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BOSS Sea Scooter 2022

We packed for the day and headed out the door by 8am. We had to check in for our excursion for the day by 8:45am. 

So what are we doing today? We are riding the water! Yep, you heard that right! A different type of transportation to see fishies in the water. We had seen these once before, when we were in Roatan, and thought they looked really cool (but don't go down far at all) and it came up on the St Thomas facebook group as being highly recommended and people said it was so much fun. So, I left it up to the girls and it was a definite YES from them. So.....why not!  

Yes, it is pretty expensive, but what isn't when on vacation?

IMG_4250 copy.jpg
IMG_4252 copy.jpg

The meeting place was located down by the dock at Yacht Haven and where the ships come in. 

As we arrived at our location, we parked in the parking lot and we had been here before on our last trip just trying to  find a place to find tourist shops that were open. Back then they were not open...actually not much was open at all back then. It's definitely a different story this time. It was business as usual now that the cruise ships were back. Speaking of cruise ships, I noticed that the Escape was still in port since yesterday. I wondered what was going on and turned to the "specialist" on Cruise Critic to get answers. Not that it mattered but I've always been a big part of the cruise community and inquiring minds (mainly mine) wanted to know. Of course the people of the cruise forum came through for me with an answer of they were overnighting in port and came in late due to stormy weather and large waves. They were able to go ashore again the following day. Disney Fantasy was also in port as well.

IMG_4402 copy.jpg

I noticed our boat for the excursion today was at the dock (which I completely overlooked for quite some time due to the massive size of the Escape in the background sitting there in all her glory).

IMG_4403 copy.jpg

After checking in at the dock, we just hung out for about 15 minutes then it was time to get on the boat and head out. As we piled on the boat, there was a boat beside us with people from the cruise ship going on an excursion. The guy on the boat was giving them the rules and what was going to happen and he gave the speech about not throwing toilet paper in the potty because it would clog it up. Our guy piled us all inside the boat and started saying "blah, blah, blah, I'm so sick of hearing don't throw your toilet paper in the toilets it will clog them blah blah blah, I hear the same speech every day from that guy and I just want him to shut up". Hmmm, well alrighty then. That was rude or he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I personally thought it was unprofessional. He gave us our speech and whaddayaknow....he SAID THE SAME THING! Um...ok. Did your whole rant about the other guy giving the potty speech irk you so bad and you gave the same speech thinking it was ok? It didn't really sit well with me. 

We pulled out and passed the Escape and the Fantasy.

IMG_4427 copy.jpg
P4200849 copy.jpg

After the speech, we went outside to sit. I wanted to get pictures along the way with my newly charged batteries...fingers crossed! They did let us know that if you were sitting on the left side of the boat, you WOULD get wet. Well I'm here to tell you it splashed up on that side and would go all the way over to the right! Yep, we got wet anyhow. hehe

The girls were enjoying standing up and riding the waves as the boat went up and down, splish-splash.

P4200857 copy.jpg
P4200859 copy.jpg
P4200853 copy.jpg

They were excited to see flying fish. Sakari always watches for these when on a boat, even if on a cruise. 

I was busy trying to catch a picture of the rainbow in the spray of the waves (above) that I didn't even notice the flying fish for quite some time. LOL  I never managed to capture a picture of any of them. 

So here's our mode of transportation today...

IMG_4428 copy.jpg
IMG_4431 copy.jpg

We started seeing lighter blue water and other boats and knew we must be coming up to where we would ride our scooters. 

P4200861 copy.jpg

We were told that this would be our "snorkeling area" and told that there are tons of fish and stuff to see over by the rocks, so that's where you want to go to snorkel, it's beautiful. They said they take some amazing pictures over there so have your camera ready! Yes, you heard that right...have YOUR camera ready. They do NOT take pictures of you at all. You must bring your own camera if you want pictures of this experience. (Which of course is perfectly fine by me and totally acceptable).  

P4200864 copy.jpg
P4200865 copy.jpg

We had been given wrist bands when we first got on the boat. Each family was a different color with the amount of people in your party wrote on the wrist band. We were given the instructions on what we would be doing... "Going around in a circle, which would take us up and over a shipwreck and circle around for pictures and then back to the boat. We would be split up into groups and there were 3 groups that day. Then first group would go out and the rest of us could snorkel. Then once that group was coming back in, the next group up needed to be back on the boat to go out. Well, we were the second group, which meant we had less time to snorkel.

P4200868 copy.jpg

He told us how you get in and out of the helmets, how the controls on the scooters worked, and the divers that would be there with us to watch, help and control us going up and down. Then you have that one know it, that one person that will ask "but how does the helmet not get water in it if you're under water?" I mean haven't you all took a cup and put it face down in the water at some point in life and seen that the air remains in the cup and it doesn't fill with water? Yep, that's how it works he said. 

