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Coral World 2022

I had pre-planned this day prior to leaving home. Last time we were here we did the SeaTrek and Coral World and everyone had a good time.

We left the house and arrived at Coral World around 8:45am. Our "walk" wasn't until 3pm, but I knew that I wanted to get here early to get a parking spot. They only have a limited amount of parking spots available at this place (or Coki as well) and when I say limited I mean like maybe 10 spaces...if that. Now I was told that where we stayed, it's an easy walk to Coral World and plenty of people do it, but if I could drive, I was driving there. 

Everything these days seem to be done by QR codes you have to scan and this place would be no different. Scan the code for everyone to fill out a waiver. What happened to the easy days you could just fill out a piece of paper and be done with it? I miss those days. I hate typing on a small phone. My eyesight is not what it used to be when trying to read things up close like that in small print.

We got our wristbands and headed in. Coral World is a super

mini version of a mini zoo. There's no much there, but enough to

keep kids busy for a few hours...but all day for us? No way.

We would just have to make the best of it. 

P4150163 copy.jpg
P4150150 copy.jpg
IKRH0460 copy.jpg
P4150151 copy.jpg

We went around looking at the animal exhibits. We remembered last time we were here, there's a small shark tank and we watched one of the larger sharks eat one of the small ones. We also noticed there wasn't as many sharks in the tank this time around. Maybe the aggressive one ate them all? I think there was a total of 3 small sharks and 1 large nurse shark in the tank this time.

P41501521 copy (1).jpg
P41501521 copy (3).jpg
P41501521 copy (6).jpg

Kiera was able to get her first glance at sea turtles and she was excited. Well....just wait until you are actually swimming with one! That was going to blow her mind!



P41501521 copy (5).jpg
P41501521 copy (4).jpg

We headed into an exhibit that we had never been in before. I don't know how we could have missed this one. You walk inside and it was an aquarium that was in a circle and went all the way around you as you stood in the middle. It was so beautiful with tons of fish and animals. 

P41501521 copy (8).jpg
P41501521 copy (9).jpg

And then we seen this big guy...KEVIN!! Kevin was a huge puffer fish and I just love puffer fish. They are one of my favorites! They have so much personality. They follow you and look at you and Kevin was just amazing! We would talk about Kevin the entire rest of the trip. I don't think I have ever seen one quite as big as him before. I'm sure any time we see another puffer, his name will be Kevin. I like Kevin...or maybe Melvin...that would be a good name.

P41501521 copy (10).jpg
P41501521 copy (11).jpg
P41501521 copy (12).jpg
P4150223 copy.jpg

We headed down to where the dolphins were at and you were able to walk out onto the deck along the side of them and watch. There was a girl there that was doing her internship with them. She told us about the places that she had worked and about the program in school. In order to work with the dolphins being a trainer, you had to go to school for either psychology or marine biology. While I understood the psychology part behind it, I still found it weird that you wouldn't HAVE to go to school for marine biology to do this kind of work if you did psychology instead. 

P41501521 copy (13).jpg
P41501521 copy (15).jpg

She gave us a history about the dolphins they had there at Coral World: Liko, Noelani, Sonny and Ping. I remember when we were here last, we did the kayaking with the dolphins and we were with Liko and Sonny that time around. The female is the largest weighing in at 500# and 9 1/2 feet long. She said they can see around 230 feet and can see both in and out of the water with no distortion. So when they are in the water looking up at you, they see you perfect/ 

P41501521 copy (16).jpg

She told us about their personalities and which ones were not comfortable swimming in the shallow section of the area, how they follow one trainer but respond to others in different ways. She told us where they came from and their habitis. She gave us a history of where she came from, the places she had been and how much she loved working with marine life. I ask if she had heard about the recent dolphin attack on their trainer in Miami and she had and I believe she stated she had worked there as well at one point. 

We must have spent at least an hour here talking and watching the dolphins and then some of the dolphin "swims" were starting to take place. Obviously these people did not watch the news recently. 

I took this picture and contemplated posting it for those back home saying that we seen a dolphin today...just to see if Kendra would question if it was for really out in the ocean wild or at a tank. LOL  I decided against it because she is a detective and catches on to everything and would probably figure it out quickly.

P41501521 copy (14).jpg

I would however send her the following picture and ask "Where are we?"  Of course she immediately knew.

P41501521 copy (2).jpg

On the way out of the dolphin exhibit, Kiera screamed with excitement. She had spotted a few iguana's laying on the rocks in the sun. So, I told her to follow this trail and her mind was about to explode at what she was about to see. 

Everywhere you look there were iguana's. This area must be the Hyatt of St Thomas for Iguanas. No, they are not in cages. They are just everywhere. They were invading the turtle area as well. I hope they live in harmony.

P41501521 copy (18).jpg
P41501521 copy (19).jpg
P41501521 copy (20).jpg
P4150210 copy.jpg
P4150211 copy.jpg

Getting the 

perfect shot....

P4150204 copy.jpg
P4150199 copy.jpg
P4150197 copy.jpg

You would have thought this place was an iguana sanctuary instead of Coral World by the amount of iguana's there were there.


We then moved onto the Lorikeet area now that it was open. I did notice there didn't seem to be as many of them this time around either. 

P41501521 copy (21).jpg
P41501521 copy (23).jpg
P41501521 copy (22).jpg
P4150220 copy.jpg
P4150221 copy.jpg

Other birds in the area...

P41501521 copy (17).jpg

Stingrays were in a tank and I figured the best way to get a picture was to put my camera below the water. That's when Kiera couldn't believe I could put my camera in the water. I explained that it was waterproof and she would be seeing a lot of that.


P4150196 copy.jpg

We decided to head down to the "dome" under water and have a look around. This time I WOULD remember that even though we ourselves were not physically under the water, we ARE under the water so to speak and that meant that if I wanted to take pictures, I would still have to put my underwater settings on my camera. I made that mistake last time and couldn't understand why everything was so green.

P41510231 copy.jpg
P41510237 copy.jpg
P41510241 copy.jpg

There's always a lot of tarpon hanging out under the dock. Man they were huge.

P41501239 copy.jpg
P4150227 copy.jpg
P4150177 copy.jpg
P4150230 copy.jpg
P4150232 copy.jpg
P4150233 copy.jpg

We had seen just about everything there was to see here and had a whole lotta time to spare before we did our SeaTrek. We decided to stop and get some cold drinks and relax for a minute in the lunch area.

P41501521 copy (7).jpg

Resting my leg sure felt good. But, you know what would feel even better on it? SNORKELING!! We decided to head out and over to Coki for awhile to kill time.

Around 2:30pm, we decided to pack up and leave Coki and we put our things in the vehicle and headed back into Coral World for our SeaTrek walk.

P4150251 copy.jpg

We watched a mother and her little ones on some rocks and they tumbled down the rocks and didn't know what to do. 

P41501521 copy (24).jpg

Anyone know what the heck this is???

IMG_4215 copy.jpg

Heading over to the dome and they had to see the sea turtles again.

P4150162 copy.jpg

It was time for our SeaTrek Adventure and you can find it located here...

After our SeaTrek adventure, we headed back to the condo. We had a good time and highly recommend doing the SeaTrek. It's a lot of fun and something different. 

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