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St John 2020

Trunk Bay Ruins

Staying  in St Thomas but today...ST JOHN IT IS!! We have just went to Maho Bay and now we were on to a new beach.



Cinnamon Bay was right next door basically. So, we will go head and pass that up. I really wanted to go to Trunk Bay because of all the good things I had heard about the snorkeling there and with it already being after noon, I felt like Trunk Bay was going to be a place we spent a little more time at. So, we kept going. Winding down all these roads and me hoping that the brakes wouldn't fail. 

Up next was Trunk Bay. There was a line to get in and crazy traffic. I can't imagine what it looks like on a weekend.




When we got close to Trunk Bay, there were several deer that were crossing the road. One went over into the entrance to Trunk Bay parking lot. Kendra had to have me pull over to see it and take pictures. You would think she hadn't seen a deer often. She can come to my house just about every night and see them going from my front yard to the back and over to the neighbors pond. But these had to be different. I'm mean they were St John Caribbean deer of course. 



P7281244 copy.jpg
P7281160 copy.jpg

Across the street from the beach was some type of park with trails and ruins. Kendra had mentioned that she would like to walk over there. "Anything different than a beach all the time would be nice." I don't know who took my kids and replaced them with these maniac's, but I want my girls back!

I managed to snag a parking spot in the handicapped area and put my sign up. Thank goodness because there were no other parking spots and people were turning around and heading back out. These are some popular beaches and I don't understand why they don't have more parking???

After getting out of the van (Billy and Brayden decided they wanted to stay in the van in the a/c #eyerolls) then me and the hubby started walking to the street. I knew I wanted a head start because everyone else walks quickly and the hubby would stay with me no matter how slow I am. 

We crossed the street and the pathway (which was a bridge) on the other side of the road, was closed. We had to walk in the street and it was a little scary and dangerous for someone like me who can't get off the road quick enough. But, we finally made it to safety. Kendra decided it was more important to stay back and check out the Caribbean deer because her and the kids were nowhere in site. 

This place was called Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins and it was a sugar factory long ago. It also said that it was a 1/2 mile loop hike and involved uneven trails, hiking and so on. It didn't sound like it was the type of place that I should investigate so we limited our walking to just the immediate area with the bridges and walkway around the ruins. Here's a little history:



P7281253 copy.jpg
P7281266 copy.jpg

By the time we circled around the area and started heading back, we could see Kendra, Sakari and Kam on the other side of the ruins checking things out. We went ahead and headed back to the van and decided to have a light lunch at this point while we waited on them to return. Billy and B were already snacking themselves. Then it was time to head to the beach.



P7281277 copy.jpg

Here's a pictures of Trunk Bay from above. They say it's one of the most photographed beaches in the US Virgin Islands and I can see why. 



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