P4200870 copy.jpg

We gathered our snorkeling equipment and I handed the hubby the GoPro and I took the camera. I made it down the steps and the kids jumped in. I did ask him where exactly were we and he replied "At Shipwreck Cove". So we were at Buck Island. I waited and waited and started swimming because the hubby was taking too long for my liking. You see a pattern here? Me and the girls swam over to the rocky area. I forgot to turn the camera on underwater mode and I would end up with a bunch of green pictures to start out with. 

I immediately spotted a turtle.  As it swam off I'm thinking "Where the heck is the hubby with that GoPro!"

P4200879 copy.jpg
P4200882 copy.jpg

I have to say, there really wasn't much to see over here at all. Not many fish or coral...I'm wondering what he was talking about at this point. There definitely was enough fire coral in the area to put a damper on the day if you got too close.

P4200886 copy.jpg
P4200887 copy.jpg
P4200889 copy.jpg

Oh look who's finally coming....and do you notice ANYTHING at all about him as he swims toward me??? Anything at all?

P4200895 copy.jpg

Look, hands free. Nothing in his hands. Nothing around his wrist. Ummmmm...WHERE'S THE GOPRO?? I handed it to him and he went and laid it down and then came in the water. Are you serious right now? Then my camera shuts off. I had another Are you Serious!! moment. It tells me that the battery is dead. This can't be happening to me again.  I'm so over the camera issue at this point. This only added fire to the already touchy situation all week. Sigh...I'm heading back. I'm over it already. 

I did turn it back on during our swim back and managed to get a few more pictures. Then rinse and repeat. Yep, battery dead, turns off, wait a few, turns back on saying full battery, turns off again saying empty. Sigh!

P4200896 copy.jpg
P4200899 copy.jpg
P4200897 copy.jpg
P4200900 copy.jpg

I finally discovered my settings were on the wrong mode on the way back to the boat. Go Me!

So let me take some pictures of the rocks and fire coral I've already showed you in green, but now they are in blue. Ready folks, nothing to see down her IMO.

P4200906 copy.jpg
P4200907 copy.jpg

Oh look, there's a boat. Oh yea, that's the one I'm trying to get back to. 

P4200909 copy.jpg

And this is what we are about to do. 

P4200916 copy.jpg

The first group had 10 people in it. Our group would have 8 people (4+4) and I'm not sure how many the third group had.

I got back on the boat and changed out my batteries. It said it was a full battery so we are about to try this again. I knew I was going to heavily rely on the GoPro at this point...just in case. 

It was then our turn to scoot scoot scooter time! We were given numbers of a scooter and they said locate it and then get in the water and swim to it. Grab the buoy attached to that number and hold onto it with the buoy being horizontal in the water.


They gave me the number 9 and the hubby 13. But he said he wanted number 9 because "It's a German number and I drive a German car" #rollseyes  So, I trade him. It was a set-up I tell ya. Wait, we located our scooter and they had split me up from my family! They put me with another family and one of their kids with my family. Number 13 was NOT the number I wanted now. (I believe hubby was steering clear of me at this point)

As we got ready to get in, the hubby was complaining about how he was going to steer the scooter with the GoPro. Really? I'll just do both myself. I'm not risking not getting ANY pictures for this excursion. They don't take pictures of you. You're on your own! At this point I'm pretty sure why they put me away from my family to start out with. #winkwink #immaknockhimovertheheadwiththisgoprostick

I was the first in the water

P4200917 copy.jpg

I swam over and grabbed my buoy with my new family

P4200919 copy.jpg

Ok, so you will grab the helmet on the side, take a deep breath, extend your body parallel to the scooter and duck under and up. If you don't grab it right, you'll hear a THUNK. That means you hit your head on the helmet. HA! I got this and got this I did.

P4200920 copy.jpg

One by one we were lowered down, to 8 feet below. We had 2 divers to do that. 

P4200921 copy.jpg

A bunch of friendly photo bombing damsel fish trying to get in my way. Although if you know anything about damsel fish, they are only friendly if they are looking for a handout. Otherwise, they won't think twice about defending their "area" if you invade it and snip at you. No worries, it don't hurt and it's only when you are around their "house".

P4200922 copy.jpg

We were all down and ready to take off. I was struggling with trying to work the GoPro and the camera. I decided it was easier to just put them both on the same arm and go back and forth while the right hand just controlled the throttle. Yes, I took all my pictures and video one-handed. That's either skills and talent or determination.

I was so far back that there was absolutely NO WAY to catch up to my family. It wasn't happening. They were so far ahead and these things are SLOW.

P4200924 copy.jpg

No one was waiting up for me so I'm just going to be at the end and enjoy myself. Peaceful serenity. 

P4200927 copy.jpg
P4200929 copy.jpg

Sakari was falling behind...because I knew I wasn't catching up. There was no way

P4200930 copy.jpg

Now one thing they did tell us was to keep our feet on the foot pad. They said if we were to crash into each other it would save our feet because it's very painful to have your foot smashed under water. I don't think Sakari listened to any of that speech because her feet were all over the place from extending them out in front of her to trying to reach Kiera with her foot, to just acting silly. Poor Kiera just wanted to ride and Sakari was aggravating her to death! (Caught on video and at one point, you really have to be looking for it, Sakari tries to grab Kiara and Kiara pushes her away so Sakari gives her a little "stop it kick". I laughed so hard and so did they when they seen I caught it on camera). 

