there were a lot. Just not today for some reason. Maybe it was the time (later in the day).


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