P4200931 copy.jpg

I'm just going along minding my own business and rotating between the camera and the GoPro and I looked to my right and BOOM there was a shipwreck. I thought I was going to run into it and steered away from it. It was SO CLOSE! Scary close. I could have ran into it. Then all of a sudden I see the miniature divers over the ship. Wait, are those actually real scuba divers? Yep, they sure were. I was not even close to hitting the shipwreck. The perspective on these scooters make you look like you are so close!

However, Sakari looking at the shipwreck gave Kiara a chance to break free and she must have stopped for a moment because now Sakari was way ahead of her.

P4200933 copy.jpg

Then the hubby was coming in hot....I thought he was going to run into me. He still had his mask on. LOL (He has to wear them anytime he has his head underwater because he has no eardrums he was told and can't get water in his ears and his mask has ear covers. He used the mask to duck under and get into his helmet but was supposed to take them up once he got inside of it. 

P4200937 copy.jpg

We circled around and made it to "the pretty place to take pictures" ??? And the diver lined us up and grabbed my camera. He had us all hold hands to keep us together. 

P4200938 copy.jpg

I don't even know how he managed to get us all in line because the hubby was bobbing up and down, up and down. I kept pulling him back down. He says he didn't even realize he was

P4200939 copy.jpg

Yep, he still had his mask on.  Photo bombed by the damsels again.

P4200943 copy.jpg

Then the diver throws his hands up and shrugs. He hands my camera back to me and ....the battery is dead! UGH! I signal him back...I'm screaming "No wait, don't go! It will turn back on a few more times! I need more pictures in case those didn't turn out." Of course I was screaming to the fish because he couldn't hear me but he could definitely read my body language and he took the camera back and managed to get 2 more up close pictures. 

P4200945 copy.jpg
P4200946 copy.jpg

Then the camera turns off again and he hands it back. Well, I guess I get what I get and I'm satisfied with the pictures. 

I managed to get it to turn on one last time to catch a school of fish going by.

P4200947 copy.jpg

It was time to go back to the boat and I was the last one out of the water. I'm pretty sure I heard a THUNK as I got out ... "I'm ok!"

Once back on the boat we all talked about how close the shipwreck looked and the miniature divers we were sure they planted over the shipwreck because no way could they have been real and that small...LOL We sat around and talked about our experience while we ate the yummiest cookies and drank CapriSun. We hung out up on the top of the boat and talked with some of the other people on the tour. We had a good time as we waited for the last group to take their turn. 

Then it was time to head back. The girls decided to go into the Captains quarters where he was steering the boat. They rode back with him most of the way and he told them stories and showed them what all the dials on the boat did. He told them about his experience with a dolphin and she brought her baby to him. They all discussed their favorite sea animals and why. His was a nurse shark. Then about diving and finding a Goliath Grouper and what all happened (they blow out water to ward away predators and unwanted guest). They had a lot of stories to tell by the time we made it back. They said he was a really nice guy despite the odd beginning of the tour with his comments. Of course I had ask did he invite them up there or did they just go in and Kiara said "We just went in because I wanted to see how everything works" and I knew that answer was coming because she's very talkative and likes to soak up all the knowledge she can about everything. Think of her as a grown up Kambriah if you've read my other reviews. :D

IMG_4406 copy.jpg
IMG_4407 copy.jpg

He mentioned his wife was one of the scuba divers that was in the water with us during our scooter adventure. She was on the back of the boat answering questions and talking to people. I ask her how much did one of those cost and she replied $20,000 each.

IMG_4418 copy.jpg
IMG_4416 copy.jpg
IMG_4412 copy.jpg
IMG_4413 copy.jpg

The kids were still enjoying their time with the "Boss" in the cabin.

IMG_4414 copy.jpg

We knew we were almost back when we seen the cruise ships in port. There was a rain cloud rolling in and I had a feeling we were about to get caught in it. 

IMG_4420 copy.jpg
IMG_4426 copy.jpg

So here's the video I took of the day. I hope you enjoy it. I guess I probably could have shortened it a little but if you only knew just how long it was before I cut a lot of it out, you'd laugh. I struggled with trying to do both the camera and the GoPro. Most of the time I thought I had turned the GoPro off and I didn't. So, there were tons of footage of it dangling as I scootered along. After watching all of that, and chopping most of it out, I thought I had a fairly decent sized video to create...until I had the hubby watch it with me and his eyes started rolling into the back of his head after awhile. LOL  I ended up with a final piece of 9 minutes long.

We had a good time and would we do it again? Yep, we sure would (just in a different location of course). The girls loved it and it was a new experience for us. Yes, I had equipment bloopers and the hubby just wasn't cooperating with me today (I think he was broken that day) but the tour itself...a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it if you haven't tried it before. 

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